Jun 24, 2015

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Hello, last week Alan Vega this week his more timid Suicide partner ...

Today an American musician and the instrumentalist whois behind the protopunk band Suicide. His solo career has released several solo albums for a number of labels, including ROIR and Puu. Revs style varies widely from release to release, from no wave to melodic pop to heavy synth induced rock..... N'Joy

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Martin Rev (full name Martin Reverby, born December 18, 1947) is an American musician and the instrumentalist in the electronic protopunk band Suicide. He also has a solo career and has released several solo albums for a number of labels, including ROIR and Puu. His style varies widely from release to release, from electronic no wave (Martin Rev) to bubblegum pop (See Me Ridin, Strangeworld) to heavy synthesizer rock (To Live).

Rev also works with Stefan Roloff, doing soundtracks for Roloff's video work. He contributed to The Raveonettes' 2005 album, Pretty In Black. In 2008, while Martin was working on Stigmata, his wife Mari died. The album, dedicated to her, is strong in religious imagery with most songs being titled in Latin. Kris Needs called the album a "brilliantly executed excursion into modern electronic classical music"

And that's all the internet spewed out on Martin, clearly not a self promoter, nevertheless an artist lives by acknowledgement (and or the dole) I have to wonder here how serious mister Reverby is about his musical career...

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Though it's nowhere near as confrontational or abrasive as his work with Suicide at the time, Martin Rev's self-titled 1979 solo album takes many of the elements of the group's sound and explores them individually: The crisp drum pattern and pretty, naïve synth melody in "Mari" sounds like an extrapolation of the proto-synth pop Rev and Alan Vega were working on at the time, while "Nineteen 86" features the insistent, sibilant drums and ominous drones that became Suicide trademarks. "Baby Oh Baby" could've easily appeared on one of the group's albums, though it's interesting to hear Rev's whispered, monotone delivery instead of Vega's alien-beatnik howl. But Marvel isn't just a Suicide album by another name; on many of the songs, Rev indulges his experimental leanings in different ways. "Temptation," the album's seven-minute centerpiece, mixes a wind chime-like melody and gusty synths into a hypnotic, though far from serene, meditation. "Jomo" and "Asia" mine similar territory, juxtaposing layers of synths and stiff percussion for a mechanical but still melodic feel. Overall, Marvel sounds like an enjoyable working holiday for Rev; it features lots of interesting ideas that aren't quite fully developed but are still well-worth hearing, especially for Suicide fans -- as long as they don't expect Suicide-caliber material.

Martin Rev - Martin Rev  (flac 369mb)

01 Mari 4:25
02 Baby Oh Baby 4:47
03 Nineteen 86 4:35
04 Temptation 7:18
05 Jomo 4:40
06 Asia 4:00
07 Coal Train 5:28
08 Marvel 12:50
09 5 To 5 2:00
10 Wes 4:16
11 Daydreams 5:22

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synth bass lines, sometimes a pounding drum beat, and then he layers on the noises.  Song structures are very static, to hypnotic effects, and the free form synth noises SPLASH WHIRL SPIN and WHIZZ around you.  Repetitive and minimalist to the point of being stubborn, Rev makes up for the stagnancy with dark, lo-fi grooves that are embellished by the twists of knobs and a bombardment of effects. The last track on side one (Whisper) is quite reminiscent of the Suicide song Sweetheart, though much less lush on this LP.

Martin Rev - Clouds of Glory  (flac 248mb)

01 Rodeo 6:28
02 Clouds Of Glory 6:31
03 Metatron 6:13
04 Whisper 3:15
05 Rocking Horse 5:36
06 Parade 6:23
07 Island 6:27

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The original album was recorded in sessions about a decade apart; tracks one and seven were recorded in 1990 at Czarist Productions and produced by Martin Rev, with tracks two to six, eight and nine recorded in 1980 at Power Station Studios and produced by Ric Ocasek. All the compositions were written/performed by Martin Rev and are experimental electronics that dip into avant-garde - "Little Rock" - and minimalist, clubland beats (the superfecta of "Mustang," "Dakota," "Buckeye" and "Prairie Star").

Intriguing throughout, this is a revolutionary roundup of sound and vision. This re-release, which has three bonus tracks.

Martin Rev - Cheyenne (flac 284mb)

01 Wings Of The Wind 7:55
02 Red Sierra 6:35
03 Dakota 2:56
04 Cheyenne 3:06
05 River Of Tears 3:47
06 Buckeye 2:13
07 Little Rock 6:58
08 Prairie Star 2:24
09 Mustang 2:39
Bonus Tracks
10 Pony 1:53
11 Durango 2:19
12 Coyote 5:02

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