Jun 11, 2011

RhoDeo 1123 Beats

Hello, alas still no good news all I see " the server under emergency repair", i hope they get it working soon, meanwhile there is plenty of non sharebee around here. Today's artist has become rather quiet in output these last years, we'll have to make do with his latest albums , luckily there's plenty to enjoy..

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Peter Ford (Peter Frank Adshead) is one of the most recognizable names in current dancefloor techno and was one of the founders of the U.K. acid house scene. He's released records under a slew of pseudonyms, including Casino Classix, El Mal, Solcyc, Simprini Risin', and his most frequent, Baby Ford. His early work -- heavily influenced by the late-'80s acid house sound, as well as Chicago producers such as Marshall Jefferson, Ron Trent, Armando, and Larry Heard -- appeared primarily through the Rhythm King label, and included classic cuts such as "Oochy Koochy," "Children of the Revolution," and "Fetish." He's released four full-length albums to date, including the debut classic Fordtrax and 1997's Headphone Easyrider, one of his more listener-friendly albums. His recent work has appeared mostly through Trelik and Ifach -- two of the U.K.'s most highly regarded experimental techno labels, and both of which Ford has a hand in managing (Trelik together with Eon's Ian Loveday; Ifach with Mark Broom). He's also collaborated with Ian Loveday on a number of projects (including Minimal Man), both for Trelik and for William Orbit's Guerrilla label. .

Since 2003 it has gone rather quiet around Ford a handful of 12" but then in his corner most work is done outside the glare of publicity, and with the relentless progress of technology just keeping up is more then a fulldays task, let alone searching for novel ways to apply them. Oh and did i mention the competition it's not just his musicscene corner, but i've seen enough grown men succumb to the game virus, it's almost as bad as that sweet dietpoison aspertame.

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Ford's1996 album Headphoneasyrider pointed the way for the current wave of German minimal funksters such as Thomas Brinkmann and Moritz Von Oswald, Sacred Machine continues on this dark voyage. But what makes his music stand out from the current crop is the fact that his acid umbilical cord remains uncut. Within these land-mapping techno movements, you will still find traces of the rambunctious acid days, be it the shimmering 16th-note hi-hats on "Bad Friday" or the carnival-esqe acid bleeps that drift in and out of "Tea Party." The gapping space between the bubbling beats of "Word for Word" is eventually filled with the archetypical galactic siren speaking, "Time waits for no man." to remind you that even the most serious of techno exploration can still be uplifting spiritually if not chemically.

Baby Ford And The Ifach Collective – Sacred Machine (01 165mb)

01 Carpet 5:04
02 On The Floor 6:03
03 Tea Party 4:49
04 Late Check Out 6:03
05 Bad Friday 12:11
06 Word For Word 4:14
07 Grand Central 7:42
08 Sugarspoon 6:20
09 Ambo (Greenwich Dawn Mix) 7:43
10 24Hr 8:31
11 The Healing 6:14

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For Peter Ford's first official solo album since 1996's Headphoneasyrider (2001's Sacred Machine was credited to Baby Ford and the Ifach Collective), the once forgotten U.K. acid house star makes a slight return to his roots while staying well within the confines of the minimal underground sound he defined in relative obscurity in the ten years since Taking a look strictly at Ford's recent output, Basking in the Brakelights is a exuberant and disorderly affair. The moody dub sheen found on Headphone and Machine is replaced by a more spacious and hearty beat that attacks rather than demurs. All of these dozen tracks operate with the bubbling, popping samples of tracks from Perlon and similar microhouse labels. The cover art, representing the sunglass-wearing artist cast in red, blue, and yellow overtones, recalls the playful covers of his early works rather than the stark minimalism of later design. Ford has seemingly come full circle musically, allowing the music of his past to exist equally with the drive to discover new forms.

Baby Ford – Basking In The Brakelights (161mb)

01 Crease Release 6:10
02 Plaza 6:09
03 Exopolis 5:53
04 All Set 6:55
05 Built In 7:34
06 Cold Sweat 4:47
07 All That Nothing 7:00
08 NYC Slippers 5:50
09 Parallel Life 6:02
10 Glasshammer Time 3:45
11 Satelitte Stroll (City Streets Mix) 6:23
12 3AM Gargoyle Requiem 7:17

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Baby Ford - BFORD 9 (92, 79min ^ 179mb)

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