Apr 12, 2015

Sundaze 1515

Hello, interesting sports day coming up which of the Manchester Sides will be victorious, will Sir Wiggens fullfil his dream of winning Paris-Roubaix or will that superstrong Norwegian Alexander Kristoff take that price as well. Then there's the F1 race in Shanghai , Hamilton says he fears Vettel such a selfaggrandizer that Hamilton setting himself up for an easy win or who knows inviting team mate Rosberg to try and run him off the road..haha well i wont be staying up for that live race...

Today's Sundazers are pointed to a man born 16 October 1974 he is a Danish electronic music producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Copenhagen, Denmark.,. N'joy

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Anders Trentemøller is a Copenhagen-based musician and producer who started in the late 1990s with different Indie Rock projects, before he turned to electronic music. In 2006, following a line of 12-inch electronic EPs, Trentemøller released his groundbreaking debut album The Last Resort. High placements in several polls for best album of the year followed and exposed his music to a much broader audience.

In 2007 Trentemøller assembled his first full live band with his friends, multi artist Henrik Vibskov on drums and musician Mikael Simpson on guitar. Complete with visuals from director Karim Ghahwagi, the ensuing ‘Trentemøller: Live In Concert’ tour brought him to the US for the first time as well as to some of the biggest festivals in the world, including Glastonbury (UK), Roskilde (Denmark) and Melt! (Germany).

In 2009 ‘The Trentemøller Chronicles’, a double compilation of unreleased songs, his personal favorite non-album tracks[Is this a fact or an opinion?] as well as a collection of remixes for such high-profile acts as Röyksopp, Moby and The Knife, was released. Later that year Trentemøller hit another personal career landmark, when he headlined the Orange Stage at Roskilde Festival, playing in front of 60,000 people featuring a unique set design created by Henrik Vibskov. The crowd reactions and press reviews were all positive.

After starting up his own record imprint, 'In My Room', Trentemøller’s second album Into the Great Wide Yonder’ was released in 2010. Four years after The Last Resort, it fulfilled the unenviable task of following up a modern classic. It was also a move into a more analogue sound influenced heavily by indie and post punk – and incorporating even more live instrumentation and vocals. The record was met with high praise for taking yet another clear step away from his electronic beginnings into more experimental soundscapes. Expanding his live band, now with seven people on stage, he continued to tour around the world for two years.

Highlights included a barnstorming set at 2011’s Coachella Festival, where NME called the show “one of the biggest breakouts of Coachella,” he “stunned all onlookers and became the toast of the fest.” Trentemøller made further inroads into the US shortly after, appearing on Carson Daly and playing throughout the US on a sold-out tour. The world tour ended with two consecutive, sold out shows at Den Grå Hal in Christiania (Copenhagen), which were recorded and later released as the album ‘Live In Copenhagen’.

Following his second album, ‘Reworked/Remixed’ was released. A double compilation, celebrating some of Trentemøller’s favorite remixes he completed for other artists, and also some of his personal picks where other musicians have reworked his music - featuring the likes of Modeselektor, UNKLE, Franz Ferdinand, Andrew Weatherall, Efterklang and Depeche Mode. Trentemøller’s captivating sound has also found a home in the world of cinema. His productions have been used by prominent directors including Oliver Stone (Savages), Pedro Almodóvar (The Skin I Live In) and most recently Jacques Audiard, who soundtracked a pivotal scene of his film Rust & Bone, with Anders’ classic bootleg remix of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘State Trooper’, that he had made for himself to play at one of his increasingly rare DJ sets.

In September 2013 Trentemøller released his third full-length album Lost. “Much like its predecessor, ‘Lost’ serves not only as a logical continuation of his work, but also as yet another fuck-you to whatever genre you thought you had him boxed into.“ (Vice). ‘Lost’ is a symbol of the powerful sound Trentemøller has gained through his extensive live touring. It’s a record defined by its thematic guitars, analog synthesizers and robust melodies; the antithesis to the feel of programmed, quantized music that some of his most early fans know him for. It’s also his most collaborative effort yet, pairing him with a vibrant cast of vocal features— the legendary duo Low, Jonny Pierce from The Drums, Marie Fisker, Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead, Jana Hunter of Lower Dens, Ghost Society and Sune Wagner of The Raveonettes all make appearances on this stunning album, which traverses krautrock, indie-rock, post-punk and even jazz and classical influences.

In the summer of 2013 Trentemøller supported Depeche Mode on their Delta Machine world tour, taking him to stadiums around Europe - and he’ll be hitting the festival circuit once again, including appearances at Melt, Dour, Pitch and Zurich Open Air. The remaining part of 2013 and all of 2014 is equally dedicated to touring with his band – the one thing Anders loves just as much as being in the studio creating music to take to the stage.

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Danish producer Anders Trentemoller has gained international recognition over the past decade, but this compilation shines a light on his early releases for Steve Bug's Poker Flat and Audiomatique labels. In places, Trentemoller's sound is sketchy and in need of improvement - witness the proggy minimal grooves of "Gush" and "Rykketid" - but elsewhere, this compilation shows why he rose so fast. From the deep, textured techno of "The Forest", through the stepping rhythm and pre-orgasmic wails on "Moan (dub remix)" through to the subsonic bleeps, murderous bass and clanging rhythms of "Physical Fraction" and "Sunstroke", Early Worx shows that even in the early days, Trentemoller was a star in the making.

