Apr 19, 2015

Sundaze 1516


Today's Sundazers are the godfathers of the minimal techno scene we explored here, these last months.,They've become synonymous with a brand of stripped-down, ultra-minimal techno almost devoid of musical substance or intent... N'joy

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Basic Channel is a production team and record label, composed of Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus, that originated in Berlin, Germany in 1993.The duo originally released a number of vinyl-only tracks under various aliases, the most well known being Basic Channel and Maurizio, each of which employed their signature brand of minimal techno. The original nine releases under their Basic Channel name were each primarily identified as Basic Channel productions by their catalogue numbers, as the Basic Channel logo on the label became more distorted and unreadable with each subsequent release.

The duo set up a studio in Berlin on Paul-Lincke-Ufer, in a building which was eventually to house Mark Ernestus’ distributing company and shop Hard Wax, and the label's mastering studio Dubplates & Mastering, set up to ensure a desired dynamic quality for the vinyl.

 The duo released a number of vinyl-only tracks under various aliases, each of which employed their signature brand of dissonant dub techno. The nine original releases were each primarily identified as Basic Channel productions by their catalogue numbers, as the Basic Channel logo on the label became more distorted and unreadable with each subsequent release. Basic Channel’s first nine releases total about 4,5 hours of music BC-01 Cyrus “Enforcement” , BC-02 Phylyps “Trak” , BC-03 Vainqueur, “Lyot (Reshape)” , BC-04 Quadrant “Q 1.1” , BC-05 Cyrus “Inversion” , BC-06 Quadrant “Dub” , BC-07 Basic Channel “Octagon / Octaedre” , BC-08 Radiance “I / II / III” , BC-09 Phylyps “Trak II” . The Basic Channel record label released only a single CD, BCD, a self-titled compilation of edited versions of their extended vinyl tracks. After which the Basic Channel imprint ceased business in 1995

 However, Basic Channel is just one in a network of artists and labels also including Thomas Koner/Porter Ricks. Among the most important were Chain Reaction, which released non-Von Oswald/Ernestus productions and helped launch the careers of dub-influenced minimal techno producers such as Monolake and Porter Ricks; Basic Replay, which specialises in reggae and dancehall re-issues; Main Street, for house-related releases; and Burial Mix and Rhythm & Sound, which saw the duo's sound move away from the Detroit blueprint and closer to vocal-lead dub and reggae.

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Berlin's Basic Channel collective released this untitled record baring only the circular and barely legible Basic Channel logo, containing two new versions of Basic Channel's Phylyps Trak and Vainqueur's Lyot. The "Phylyps Trak Remix" takes the same sounds and motifs found on that record and reworks them, creating a less dense, yet equally as banging, version of this hard techno classic. The flip side, "Lyot Remix," steals the original track's melodic hook, distorts it with layers of fuzz, and then loops it endlessly while an aquatic soundtrack of reverb-drenched spontaneous echoes flows fluidly overtop. In addition, some barely audible synth tones and hissing static wash through the disorientating song. The juxtaposing moods of these two songs -- teeth-grinding power and opium-hazed sleepiness -- make for a wonderful addition to the Basic Channel series, giving listeners a taste of the Berlin label's two different flavors and previewing the "Lyot Remix"-like sound of the succeeding Radiance record.

[BC-01-03] Cyrus - Enforcement, Phylyps and Lyot  (ogg 460mb)

[BC-01] Cyrus - Enforcement
01 Enforcement 13:23
02 Enforcement (Mills Mix) 5:29
03 Enforcement (Recall) 7:07
[BC-02] Basic Channel - Phylyps Trak
01 Phylyps Trak 9:46
02 Phylyps Base 7:15
03 Axis 5:05
[BC-03] Basic Channel - Lyot Rmx
01 Lyot Rmx 11:57
02 Phylyps Rmx 9:51

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Similar to the preceding Phylyps Trak record and the succeeding Radiance record, Basic Channel's Q 1.1 offers multiple variations of a particular motif. The featured motif on this record involves a steady, pumping dub basslines and some dark, mechanical, dusty drum machine percussion. This all works primarily because of the record's pristine clarity, making the dub basslines sound tangibly warm and the percussion sound more robotic than it perhaps should. To top things off, some classic techno synth appears periodically to further bolster this record's range of unique sounds. In sum, it's rather amazing to listen as this Berlin collective creatively rework the same sounds in such different ways, inciting a broad palette of emotive responses within the listener while always remaining true to dancefloor aesthetic. These compositions aren't nearly as epic as most residing within the collective's canon, but it's almost refreshing to hear songs that don't necessarily challenge one's patience.

