Oct 5, 2014

Sundaze 1440

Hello, so F1 has descended on Japan this weekend, the Mercedes battle continued and this time Rosberg won qualifying this morning on the classic figure of 8 shaped circuit. However a typhon is expected to drop by possibly just in time to wash out the race, ah yes the weather today it had been a fine 24C with some sunshine. I guess it was like that out of the blue vulcanic eruption not really satellites see that typhon coming, and thanks to the internet i just saw there will be rain but the severe weather will be in the evening. Anyway, the really big F1 news is that Alonso is leaving Ferrari to make way for Vettel who's had enough of Red Bull apparently oh well i suppose he's eager to follow in the footsteps of his mentor and example Schumacher, who's fate clearly disturbed Vettel's focus this year.

Today a Canadian electronic musical duo that formed in 1987, originally as a side project of the influential industrial music act Front Line Assembly. Throughout the band’s history, their musical style has encompassed a broad range, including dark ethereal ambient trance, voiceless industrial soundscapes, and electronic pop music. ...N'Joy

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Delerium has traditionally been a two-person project, but the only constant member throughout its history has been Bill Leeb. Leeb was a guest musician and early supporter of industrial dance pioneers Skinny Puppy, but after he left in 1986 he went on to create his own project, Front Line Assembly with collaborator Michael Balch. Later, the two worked on the side project Delerium and released their first album, Faces, Forms & Illusions. After Balch left both Front Line Assembly and Delerium, Leeb worked with Rhys Fulber, and the two released several albums under the Delerium moniker; these years saw a gradual stylistic change from darker ambient to a more danceable sound. After the release of Karma, Fulber left to pursue other interests, and Leeb teamed up with producer Chris Peterson to release Poem. 2003, however, saw the reunion of Leeb and Fulber for the release of Chimera, followed by Nuages du Monde in 2006.

Although he initially attracted attention as a member of several cyberpunk/industrial bands, Fulber took a more ambient dance approach with Delerium. The group found success with its 1997 album Karma, which sold more than a quarter of a million copies and included a major club/dance hit, "Silence," that reached number three in the United Kingdom, number one in Ireland, number four in Belgium, and number five in Australia. With the members of Delerium separating in the mid-'90s, Fulber produced albums by P.O.D., Sarah Brightman, David Foster, and Fear Factory. The band reunited in 2001 and released Poem, followed by Chimera two years later. In 2004 Nettwerk released the 1994-2004 collection Best Of. Their 2006 effort Nuages du Monde featured singers from around the world, including opera star Isabel Baryakdarian and Punjabi singer Kiran Arwuhalia. Music Box Opera from 2012 arrived with a different set of vocalists, including Leona Naess, Kristy Thirsk, and Michael Logen. Fulber and Leeb have also recorded as Intermix and Noise Unit.

In contrast to Leeb and collaborators' other projects, Delerium has included several guest vocalists since the release of Semantic Spaces. These have included mostly women, such as Kristy Thirsk, Sarah McLachlan, Leigh Nash (of Sixpence None the Richer), Elsieanne Caplette (of Elsiane), Lisa Gerrard (sampled only), Jaël (of Swiss band Lunik), Camille Henderson, Nerina Pallot, Emily Haines (of Metric), Jacqui Hunt (of Single Gun Theory), Isabel Bayrakdarian and Shelley Harland.

Although it may be argued that Front Line Assembly has the largest cult following of all Leeb and associates projects, Delerium is undoubtedly the most financially successful. In addition to these two mainstays, related projects of the Leeb, Fulber, Peterson, Balch family include Equinox, Intermix, Noise Unit, Pro-Tech, and Synæsthesia, among others. In addition, in 2007 Leeb and Fulber collaborated with Leigh Nash under the name Fauxliage, also Rhys Fulber maintains his solo project Conjure One since his temporary exit from Delerium.

The single "Silence", featuring vocals by Sarah McLachlan, reached number three on the UK music charts. In 2000, three years after Karma was released, notable DJs such as Tiësto and Airscape produced remixes of "Silence", which generated interest and gained considerable radio airplay for the original track.

