Oct 22, 2014

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Currently severe virusproblems can't even install malware bytes or update my Avira computer crashes a lot browsers crash-specially chrome (even in safe mode !) after several tries and some lateral thinking i managed to post this not sure how to proceed could be i 'll need a complete reinstall- i'm pretty sure i picked up this virus surfing

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Initially envisioned as an experimental side project by Cevin Key while he was in the new wave band Images In Vogue, today's band evolved into a full-time project with the addition of vocalist Nivek Ogre. Over the course of a dozen studio albums and many live tours, Key and Ogre have been the only constant members. Other members have included Dwayne Goettel (1986–1995), Dave "Rave" Ogilvie (long-time associate, producer, and "unofficial" fourth member until 1995). They developed into an influential band with a dedicated cult following, fusing elements of ambient, noise, new wave, electro, and rock music and making innovative use of sampling.....N'Joy

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Drawing from the pioneering work of artists like Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, and Suicide, the dark avant-industrial group Skinny Puppy formed in 1982 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Originally a duo comprised of former Images in Vogue drummer cEvin Key (born Kevin Crompton) and Nivek Ogre (aka Kevin Ogilvie), Skinny Puppy followed their debut cassette, Back and Forth, with the EP Remission, the first of many recordings with producer David "Rave" Ogilvie, in 1984.

Keyboardist Wilhelm Schroeder joined the group for 1985's full-length debut, Bites, but was replaced the next year by Dwayne Goettel, whose sampling and synth work proved significant in the development of the Skinny Puppy aesthetic from ominous dance music into a distinct fusion of industrial, goth, and electronic sounds. Subsequent releases like 1986's Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse, 1987's Cleanse, Fold and Manipulate, and 1988's VIVIsectVI further honed the trio's style, as well as introducing the outspoken lyrical agenda that remained a thematic constant throughout much of the group's work.

In 1989, Ministry's Al Jourgensen added vocals, guitars, and production work to Rabies; later, he joined Ogre in the side project Pigface. Ultimately, the members' interest in pursuing similar outside projects began to unravel Skinny Puppy: in 1987, Key and Edward Ka-Spel of the Legendary Pink Dots recorded the album Their Eyes Slowly Burning under the name Tear Garden, and in 1990, he and friend Alan Nelson worked as Hilt. A major rift began splitting the band apart, and Key and Goettel often sided against Ogre, whom they felt was more interested in pursuing solo work than in keeping the trio intact; drugs had also become a serious problem, but Skinny Puppy nonetheless signed to American Recordings in 1993 and relocated to Los Angeles to begin production work.

The sessions for the album, titled The Process, proved disastrous; for the first time in nearly a decade, David Ogilvie did not oversee production duties, and the group went through several producers, including former Swan Roli Mosimann and Martin Atkins. Flooding and earthquakes further hampered the sessions, and Key was severely injured in a film shoot. After months of recording, Key and Goettel, dissatisfied with Atkins' work, absconded with the master tapes and returned to Vancouver in mid-1994 to finish production. Ogre remained in California, and later announced he was leaving Skinny Puppy to form W.E.L.T. A few months later, on August 23, 1995, Goettel was found dead of a heroin overdose in his parents' home; in his honor, Key and Ogilvie finally completed the album, and The Process was released in 1996. A multimedia history of the band, Brap: Back and Forth, Series 3 & 4, followed a few months later, while Key returned to his new project, Download. Released in 1998, Remix Dys Temper featured Skinny Puppy reworkings by Autechre, Neotropic, and Adrian Sherwood in addition to industrial groups like KMFDM and God Lives Underwater.

By 2000, the word was out that Key and Ogre had buried the hatchet, reactivated Skinny Puppy, and recording was underway. A 1994 jam between Skinny Puppy and Throbbing Gristle/Psychic TV member Genesis P-Orridge was released under the title Puppy Gristle in 2002 on Key's subCON label. The SPV label (which had long been the distributor of the band's albums in Europe) signed the band in late 2003. Skinny Puppy's Greater Wrong of the Right hit the streets in 2004 with members of Tool, Collide, and Static-X making guest appearances. Two more studio albums, 2007's Mythmaker and 2011's Handover, followed before the release of 2012's live album Bootlegged, Broke and in Solvent Seas.

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In the scheme of all things Skinny Puppy, Cleanse, Fold and Manipulate can be rather hard to recommend. Though it contains one of the band's finest songs, "Deep Down Trauma Hounds," Cleanse ultimately feels like a turning point, where experimentation is just beginning to gel with innovation and the band's trademark sound is forming rapidly before one's ears. But much of the album comes across like a series of interludes or ambient instrumental fragments. Still, fans of industrial music will appreciate the album's formidable beats and coarse sound samples that seem to be generated from warping the sounds of heavy machinery. Perhaps more than other any place in Skinny Puppy's discography, Ogre's vocals work like spoken-word stream-of-conscious dementia, with more emphasis on evil tones than on any relation to their music. After the Perry Mason sample-thon "Deep Down Trauma Hounds," special notice should be given to the ominous, haunted "Addiction"; the unsettling, creepy collage of "Shadow Cast," which features blood-curdling samples from Dennis Hopper in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2; and the overall tapestry of evil that is "Draining Faces," which suggests to a listener that they've come upon a goblin's ritual sacrifice in some foreign realm. "Anger" is the best indication that Skinny Puppy is semi-stuck in a rut between styles, as it straddles the industrial genre and the cut-and-paste sonic curveballs of later Skinny Puppy releases; its "spinning through the radio dial" effect would be put to far better use on Too Dark Park and Last Rights. Still more interesting than the majority of output from their peers and followers, Cleanse, Fold and Manipulate is best left for die-hard Skinny Puppy fans, especially those who favor the band's early, sinister, pristine dark ambience to the all-out torment that would develop gradually on the band's next five albums.

