May 13, 2015

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Today a New York duo, one veered of to become a hugely successfull soundtrack composer, enter his name into the IMDb and  be amazed of his output since 1986 after he made his first inroad into the music scene with an album that got neglected well we know know what a mess Factory rec was but hey it did open the door to Hollywood.Enough said here's something to .... N'Joy

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One of the forgotten links in the story of Manchester, England's Factory label, Thick Pigeon was an arty duo from New York that consisted of Stanton Miranda (bass, vocals) and Carter Burwell (percussion, effects, vocals). Prior to forming the group, Miranda was a background member in the New York music scene, having played with Kim Gordon in CKM and with Rhys Chatham's Arsenal. A series of three 1982 singles -- two for Crepuscule and one for Operation Twilight -- predated their debut album. Miranda and Burwell recorded the album, Too Crazy Cowboys, for Factory in 1983, with key assistance from New Order's Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris. After the album's late-1984 release, Burwell went into a successful career as a soundtrack composer, starting with the Coen Brothers' Blood Simple. Though they never used the Thick Pigeon name again, Miranda and Burwell worked together on a 1991 album for Crepuscule, which was released under the name Miranda Dali. Miranda continued to record sporadically (including a version of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" for the Joy Division tribute A Means to an End), but she also became involved with Hollywood as an actor, with roles in The Silence of the Lambs, Souvenir, Married to the Mob, and Something Wild. In 2003, the LTM label reissued Too Crazy Cowboys with several bonus tracks appended.

Miranda Stanton, her first band was CKM in New York with Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, where she played drums, but she's best known for her recordings as Stanton Miranda, Miranda Dali and Thick Pigeon. She achieved some notice for her single "Wheels Over Indian Trails" (produced by Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert from New Order) and her later cover of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" by Joy Division. She also guested on recordings by the Durutti Column. Miranda had a brief acting career, appearing in the Jonathan Demme films, Something Wild, Married to the Mob and Silence of the Lambs. She also played the lead role in the little known art-house film Souvenir (1999), which was directed by Michael H. Shamberg. She continues to work on small scale musical projects. Working as blythe dahl she has released instrumental tracks online which are available for license through Pump Audio/Getty Images. She also participated in the web collaboration "Empty Rooms with Casual Sounds"

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"The decidely unattractively-named Thick Pigeon were a little-known minimalist duo who operated on the fringes of synth music and art rock. Yet the two protagonists have developed extremely impressive CVs over time. Instrumentalist Carter Burwell has gone on to provide soundtrack work for around 50 motion pictures whilst singer Stanton Miranda has worked with Durutti Column and Sonic Youth not to mention being a fully-fledged actress. The 1984 debut album, 'Too Crazy Cowboys' was no mere side-project either; recorded with Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert of New Order fame (one listen to the instrumental 'Nuns + Soldiers' proves this), it tells the story of a fascinating off-the-wall act. Billy Swan's hitherto uptempo 'I Can Help' is reworked into a glacial, nightmarish soundscape which bears little in common with the original. Furthermore, 'Fred + Andy' suddenly moves from eerie minimalism into a cover of 'Moon River'. Throughout a mood of unsettling drama is present with the excellent 'Jess + Bart' perhaps being their defining moment. Oddly, this album is a considerably less dated affair than many of today's current crop of electro-clash revivalists. "

Thick Pigeon - Too Crazy Cowboys  (flac 318mb)

01 Troglodytes 3:16
02 Sudan 4:16
03 Crime 3:39
04 Help 2:48
05 Fred + Andy 6:19
06 Misuse 3:36
07 Nuns + Soldiers 3:16
08 DB 3:33
09 Babcock + Wilcox 3:43
10 Jess + Bart 4:50
11 Hank 3:11
12 Wheels Over Indian Trails 5:13
13 Wheels Over Indian Trails (Version) 4:59
14 Pope 4:26