[BC-04-6] Basic Channel - Q 1.1, Inversion, Quadrant Dub  (flac  577mb)

[BC-04] Basic Channel - Q 1.1
01 Q1.1/I 7:53
02 Q1.1/II 4:17
03 Q1.1/III 6:19
04 Q1.1/IIII 1:06
[BC-05] Cyrus - Inversion
01 Inversion 17:55
02 Presence 20:39
[BC-06] Basic Channel - Quadrant Dub
01 Quadrant Dub I 20:56
02 Quadrant Dub II 15:16

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Perhaps no Basic Channel record better captures the Berlin label's array of different styles on one record. On both the "Octagon" side and the "Octaedre" side, one can hear the many sounds brought together to slightly different results. The forward-moving, choppy mechanical percussion of the Phylyps Trak records combines with the fat warmth of the Quadrant dub bass beats to form the rhythm track for each record. The Basic Channel camp then adds the strange hallucinogenic tone alterations from the Cyrus records along with the filtered aquatic noises from the Radiance record to bring personality to the intricate rhythm. By merging each of these unique motifs together into one giant compound, Basic Channel has created a monstrous record loaded with hard percussion, throbbing bass, trippy high-end sounds, and twisting minimal repetition to disorientate even the most stable listeners. Spin "Octagon" for a cognitive journey and save "Octaedre" for intense moments.

[BC-07-09] Basic Channel - Octagon and Octaedre, Radiance, Phylyps Trak II  (flac  435mb)

[BC-07] Basic Channel - Octagon an Octaedre
01 Octagon 12:53
02 Octaedre 13:05
[BC-08] Basic Channel - Radiance
01 Radiance I 13:28
02 Radiance II 3:58
03 Radiance III 13:27
[BC-09] Basic Channel - Phylyps Trak II
01 Phylyps Trak II/I 12:12
02 Phylyps Trak II/II 13:04

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

For this epic record of absolutely beautiful dub techno, Quadrant stretches the barest essentials for techno to their extreme lengths. In addition to breaking the song down to its most minimal ingredients -- bass beats, a sense of rhythm, and filtered high-end sounds -- Quadrant also keeps the song thumping away for endless loops, only making the slightest changes in song structure. For over a minute, seemingly nothing will have changed: the rhythm will remain constant, the tempo will not change, the looped sounds will seem locked in place, and the filtered high-end sounds will stay linear. Yet when the songs last over 15 minutes each, there doesn't need to be much change. Subtle shifts every few minutes go undetected as the listener remains unconsciously mesmerized by the body-shaking low-end sounds emanating from his or her subwoofer. This is body-engulfing music that is intended to cast a sedate spell over the listener, constructing a lengthy journey into one of Basic Channel's landmark records.

[BC-BR] Paperclip People - Basic Reshape,[BC-QD] Quadrant - Infinition and Hyperprism (flac 239mb)

[BC-BR] Paperclip People - Basic Reshape
01 Remake (Basic Reshape) 6:06
02 The Climax (Basic Reshape) 13:24
[BC-QD] Quadrant - Infinition and Hyperprism
01 Infinition 10:30
02 Hyperprism 10:40

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Basic Channel - BCD 1 (flac 314mb)

Basic Channel Re-Ups The Climax & Phylyps Trak II    (ogg 152mb)

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Hey Rho. The links for BC07-09 aren't working. Any chance of re-upping please ? And thanks for the basic channel revisit - glorious stuff.

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absolutely fantastic post, good add to my BC collection, thanks!

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There is something wrong with Basic Channel - 'Phylyps Trak II/I' around the 11:05 mark. It appears some random music is inserted there for about six seconds before returning the track. This audio 'glitch' isn't present on the actual vinyl. I checked with multiple programs and it is present in all of them.

Could someone check their download to confirm?

Anonymous said...

I have noticed exact same problem with another song in this post - Paperclip People - 'The Climax (Basic Reshape)'. Random audio starts around 8:05 and lasts for about nine seconds (some singing about 'Hare Krishna'). This isn't found on the vinyl.

Rho said...

Hello well most odd that but problem is solved i upped a fresh copy of both contaminated tracks

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Thank you, Rho!

Not only do I thank you for re-upping the tracks, but I'm thanking you for confirming that I'm not going crazy!


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