Skinny Puppy - Cleanse Fold And Manipulate  (flac 258mb)

01 First Aid 4:29
02 Addiction 6:01
03 Shadow Cast 4:19
04 Draining Faces 5:11
05 The Mourn 2:39
06 Second Tooth 4:06
07 Tear Or Beat 4:41
08 Deep Down Trauma Hounds 4:41
09 Anger 4:53
10 Epilogue 1:10

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Even when the industrial revolution happened, few North American bands sounded as manic and dense as the mighty Skinny Puppy. Tackling unpopular political topics, blurring distorted vocals into synth lines, sampling news broadcasts and horror films -- these were the tactics that Skinny Puppy utilized on VIVIsectVI, one of their true masterpieces. It takes multiple listens to the album to even get to the songs underneath, but once the sonic wall has been punctured it is easy to hear why Ogre is so volatile. His rants, which alternate between a lazy drug moan and a harsh screech, were one of the few in the genre that actually sounded poetic amongst the noise and beats. He can completely carry a noise collage and transform it into a brooding song ("Harsh Stone White") or he can stick to a fairly normal song structure and simply scream his lungs out ("Human Disease (S.K.U.M.M.)"). And the music is absolutely confounding, constructed out of sounds and noises that somehow never seem overbearing despite the sheer amount of them. The most important lesson that Skinny Puppy teaches here is the lesson of variety. VIVIsectVI is still a challenging, multi-layered album years later because the music never stays still. The beat will just disappear, Ogre's vocals will suddenly go from a whisper to a scream, everything will disappear but a creepy sample, then the song will kick back in with a different beat and a new synth part. And that's just "Who's Laughing Now?," one of the true classic industrial songs of any era. No album by this band is easy to start with, but this is easy to keep listening to, if only to absorb everything that happens on each track. Anyone with an interest in the genre should not overlook Skinny Puppy, and this is one of their shining moments.

Skinny Puppy - VIVIsectVI  (flac 408mb)

01 Dogshit 3:55
02 VX Gas Attack 5:36
03 Harsh Stone White 4:29
04 Human Disease (S.K.U.M.M.) 6:19
05 Who's Laughing Now? 5:29
06 Testure 5:07
07 State Aid 3:55
08 Hospital Waste 4:38
09 Fritter (Stella's Home) 3:31
10 Yes He Ran 6:28
11 Punk In Park Zoo's 2:31
12 The Second Opinion 4:59
13 Funguss 4:06

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Rabies is a solid, sordid album from Skinny Puppy, even if it isn't always the sound of the band operating at their peak. All of the trademark Skinny Puppy elements are in place: Nivek Ogre's snarling vocals, snippets of dialogue from sci-fi and horror movies, and symphonic, chugging synth sounds. At least four of the album's 11 tracks are perfect examples of Skinny Puppy's sonic attack. "Rodent" is monumentally menacing, with Ogre's vocals giving the impression that they've been growled through a megaphone that's been recorded from a microphone at least a half-mile away. Stop-start keyboards effects, phase-shifted grunts and groans, warped handclaps, and screeching sound fragments all give the impression that some mad army of musical warlocks are approaching and encroaching upon the listener. "Hexonxonx" mixes equal doses of twisted humor and Throbbing Gristle-like experimentation, working like a kind of post-Dario Argento film chillout. "Worlock" and "Tin Omen" both display genius implementation of movie dialogue samples; very few artists employ the kind of impeccable timing and craftsmanship at work on these two tracks. Though Too Dark Park would display the height of the band's cut-and-paste artistry, this blueprint or slow-birth on Rabies is compelling in its own right. The album's weaker songs aren't by any means throwaways; "Rivers," for example, is an interesting collision of Skinny Puppy and film director Stanley Kubrick, as samples from A Clockwork Orange and 2001: A Space Odyssey weave and intertwine; and "Sphan Dirge" is a kind of middle ground between industrial rage and the dark fury of John Cale's existential punk stage. Still, the Achilles heel of Rabies is the production and contributions of Ministry's Alain Jourgensen. What comes across as masterful on Ministry's The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste just doesn't seem appropriate for Skinny Puppy. Jourgensen's influence causes the band to rock out in places where they'd usually be weeping, wailing, and flailing in ecstasy and torment. Rabies is required listening for Skinny Puppy fans, but it's too uneven to recommend to casual listeners, and it's not a good starting point for newcomers.

Skinny Puppy - Rabies (flac 432mb)

01 Rodent 5:49
02 Hexonxonx 5:25
03 Two Time Grime 5:39
04 Fascist Jock Itch 4:57
05 Worlock 5:30
06 Rain 1:26
07 Tin Omen 4:37
08 Rivers 4:49
09 Choralone 3:02
10 Amputate 3:15
11 Spahn Dirge (Live) 16:22

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