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Miranda Dali is the very definition of a lost classic. Though Carter Burwell is best known for his Hollywood film scores, the albums he created with Stanton Miranda as Thick Pigeon prove that he mastered experimental art rock before he moved onto mainstream success. And Miranda Dali is perhaps the easiest introduction to the duo's warped blend of minimalist keyboards, haunting themes and vocals, and agit-rock. Thick Pigeon's formula is a killer one. Miranda's simultaneously spooky, confident, and sweet voice is the perfect instrument for her mundane yet off-kilter poetic subject matter. Whether she's singing warnings to birds that they should stay awake or detailing a broken relationship, her delivery is always perfectly off-key yet soothing. Burwell's arrangements are a gorgeous foil. He blends exotic keyboard patterns, hazy and distant guitar squalls, and loads of found sounds into fiercely addictive art symphonies. "The duo probably wasn't meant to work on paper, happily the expected clash of egos did not materialise on record and 1991's 'Mirandadali' represented another fine album's worth of material. Despite seven years passing since the 'Too Many Cowboys' debut, the follow-up plotted a similar course. For a man used to scoring film music, Carter Burwell avoided big cinematic gestures; eerie minimalist electronica dominates whilst Miranda Stanton trills, whispers and - of course - sings her heart out.Thick Pigeon deserves far more attention for helping to spawn and perfect a genre of music that inspired artists like the Art of Noise, His Name Is Alive, Land of the Loops, Helium, Life Without Buildings, and a wealth of others. Thick Pigeon's timeless music would be equally at home in an art installation or scoring a listener's summer, and Miranda Dali deserves more acclaim and certainly a place in more CD collections.

Miranda Dali - Miranda Dali  (flac 180mb)

01 Riding 3:19
02 Amerika 3:41
03 One 1:57
04 Breathe 3:47
05 Bird 2:00
06 Gerty 3:32
07 L.D. 3:39
08 Angels 4:54
09 Wrong 3:00
10 St. G. 5:04

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Probably one of a very few soundtrack composers to idolize Iggy Pop, Carter Burwell is best known for his work with the Coen Brothers, having scored every one of their films through the year 2010. By turns haunting and dark or quirky and experimental, Burwell's eclectic music has graced films in a wide variety of genres, and he's used the occasional big-studio project to finance his work on a number of groundbreaking independent films. Born November 18, 1955 in New York, Burwell took piano lessons as a child and learned to play blues guitar as a teenager. He studied architecture and fine arts at Harvard, but wasn't considering music as a career; upon graduating, he first worked in a biology lab, then as an animator, while playing in punk bands by night for fun.

 A mutual friend referred him to the Coen Brothers, who were seeking a composer for their 1984 debut feature, Blood Simple. They all hit it off, and Burwell was employed for The Coens' next project, the kidnapping caper Raising Arizona (1987); Burwell blended samples with a variety of thematic source materials. The Coens' 1990 gangster film, Miller's Crossing, was Burwell's first fully orchestrated work, and he attracted more attention for 1991's groundbreaking Barton Fink; he composed only 20 bars of music, which were then treated with various sound effects and reshaped throughout the film by sound designer Skip Lievsay.

Burwell's workload increased steadily as the '90s progressed, and he began taking on more mainstream film projects: Doc Hollywood (1991), Wayne's World 2 (1993), and Airheads (1994), among others. He won wide acclaim for his work on 1995's Rob Roy, which kicked off the most prolific period of his career -- over 35 films in the next five years. Among the highlights were the thriller Conspiracy Theory (1997), The Jackal (1997), Gods and Monsters (1998), the fictionalized glam rock chronicle Velvet Goldmine (1998), Spike Jonze's bizarre Being John Malkovich (1999), and the Gulf War epic Three Kings (1999). In addition to his film-scoring activities, Burwell has also played accordion and synthesizer with eclectic new age artists like Gabrielle Roth and David Hykes' Harmonic Choir. Burwell remained in-demand through the 2000s and 2010s, reteaming with director Spike Jonze on the music for Adaptation and also scoring several installments of the Twilight Saga movie series, among his many projects.

Carter Burwell - Raising Arizona and Blood Simple (flac 204mb)

Raising Arizona
01 Introduction - A Hole In The Ground 0:32
02 Way Out There (Main Title) 1:53
03 He Was Horrible 1:26
04 Just Business 1:13
05 The Letter 2:24
06 Hail Lenny 2:12
07 Rasing Ukeleles 3:37
08 Dream Of The Future 2:25
09 Shopping Arizona 2:43
10 Return To The Nursery 1:27
Blood Simple
11 Crash And Burn 2:38
12 Blood Simple 3:30
13 Chain Gang 4:45
14 The March 3:30
15 Monkey Chant 1:02
16 The Shooting 2:48
17 Blood Simpler 1:21

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It is amazing how even among Factory aficionados, the Thick Pigeon material is little known - so it is so good to see the album posted here, especially with the added bonus of the Wheels Over Indian Trails 12 inch. The remix by John Robie is one of the best things he ever did in my opinion - up there with his Cabaret Voltaire remix/dub of Yashar.

I totally agree with you about the stupid choice of name - I think it is one of the primary reasons why they are not as well known as the other Factory bands because when you here the music, you are just blown away by how little some of the tracks have aged.

Great post and what I always love about your posts is the added information and opinion (and of course the great quality of the rips) - it has always made your blog stand out. Many thanks as always.

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