Apr 25, 2015

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Hello, well today's post was brought forward somewhat as the artist in question "kicked the bucket" last week, his megahit that overshadowed all his other work was a song about a man that looses it after falling in love, and although this sounds fine, it really isn't and guys in that mode are extremely irritating....

Today.an African American R&B, soul, gospel, and traditional pop singer. He is best known for the song "When a Man Loves a Woman", a No. 1 hit on both the Billboard Hot 100 and R&B singles charts in 1966. Having previously worked as a hospital orderly in the early 1960s, Sledge achieved his strongest success in the late 1960s and early 1970s with a series of emotional soul songs. In later years, Sledge received the Rhythm and Blues Foundation's Career Achievement Award. He was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2005.. Here to,,,,,N'joy

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Percy Sledge will forever be associated with "When a Man Loves a Woman," a pleading, soulful ballad he sang with wrenching, convincing anguish and passion. Sledge sang all of his songs that way, delivering them in a powerful rush where he quickly changed from soulful belting to quavering, tearful pleas. It was a voice that made him one of the key figures of deep Southern soul. Sledge recorded at Muscle Shoals studios in Alabama, where he frequently sang songs written by Spooner Oldham and Dan Penn. Not only did he sing deep soul, but Sledge was among the pioneers of country-soul, singing songs by Charlie Rich and Kris Kristofferson in a gritty, passionate style. During the '70s, his commercial success faded away, but Sledge continued to tour and record into the '90s.

While he worked as a hospital nurse in the early '60s, Sledge began his professional music career as a member of the Southern soul vocal group the Esquires Combo. On the advice of local disc jockey Quin Ivy, he went solo in 1966. Ivy fancied himself a record producer and he agreed to help shape Sledge's song "When a Man Loves a Woman" into a full-fledged single, hiring Spooner Oldham to play a distinctive, legato organ phrase. Ivy released the single independently and quickly licensed it to Atlantic Records, who quickly bought out Sledge's contract. "When a Man Loves a Woman" became a huge hit in the summer of 1966, topping both the pop and R&B charts. It was quickly followed that year by two Top Ten R&B hits, "Warm and Tender Love" and "It Tears Me Up," which were both in the vein of his first hit. Although few of his subsequent singles were hits -- only "Take Time to Know Her" reached the R&B Top Ten in 1968 -- many of the songs, which were often written by Dan Penn and/or Oldham, were acknowledged as classics among soul aficionados.

Despite his strong reputation among deep soul fans, Sledge's sales had declined considerably by the early '70s, and he headed out on the club circuit in America and England. In 1974, he left Atlantic for Capricorn Records, where he returned to the R&B Top 20 with "I'll Be Your Everything." Instead of re-igniting his career, the single was a last gasp, as far as chart success was concerned. Over the next two decades he continued to tour, and in the late '80s "When a Man Loves a Woman" experienced a resurgence in popularity, due to its inclusion in movie soundtracks and in television commercials. Following its appearance in a 1987 Levi's commercial in the U.K., the single was re-released and climbed to number two. Two years later, he won the Rhythm and Blues Foundation's Career Achievement Award. Sledge was able to turn this revived popularity into a successful career by touring constantly, playing over 100 shows a year into the '90s. In 1994, he released Blue Night, his first collection of new material in over a decade, to uniformly positive reviews. It featured Bobby Womack, Steve Cropper, and Mick Taylor among others. Blue Night received a Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Blues Album, Vocal or Instrumental, and in 1996 it won the W.C. Handy Award for best soul or blues album, after the turn of the millennium he returned with Shining Through the Rain in 2004. The following year, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Sledge married twice and was survived by his second wife, Rosa Sledge, whom he married in 1980. He had 12 children, two of whom became singers. He died of liver cancer at his home in Baton Rouge on April 14, 2015 at the age of 74.His interment was in Baton Rouge's Heavenly Gates Cemetery.

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A country-soul masterpiece. The title track remains among the most beloved, anthemic explanations of love's impact and travails ever written or performed. Had Sledge never made another song, he would still deserve kudos just for that one. But he continued to score with more simple, heartfelt, unsophisticated stories about disappointment, pain, rejection, and perseverance.

