Jun 15, 2015

RhoDeo 1524 Star Wars Jedi 4

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This week, Return of the Jedi !

At first, the idea seems bizarre, even ridiculous. Star Wars, a movie best known for its vistas of alien worlds and epic battles. Well, unless you have the cold heart of a Sith, Star Wars did indeed translate well from the silver screen to radio, thank you very much. Yes, Star Wars' visual effects are a big part of the magic of the saga, but the heart and soul of George Lucas' galaxy far, far away are the characters and the storyline. And while the movie is satisfying on its own, the radio dramatization written by the late Brian Daley takes us beyond the movie....beyond the screenplay...and even beyond the novelization.

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NPR's plans for a Return of the Jedi radio serial were put on hold when federal funding for NPR was dramatically reduced. It was not until 1996 that a six-part adaptation of Return of the Jedi was made by Highbridge Audio, the company that had released the first two series on tape and CD.

Like the preceding series, Return of the Jedi expanded its story by incorporating new scenes, such as Luke Skywalker's construction of a new lightsaber.

Scriptwriter Brian Daley died shortly after recording concluded; "additional material" was contributed by John Whitman, who introduced changes required for continuity with the now-planned prequels, as well as changes identified by the director and cast.

The episodes are titled:
"Tatooine Haunts"
"Fast Friends"
"Prophecies And Destinies"
"Pattern And Web"
"So Turns A Galaxy, So Turns A Wheel"
"Blood Of A Jedi"


The adaptation used many of the original radio cast, though Joshua Fardon took over as Luke and Arye Gross replaced Billy Dee Williams as Lando. Ed Begley, Jr. was the voice of Boba Fett and Edward Asner, speaking only in Huttese, voiced Jabba the Hutt. The only actor who starred in all the feature films as well as the radio dramas was Anthony Daniels.

Joshua Fardon as Luke Skywalker
Perry King as Han Solo
Ann Sachs as Princess Leia Organa
Anthony Daniels as C-3PO
Bernard Behrens as Obi-Wan Kenobi
Arye Gross as Lando Calrissian
Edward Asner as Jabba The Hutt
Paul Hecht as The Emperor
John Lithgow as Yoda
Brock Peters as Lord Darth Vader
Ed Begley, Jr. as Boba Fett
Samantha Bennett as Arica
David Birney as Anakin Skywalker
Peter Dennis as Moff Jerjerrod
David Dukes as Bib Fortuna
Peter Michael Goetz as General Madine
Ian Gomez as Salacious Crumb
Martin Jarvis as Barada
Jon Matthews as Wedge
Natalija Nogulich as Mon Mothma
Mark Adair Rios as Admiral Ackbar
Yeardley Smith as 9D9
Tom Virtue as Major Derlin
Ken Hiller as Narrator

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The Return Of The Jedi 304 Pattern and Web (mp3  25mb)

304 Pattern and Web    27:33

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The Return Of The Jedi 301 Tatooine Haunts (mp3  30mb)
The Return Of The Jedi 302 Fast Friends (mp3  30mb)
The Return Of The Jedi 303 Prophesies and Destinies (mp3  31mb)

The Empire Strikes Back 01 Freedom's Winter (mp3  24mb)
The Empire Strikes Back 02 The Coming Storm (mp3  24mb)
The Empire Strikes Back 03 A Question Of Survival (mp3  23mb)
The Empire Strikes Back 04 Fire And Ice (mp3  24mb)
The Empire Strikes Back 05 Millennium Falcon Pursuit (mp3  24mb)
The Empire Strikes Back 06 Way Of The Jedi (mp3  25mb)
The Empire Strikes Back 07 New Allies (mp3  25mb)
The Empire Strikes Back 08 Dark Lord's Fury (mp3  23mb)
The Empire Strikes Back 09 Gambler's Choice (mp3  23mb)
The Empire Strikes Back 10 Clash Of Lightsabres (mp3  25mb)

A New Hope 101 A Wind to Shake the Stars (mp3 25mb)
A New Hope 102 Points of Origin (mp3 25mb)
A New Hope 103 Black Knight, White Princess (mp3 25mb)
A New Hope 104 While Giants Mark Time (mp3 25mb)
A New Hope 105 Jedi That Was Jedi To Be (mp3 25mb)
A New Hope 106 The Millenium Falcon Deal (mp3 25mb)
A New Hope 107 The Han Solo Solution (mp3 25mb)
A New Hope 108 Death Star's Transit (mp3 26mb)
A New Hope 109 Rogues, Rebels And Robots (mp3  26mb)
A New Hope 110 The Luke Skywalker Initiative (mp3  26mb)
A New Hope 111 The Jedi Nexus (mp3  25mb)
A New Hope 112 The Case For Rebellion (mp3  25mb)
A New Hope 113 Force And Counter Force (mp3  25mb)

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