Trentemøller - Early Worx WEB  (ogg 284mb)

01 The Forest 5:45
02 Moan (Trentemøller Dub Remix) 7:22
03 Physical Fraction 7:01
04 Kink 6:49
05 Polar Shift 8:27
06 Beta Boy 7:11
07 Gush 5:59
08 Rykketid 5:11
09 Nam Nam 5:40
10 Always Something Better (Trentemøller Remix) 7:59
11 Vamp (Vinyl Edit) 5:11
12 Chameleon 7:57
13 Prana 6:33
14 African People 6:43
15 Killer Kat 7:06
16 Sun Stroke 8:23
17 Miss You (Trentemøller Remix) 7:33

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Having first built up his considerable reputation through singles and remixes over the years and topping that off with his well-received The Last Resort album, Trentemøller took a retrospective look at things with the two-disc Trentemøller Chronicles, split between his own mix of various individual releases, including some new songs and a wide number of remixes. Given that some fans felt The Last Resort suffered from a familiar problem in techno -- less of the inventive edge of a good mix in the moment, extended explorations that went on a bit too long -- this collection serves as a good contrast of the man at his stellar best. On the first disc, new tracks include "Klodsmajor," with a brief piano loop first used and then chopped up a bit around a slowly mutating, tense glitch rhythm, a good live version of the frenetic/serene "Snowflake" and the beautiful "Blood in the Streets," a chilled, quietly majestic number that suggests the soundtrack-ready scope of In the Nursery. The one remix that appears on the first disc, of Klovner's "McKlaren," is a fine addition, with a breathtaking moment where he takes out almost everything but an increasingly higher-pitched synth note before easing back into the heavily echoed pulse of the song.

Trentemøller - The Trentemøller Chronicles  (flac  417mb)

01 The Forest 5:59
02 Klodsmajor 3:10
03 McKlaren by Klovn (Trentemøller Remix) 5:18
04 Snowflake (Live Version) 7:45
05 Blood In The Streets 6:26
06 Moan (Voc Ane Trolle)(Trentemøller Remix) 8:15
07 Kink 5:58
08 Gush 5:26
09 Physical Fraction 5:48
10 Killer Kat 5:28
11 Rykketid 4:38
12 Always Something Better (Voc Richard Davis) (Trentemøller Remix) 7:51
Bonus Track
13 Moan (Voc Ane Trolle) (Trentemøller Remix Radio Edit) 3:32

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With his early work being club-aimed music that was still musically rich enough for headphone listening, Danish producer Trentemøller came on like a composition student with a dark streak, plus a love of progressive house music and techno. His debut album, 2006's The Last Resort, was a deep, dark, and delicious overabundance of bass and reverb, thumping away like Berlin or Detroit techno but then layering melodies that touched upon pop, all while the producer side of the artist dropped every glitchy trick in the book. It would seem like he was showing off if those plentiful edits and layers-upon-layers didn't work, but when he went indie pop and soundtrack-esque on 2010's The Great White Yonder, the results varied. The album jumped from indie song to house-music-all-night-long with a Duane Eddy-styled guitar rave-up in the middle, and while this third effort does essentially the same thing (the rave-up now replaced with a twangy, dusty, "Personal Jesus"-type cut called "Trails"), Lost is where all the pieces fall into place. Blame the superior songwriting or the natural flow of the compositions as the indie group Low join for "The Dream," a song that's wistful and ruminates about life on the level of a beloved Pink Floyd deep track."Gravity," with Jana Hunter, suggests the soaring My Bloody Valentine anchored by the tick-tock of Kraftwerk, although the swaying melody and the swollen melancholy are entirely Trentemøller. "Candy Tongue," with Marie Fisker, is a gentle mix of electro and acoustic that plays to the producer's love of wonder and mystery, while both "Come Undone" with Kazu Makino and "Deceive" with Sune Rose Wagner border on house music for Goths, even if they come with a refinement the electro-industrial crowd rarely offers. As on his previous effort, the instrumental numbers cross over from clubland with the great "Still on Fire" thumping its majestic New Order-like bass, while "Morphine" flirts with drone and world music on a cut that feels like a dangerous journey to buy the drug, but "Hazed" and the hidden coda that complete that album bring reminders of The Last Resort's endless, echoing nightscape. It's an ironic title for an album that's so sure, and even if his early fans frown as their dancing shoes collect dust, complaining about what doesn't happen on Lost seems silly when compared to the wonderful and intoxicating things that actually do.

Trentemøller - Lost  (flac  416mb)

01 The Dream 6:52
02 Gravity ( Voc Jana Hunter) 5:49
03 Still On Fire 5:27
04 Candy Tongue 4:36
05 Trails 7:12
06 Never Stop Running (Voc Jonny Pierce) 3:38
07 River Of Life (Voc Sara Savery,Tobias Wilner) 4:54
08 Morphine 6:13
09 Come Undone (Voc Kazu Makino) 4:33
10 Deceive (Voc Sune Rose Wagner) 4:44
11 Constantinople 3:49
12 Hazed 13:24


Trentemøller - Lost Reworks (flac 361mb)

01 River Of Life (Trentemøller Remix) 5:27
02 Come Undone (Toydrum Remix) 5:16
03 Candy Tongue (Jenny Wilson Version) 5:31
04 Come Undone (Trentemøller Remix) 3:49
05 Deceive (Trentemøller’s Lost & Found Remix) 5:16
06 River Of Life (T.O.M. And His Computer Remix) 5:21
07 Deceive (Unkwon Remix) 4:30
08 Gravity (Pinkunoizu Remix) 7:58
09 Deceive (Trentemøller’s Club Mix) 8:03
10 Come Undone (Toydrum Instrumental Remix) 5:16

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track 11 from reworks is missing from download link

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