Percy Sledge - When A Man Loves A Woman  (flac  181mb)

01 When A Man Loves A Woman 2:55
02 My Adorable One 2:42
03 Put A Little Lovin' On Me 2:43
04 Love Me All The Way 2:30
05 When She Touches Me (Nothing Else Matters) 2:32
06 You're Pouring Water On A Drowning Man 2:22
07 Thief In The Night 2:27
08 You Fooled Me 2:34
09 Love Makes The World Go Round 2:40
10 Success 3:00
11 Love Me Like You Mean It 2:26

Percy Sledge - When A Man Loves A Woman  (ogg  56mb)

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After "When a Man Loves a Woman," "Take Time to Know Her" was Percy Sledge's biggest hit, and it leads off this 1968 album from the great Southern soul singer. Like "When a Man Loves a Woman," "Take Time to Know Her" was a mid-tempo soul ballad in which Sledge tells a tale of love that hasn't gone quite the way one might wish, and this musical template dominates much of the album, though to his credit Sledge had a gift for bending songs to his style with such skill that he finds new paths even when he seems to be going in the same direction. Sledge does offer a few interesting change-ups on this album -- there's an insouciant edge to his cover of "Spooky," he edges into his falsetto register on "Come Softly to Me," sounds downright jaunty on "I Love Everything About You," and revels in a rare opportunity to rock the house on "Baby Help Me." But most of Take Time to Know Her is classic Percy Sledge, with the singer pouring out loss, hurt and pleas for mercy while a crack organ-led and horn-enhanced studio band stirs the soup behind him, and the results are a blessing to anyone who loves classic soul of the '60s. Sledge didn't have the broadest range, but it's hard to imagine anyone not being affected by the skill and emotional potency of his work, and this album captures him in excellent form.

Percy Sledge - Take Time To Know Her (flac 219mb)

01 Take Time To Know Her 2:55
02 Feed The Flame 2:20
03 Sudden Stop 2:45
04 Come Softly To Me 2:55
05 Spooky 2:50
06 Out Of Left Field 3:09
07 Cover Me 2:56
08 Baby Help Me 2:30
09 It's All Wrong But It's Alright 2:53
10 High Cost Of Leaving 3:00
11 Between These Arms 2:40
12 I Love Everything About You 2:15

Percy Sledge - Take Time To Know Her (ogg 161mb)

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Percy Sledge's first single, "When a Man Loves a Woman," was an instant masterpiece of deep Southern soul, so powerful and so distinctive it made him a star overnight and helped to quickly establish Muscle Shoals, AL, as one of the major recording centers in the Southern music scene. However, "When a Man Loves a Woman" was such a big hit that it tended to overshadow everything else Percy Sledge did from that point onward; while he had a handful of smaller hits and still records and tours, few people outside of soul obsessives are aware of the full scope of his recording career. It Tears Me Up, a typically well-assembled compilation album from Rhino Records, features 23 songs Sledge cut for Atlantic during the 1960s and makes an excellent case for the consistent strength of Sledge's Atlantic catalog. While Sledge specialized in sad songs of love gone wrong, he certainly knew how to make the most of such material, and his stellar, heart-tugging performances of "Take Time to Know Her," "Warm and Tender Love," "It's All Wrong but It's Alright," and the title tune prove that Sledge had more than one brilliant performance in his repertoire. Great stuff, and certainly the best Percy Sledge collection available.

Percy Sledge - It Tears Me Up (flac 434mb)

01 When A Man Loves A Woman 2:53
02 I'm Hanging Up My Heart For You 2:38
03 Put A Little Lovin' On Me 2:43
04 Love Me Like You Mean It 2:27
05 It Tears Me Up 2:48
06 Warm And Tender Love 3:20
07 Love Me Tender 3:05
08 The Dark End Of The Street 2:45
09 Take Time To Know Her 3:02
10 Try A Little Tenderness 2:48
11 Bless Your Sweet Little Soul 3:01
12 True Love Travels On A Gravel Road 2:48
13 Sudden Stop 2:45
14 Stop The World Tonight 3:14
15 It's All Wrong But It's Alright 2:57
16 Drown In My Own Tears 4:01
17 Out Of Left Field 3:15
18 Kind Woman 4:40
19 Cover Me 3:00
20 That's The Way I Want To Live My Life 2:55
21 Push Mr. Pride Aside 3:23
22 It Can't Be Stopped 3:13
23 Rainbow Road 2:51

Percy Sledge - It Tears Me Up  (ogg 144mb)

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