Jun 12, 2011

Sundaze 1124 Inside Out deux

Hello, as announced last week today a completion of last weeks Inside Out post First up gain William Buhlman a renowned hypnotherapist and Out of Body/Astral traveller, he's written books and giuves workshops and here today in corperation with the Munroe Institute he presents us with a way to discover your past lives and the impact it has on your current. Almost 5 hours of sessions in the original format with hemisync background. I like to keep my filesize below 200mb, therfore i decided to give each of the three remaining parts it's own link. Secondly the Tibetan Bells II an excellent though somewhat belated (20years) follow up to last weeks Bells. Thirdly the remaining two disks of Steve Roach's four disk set, Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces...

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"Exploring Your Past Lives" By William Buhlman

This unique 5-part contains 4-D technology which is the result of modern scientific research and ancient healing techniques. Precisely tuned soundwaves are used to create binaural beats; inducing self-initiated and controlled altered states of consciousness. This program will help to transport you to a higher state of mind, opening your consciousness to endless possibilities and realities.

In this 5-CD set, you will experience guided meditations, hypnosis and instructional discussions, presented in a home workshop format.

Find out how to receive and trust impressions.
During a powerful regression, trace the source of a current problem.
Examine the core of your current relationships.
Help resolve past life issues.
Explore and connect with your spiritual guide or higher self.
Explore the unseen energies that influence your life.
Experience a progression to a future event or lifetime.
Learn to harness your own innate ability to explore expanded states of consciousness.
Alter negative patterns that were created in the past.

William Buhlman is considered one of America's leading experts on the subject of out-of-body experiences. His best-selling book, Adventures Beyond the Body, is the first complete guide to self-initiated out-of-body travel. The author's twenty-eight years of personal research and exploration gives him a unique insight into this topic.

Over the past decade William has developed a proven, effective system for instructing individuals in safe, controlled out-of-body adventures. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada conducting an in-depth workshop entitled: Out-Of-Body Exploration, discovering the answers for yourself. This popular workshop teaches the preparation and techniques needed in order to experience conscious out-of-body journeys. William encourages the participants to explore their spiritual identity... ultimately leading to enhanced intellectual, as well as, physical well-being.

the 5 parts description

#1 Includes instructions and 7 meditative exercises
#2 Relax and enjoy a full length (60-minute) past life exploration hypnosis session
next week
#3 Experience a powerful 60 minute regression to the source of a current problem or issue
#4 Explore and connect with your spiritual guide or higher self
#5 Experience a progression to a future event or lifetime

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William Buhlman - Exploring Past Lives #3,4,5 ( 317mb)

#3 William Buhlman - Exploring Your Past Lives #3.mp3 (1.00.00)
#4 William Buhlman - Exploring Your Past Lives #4.mp3 (1.00.00)
#5 William Buhlman - Exploring Your Past Lives #5.mp3 (1.00.00)

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Tibetan Bells was a 1971 album by Henry Wolff and Nancy Hennings. It was the first recording to use traditional Tibetan bells and singing bowls, and helped establish some of the fundamentals of New Age music. The Tibetan Bells albums should not be confused with ethnic Tibetan music. They are new age-style Western compositions that use the Tibetan instruments. Authentic Tibetan music has a quite different sound, using other instruments besides the metallophones. However, the beauty of the Tibetan Bells albums is exquisite, and the sounds other-worldly. If it was not stated outright that only acoustic instruments were used, your ears would trick you into thinking some of it was synthesized.

Henry Wolff and Nancy Hennings use Tibetan bells, gongs, and singing bowls to orchestrate crystalline echoes of the mind. There are no tunes or melodies here; rather, this is a shimmering aurora borealis of sound that's diaphanous and reverberant, like windows opening up into an altered state of sound. High chimes ring against a backdrop of sustained glissando from a singing bowl. Deep gongs call out from a hidden abyss.

Henry Wolff and Nancy Hennings – Tibetan Bells II ( '91   191 mb)

01 Continuum/Warp 2:14
02 The Illusory Body 4:14
03 Sky Bells I 2:42
04 Shadow And Distances 3:16
05 Skybells II 2:44
06 The Silver Eye 4:29
07 The Sword Behind The Buddha-Smile 2:10
08 The Seven Sounds Of Dissolution 3:39
The Endless Journey (25:08)
09 Leaving The Body 7:34
10 Astral Plane 5:22
11 Through The Void 12:03

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There are not many musicians creative, bold, imaginative, and talented enough to release a four-CD set of new material. Steve Roach is all of that and the proverbial glazed doughnut. Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces is close to five hours of deep and dark -- even dank -- ambience from this living legend. Each disc has its own thematic and sonic integrity. Each disc interacts with the other discs as well. Roach has sequenced this set and designed the sound to display complements and contrasts in imagery, sensory perception, and spiritual proclivity.

These four discs are interchangeable in the progression of Roach's shamanic ritual. Taken in its totality, the set defines itself and Roach's career. He will go to any length, depth, or height to find knowledge, truth, beauty, character, and spirituality. This is a truly unique experience.

Disc three -- Recent Future -- might be some of the best e-music ever. It continues the continuation of the continuous continuity. It relates to everything and reveals nothing. These atmospheres and soundscapes are intoxicating. Roach's free-flowing sound world has no structure within its tight structure. The simplicity of this intricate sound design is an absolute truth. In truth, there is beauty. In beauty, there is truth.

Steve Roach - 3 Recent Future (347mb)

301 Open Heart 4:38
302 Turn To Light 9:19
303 Shift The Dimension 3:46
304 This Moment Is A Memory 5:44
305 This Moment Is Another Memory 4:32
306 Slightly Below 2:28
307 Essence Of Phaedra 2:45
308 Left Perfectly Alone 2:29
309 A Subtle Body Current 5:15
310 Personal Nature 10:36
311 Grounding Place 7:48
312 Turning Back 3:38
313 The Spiral Of Time's Fire Burns On 10:52

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Piece of Infinity is classic Roach. It is a long form (74-minute) journey through the realms of incongruities. The music continues to start and it begins to end. Roach is bringing listeners up from the depths and down from the heights. There are no limits and no edges. The languid pace is the perfect end, the perfect transition, and the perfect beginning. The surrender is gradual. The goal is to achieve the goal.

Steve Roach - 4 Piece Of Infinity (271mb)

401 Piece Of Infinity 73:48

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