Sep 14, 2011

RhoDeo 1137 Aetix

Hello, todays Aetix stays at that great southern land . But first something about flac i note an increasing appetite for that format when i offer a choice, whether i give a choice depends on the size of the flac i post. Believe it or not flac is far faster to code then ogg (the way i do it) as a rule of thumb Files below 250mb won't be coded in Ogg.

The name of todays band reflects L.P. Hartley's classic novel, The Go-Between. They were a critics favorite but never made the commercial breakthrough in exchange they kept their integrity and wrote and played great music together upon the sudden death of Grant McLennan half of the duo that formed the core of The Go-Betweens

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Robert Forster and Grant McLennan began as a pair of teenagers obsessed with the earthy rock of Dylan, CCR, and the Velvet Underground and encouraged by the Australian punk of the Saints. As collected on The Able Label Singles, their first two singles show a fondness for scruffy, British Invasion/new wave-influenced pop/rock. The Go-Betweens were perhaps the quintessential cult band of the '80s: they came from an exotic locale (Brisbane, Australia), moved to a major recording center (in their case, London) in a sustained bid to make a career out of music, and earned considerable critical praise and a small but fervent international fan base.

The band's first official album, Send Me a Lullaby, produced by The Go-Betweens and Tony Cohen, on Missing Link in Australia, was released as an eight-track mini-album in November 1981. Rough Trade, released the album in the UK, three months later, with four tracks added.Morrison provided the album title, in preference to Two Wimps and a Witch, from a Zelda Fitzgerald novel Save Me the Waltz.The group had developed a subtler sound consisting of dry semi-spoken vocals, complex lyrics and melodic but fractious guitar pop

The Go-Betweens returned to UK and recorded their second album, Before Hollywood (May 1983), with John Brand producing. It established them as cult favourites while "Cattle and Cane" was released as a single and was "arguably the band's absolute highlight of its earliest years". The Go-Betweens were mostly ignored by Australian commercial pop radio and never gained a broad national audience.

Robert Vickers joined on bass guitar in late 1983—freeing McLennan for lead guitar work. Their next album Spring Hill Fair (September 1984) was acclaimed as "the sound was bolder and more confident. Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express, released in March 1986 on Beggars Banquet Records, received favourable reviews, and showed the band gradually moving towards a smoother and more contemporary sound, while retaining elements of their idiosyncratic early style.

Amanda Brown on violin, oboe, guitar, keyboards and backing vocals joined later in the year. Within a few months, Brown and McLennan were lovers—many of McLennan's new lyrics were about this relationship. Tallulah (June 1987), produced by The Go-Betweens contained their "most winsome and hummable songs,

16 Lovers Lane (1988), was the group's most commercial offering, providing the alternative radio hit "Streets of Your Town", which became the band's biggest chart hit in both the UK and Australia peaking in the Top 100. The follow-up single "Was There Anything I Could Do?" was a No. 16 hit on US Modern Rock radio stations. These minimal successes were hardly the hoped-for commercial breakthrough for the band, and after recording six albums, Forster and McLennan disbanded The Go-Betweens in December 1989.

Although the Go-Betweens were absent throughout the '90s before re-forming in the new millennium, both of the band's songwriters embarked on respectable solo careers in the interim.

In 2000 the band reunited and released a new album, The Friends of Rachel Worth, which also featured all three members of Sleater-Kinney. It wasn't just a fluke, as the band recorded follow-up albums released in 2003 (Bright Yellow Bright Orange) and 2005's Oceans Apart, winning an ARIA award for 'Best Adult Contemporary Album. Documenting a 2005 concert in their hometown, the DVD/CD package That Striped Sunlight Sound arrived in early 2006, just a few months before the death of McLennan on 6 May 2006 of a heart attack, Robert Forster subsequently announced that The Go-Betweens were no more. Forster has continued to perform and records as a solo artist and has also produced well-received music criticism.