In 2003, Delerium embarked on their first tour, with vocals performed by Kristy Thirsk and Shelley Harland. In January 2005, Delerium performed at the One World benefit concert in Vancouver for the 2004 Asian tsunami, where "Silence" was performed live for the first time with Sarah McLachlan. The song has been described as one of the greatest trance songs of all time.

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First released in 1989, much of Faces Forms And Illusions jettisons the rough-hewn bass sequencers of Front Line Assembly mainmen Rhys Fulber and Bill Leeb's previous records for twilight electronic soundscapes that combine the gothic with the modern, the transcendent, and the darkly spiritual. Most of this album is solely the work of Bill Leeb, although Fulber and producer Michael Balch make significant contributions.

Built upon a dense collage of samples (didjeridoos, old Cabaret Voltaire bass sounds and Kraftwerk are most evident) and largely devoid of beats, Leeb traverses many dream states, from the primordial neo-gothic ambience of "New Dawn," through the ancient faux-Hindu synth-streams of "Sword of Islam," to the whispery baroque atmospheres of "Hidden Mask." The disc's highlight, however, lies in the near 20-minute epic "Subvert/Wired Archives/Siege of Atrocity," featuring fascinating swathes of synthesizers, regal tonalities and buzzing electronics.

Delerium - Faces Forms And Illusions  (flac 278mb)

01 Monuments Of Deceit 4:17
02 Mecca 4:21
03 Inside The Chamber 6:19
04 Sword Of Islam 4:12
05 New Dawn 4:52
06 Certain Trust 5:09
07 Hidden Mask 5:15
08 Strangeways 5:16
09 Subvert / Wired Archives / Sieg Of Atrocity 19:56

Delerium - Faces Forms And Illusions  (ogg 124mb)

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Morpheus is the darkest, most mood altering sampling of Delerium's music. One of the first and best Delerium LPs, Morpheus leans closer to the pagan death-folk of Current 93 than any of Leeb and Fulber's more industrial recordings.
Morpheus is the most haunting and disturbing (in the good sense) album in the Delerium series. While Morpheus has a harder edge than any other Delerium album, only 2 of its 11 tracks fall outside the ambient sound of Delerium's other albums (these are "Gaza" and "Coup de Etat" both quite violent by Delerium standards, but damn good tracks anyway). The bonus track, "Symbolism" is worth the album's price by its lonesome. "Symbolism" a most haunting song, a slow tune laced with some rather violent samples involving a angry person and a sledgehammer. The spooky effect of the sample is magnified by the matter-of-fact way the speaker says it.

Delerium - Morpheus (flac  309mb)

01 Gaza 5:08
02 Requiem 5:07
03 Morpheus 4:54
04 Faith 4:40
05 Coup De Tat 4:40
06 Veracity 3:54
07 Temple Of Light 5:36
08 Somnolent 4:33
09 Allurance 4:18
10 Fragments Of Fear 5:17
11 Symbolism 8:47

Delerium - Morpheus  (ogg 125mb)

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"Syrophenikon" remains firmly attached in the ambient sound that Delerium fans have come to love and know them for but layered with a darker, more gothic sound with heavy African percussion beats. "Prophecy" is my very, very favorite song on this lovely album but every song is good in its own right and it wouldn't be fair to them if I chose favorites among the tracks.
This album has very heavy percussion, and mixes them with haunting, and fleeting "ghost sound" synth samples. Like many of Delerium's early albums, it seems to tell a story, without words. If this is the case, the ephiphany song is definately "Fallen Idols" which I used as the basis of a short-story I wrote for my school's literary magazine...oh the results. However, "Twilight Rituals" is also very good, hinting at Deleriums more laid back "new age" sound in later albums. The overall album sounds like a soundscape of a lost African civilization, producing a haunting feeling that is the trademark of early Delerium albums.

Delerium - Syrophenikan   (flac 245mb)

01 Embodying 5:07
02 Shroud 4:48
03 Of The Tribe 5:16
04 Fallen Idols 5:18
05 Mythos 6:20
06 Twighlight Rituals 6:33
07 Prophecy 5:18
Bonus Track:
08 Brainwaves 8:56

Delerium - Syrophenikan   (ogg 107mb)

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Although I much prefer Leeb and Fulber's Industrial releases I still find they have an unmistakable sound that hold my attention. Many thanks.


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Thanx a lot!!!