Oct 27, 2014

RhoDeo 1443 Blake

Hello, still troubled and last night even the linux disc crashed...so not sure if i manage a full posting tomorrow we'll see

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Ok so the coming weeks we'll have some Blake's audio drama's

In the third century of the second calendar, the galactic Federation, once a beacon of democracy and peace, has become a corrupt tyranny. Freedom and Justice are things of the past. Roj Blake stood up for the ordinary people. When the establishment tried intimidation he laughed in their faces. When they tried to crush him he fought back. When they tried to brainwash him into obedience, he broke their conditioning. Finally they framed him and sentenced him to permanent exile on the notorious prison planet Cygnus Alpha. The Federation thinks it has seen the last of Roj Blake. The Federation will wish it had... And now Roj Blake is on the run... He has a ship, but the ship has plans of its own. He has a crew, but who are his friends and who are his enemies? Blake thought space meant freedom, but space is cold, cruel and steeped in blood. The power of the federation reaches further and deeper then Blake dared imagine... Freedom is nowhere to be found.

The Federation’s grip is tightening. Roj Blake and the crew of the Liberator have nowhere left to hide. As time runs out, old friendships are shattered and new alliances are forged. Choices are made, and battle lines are drawn across the galaxy. A path of betrayal, lies and deceit leads to only one destination, towards a deadly confrontation that will change everything.

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Blake's 7 - Liberator (ogg 54mb)

Liberator 56:58

Derek Riddell as Blake, Daniela Nardini as Servalan, Colin Salmon as Avon, Carrie Dobro as Jenna, Craig Kelly as Travis and Doug Bradley.

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Blake's 7 - The SevenFold Crown (ogg 83mb)
Blake's 7 - The Syndeton Experiment (ogg 52mb)
Blake's 7 - Rebel (ogg 53mb)
Blake's 7 - Traitor (ogg 53mb)

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Anonymous said...

I would like to download
Super Mama Djombo - Id
but the zip-file os corrupt.
Could you plse. repair it?

Rho said...

Hello Anon, that's odd and i would expect more complaints if there was anything wrong with the file, i think you should download the file again.. best of luck