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The first official album from the Go-Betweens, after a slew of earlier recordings and initial singles, was described by Forster and McLennan in later years as sounding like a practice room session, "metallic folk in a way." It's a fair assessment, and certainly while it's the work of a young band, Send Me a Lullaby is still a promising start, showing that the original trio had an aesthetic and the talent to carry its work over an album's length. Notably the singing of Forster and McLennan, investing even the sharpest songs and most cutting rhythms with a sometimes desperate and sometimes withdrawn emotion. Rather than sounding like they're trying to recodify rock and roll or the like, it's a series of often gentle explorations in restraint, saying more with less.

The Go-Betweens - Send Me a Lullaby (flac 420mb)

01 Your Turn, My Turn (3:03)
02 One Thing Can Hold Us (3:17)
03 People Know (2:11)
04 The Girls Have Moved (2:26)
05 Midnight To Neon (2:31)
06 Eight Pictures (4:52)
07 Careless (2:34)
08 All About Strength (2:12)
09 Ride (3:30)
10 Hold Your Horses (2:14)
11 Arrow In A Bow (2:00)
12 It Could Be Anyone (4:30)
bonus album
201 Sunday Night (2:50)
202 One Word (2:02)
203 I Need Two Heads (2:34)
204 The Clowns Are In Town (2:13)
205 Serenade Sound (2:23)
206 Hope (2:03)
207 Stop Before You Say It (2:57)
208 World Weary (1:41)
209 Distant Hands (2:01)
210 Undo What You Did (2:01)
211 Cracked Wheat (3:54))
212 After The Fireworks (4:27)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

The Go-Betweens hit full creative stride on their second LP, Before Hollywood, an uncompromising, beautiful and consistently inventive slice of darkly-lit anti-pop. Headed by two gifted songwriters, Robert Forster and Grant McLennan, each of whom pulled the band in different thematic directions, one of the most striking things about Before Hollywood is the way it all coheres so seamlessly together, achieving, in the process, a sustained and unconventionally melodic attack on pop music paradigms. While "Cattle and Cane," is certainly deserving of all the attention it gets as one of the best songs of the decade, it makes it easy to overlook just how consistently brilliant the entirety of Before Hollywood actually is.

The Go-Betweens - Before Hollywood (flac 414mb)

01 A Bad Debt Follows You (2:25)
02 Two Steps, Step Out (3:28)
03 Before Hollywood (3:45)
04 Dusty in Here (4:10)
05 Ask (5:15)
06 Cattle and Cane (4:21)
07 By Chance (2:20)
08 As Long as That (5:25)
09 On My Block (3:49)
10 That Way (4:08)
Before Hollywood bonus
01 Hammer The Hammer 2:49
02 Heaven Says 4:06
03 Just A King In Mirrors 2:57
04 A Peaceful Wreck 2:31
05 Man O'Sand To Girl O'Sea 3:24
06 Near The Chimney 3:39
07 This Girl, Black Girl 3:32
08 The Exception Of Deception 1:49

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Tallulah, the Go-Betweens fifth album, was supposed to be the band's breakthrough recording in America. That said, its sound is nearly a full-on break with the edginess that began to fade on 1986's Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express. More lush, rounded, polished, it sounds like a record made in the mid-'80s thanks in large part to Lindy Morrison's use of drum programs in addition to her trap kit. Add to this the contributions of new member Amanda Brown on violin, oboe, and backing vocals and one has a revamped band. Fans didn't take to the new sound with kindness initially, but the songwriting of Forster and McLennan was so much more focused and taut, it more than compensates for production errors. Along with Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express and 16 Lovers Lane, Tallulah makes up the trilogy that defines the Go-Betweens massive if under-recognized contribution to pop.

The Go-Betweens - Tallulah ( flac 272mb)

01 Right Here 3:50
02 You Tell Me 3:35
03 Someone Else's Wife 4:07
04 I Just Get Caught Out 2:13
05 Cut It Out 3:55
06 The House That Jack Kerouac Built 4:46
07 Bye Bye Pride 4:04
08 Spirit Of A Vampyre 3:53
09 The Clarke Sisters 3:16
10 Hope Then Strife 4:59

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