Jun 4, 2011

RhoDeo 1122 Beats

Hello, well meanwhile i've reverted to XP pro and after reinstalling the lot i can say things run much more smoothly, though for some reason my soundcard is still not working as it should, possibly my fault as the driver is newer as the rest. It's extraordinairy how slow set up of that old 2003 Creative soundcard works. Likely i will have to go thru the whole proces again, deleting the newer driver first..hmm i did like the EAX surround though.

Small problems i know, compared to all that fundamentalist idiocy that ruins the lives of countless others. And who's fault is that ? That idiot Achnaton that came up with the single deity-the sun, the Hebrews that took that idea on board as they fled the backlash ? For a thousand years after that there no real religious squabbles until the Christian zealots appeared on the scene about 350 AD, they killed and destroyed everyone/thing that didnt suit them...idiots that clearly didn't grasp anything what Christ said. This sad state is still at hand, a country like the US that calls itself Christian with Jesus this and that, has made exploiting and bullying others to it's core business inside and outside their country, really Satan would be proud of you all-if he existed-..

Clearly too many humans are still mentally in an animal state unable to overcome their primitive urges, in a modern world this causes a lot of trouble, and i'm not even counting the socio/psycho paths who thanks to that mindset and unhindered by their naive societies tend to find themselves at the top, scum as they are. We are here to learn and grow and we're not at the same level, we are not equal, recognising that fact should bring us further on the path to a better society. Those at the top these days are the result of the sociapath's edge and as a consequence we live in a violent world, where gangsters and banksters are admired for their audacity.

There are many these days waiting for the end of the world to solve their problems, really God will sort the mess we created and punish the wicked (naturally) Alas it's this kind of simplemindedness that causes so much problems in the first place.

Enough preaching for today onto the music at hand, Miss Kitten, who despite being a French and not too attractive girl passed all the obstacles and made a name for herself in the music scene.

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Miss Kittin (real name Caroline Hervé) is an electronica vocalist and DJ. She was born in Grenoble, France in 1973. Caroline studied both contemporary and graphic arts. As time progressed, however, she found herself developing an interest in musical genres ranging from classic, jazz, funk, and disco to english pop. Finally finding her sweet spot in electronic music in 1991, she raved all around the country before doing her first mix in april of 1993. .In pursuit of other opportunities, after she and The Hacker recorded "Frank Sinatra" for DJ Hell's label, Kittin left France in 1996 and relocated to Geneva, Switzerland where she would join the Mental Groove Record Posse. More and more dj gigs and some EP's with the hacker until they released their first album on gigolo. While touring with The Hacker in support of their debut album, Miss Kittin met Felix da Housecat at a Swiss festival. The next day, Kittin and Felix composed "Silver Screen Shower Scene" and "Madame Hollywood" in a small friend's studio in Geneva. She also cowrote and was featured on the songs "Voicemail" and "What Does It Feel Like?" from Felix da Housecat's album Kittenz and Thee Glitz The album received positive reviews from contemporary critics "Silver Screen Shower Scene" became one first electroclash songs to reach the UK Top 40, "Madame Hollywood" peaked at number nineteen on the Canadian Singles Chart.

In 2002, she released the techno music compilations On the Road and Radio Caroline Vol.1. Both albums received positive reviews for showcasing her talents "as a DJ rather than an electroclash diva,"who "finally tears down the facade, proving that she is much more than the champagne-toasting chanteuse that her sensual accent and fashionista lyrics have always suggested. Also in 2002 miss K moved to Berlin where she was requested to do an electroclash mix album for MUZIK magazine, august's 2002-bonus disc, thus not for sale but you can get it here.

On 24 May 2004, Miss Kittin released her debut solo album I Com through NovaMute in the United Kingdom, and through Astralwerks in the United States. She collaborated with The Hacker, Toby Neumann and Thies Mynther for the album. Miss Kittin had met Tobi Neumann and Thies Mynther aka "Glove" after working with them on the Chicks on Speed song "Shick Shaving" and after recording lyrics for Steve Bug The album received positive reviews from contemporary critics, it yielded three singles: "Professional Distortion," "Requiem for a Hit" and "Happy Violentine." The song "Professional Distortion" became Miss Kittin's first solo single to chart on the French Singles Chart.

In 2004, Miss Kittin created her own label Nobody's Bizzness, to keep maximum freedom. The label would eventually release her albums BatBox and Two after her departure from NovaMute She released Live at Sónar in 2006, recorded at the famous electronic music festival Sónar in Barcelona. For Sónar, Miss Kittin provided impromptu new vocals to her classic catalogue. During the festival, she was assisted by Aphex Twin, Modeselektor, Boom Bip, and The Hacker. Miss Kittin also released the double-disc CD A Bugged Out Mix in 2006 through Resist Music and System Recordings.

After two years in the making and almost four years since her debut album I Com, Miss Kittin released her second album, BatBox on 4 February 2008, through her label Nobody's Bizzness. BatBox's thirteen original songs were composed whilst touring throughout the world. Miss Kittin described the tracks as a flirtation with Goth culture. Later that year, Miss Kittin & The Hacker reunited as a duo, and toured throughout America and around the world, before they both started recording new songs, some of which were performed whilst touring. Two, their second album together, was released in March 2009. The album was released 8 years after their first and only full LP as a duo.

On 10 January 2011, Miss Kittin released the single "All You Need" on Mobilee Records. On 28 March, Miss Kittin released a free download of her song "Silver Lake" through SoundCloud to promote Soul Aid, a program to raise money for Civic Force, an emergency relief organization currently operating in Kesennuma after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

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A milestone in Mix-CDs, 'Radio Caroline' shows Kittin's incredible technic skills and ability to dare and risk in the mix. A real idm-electronica-minimal and deep techno connoisseur selection filled with rare finds and undercover treasures, each track perfectly and cleverly brought into the mix with the spontane effect that only direct-to-decks, hand-made mixes can provide. 'Radio Caroline' is so refreshingly made (Kittin's spoken word between the tracks flaws just perfectly) and the tracks selection so beautiful, emotional and qualitative that this, as a listening experience, can be without doubt considered as a real album, Miss Kittin's very best imho.

Radio Caroline vol. 1 (02 182mb)

01. Underground Sound Of Lisbon - So Get Up (Acapella) (2:07)
02. Delarosa & Asora - Paz Suite 4 (4:05)
03. Alexander Polzin - Lighter (3:37)
04. Jake Fairley - CN Tower (2:09)
05. Alexander Robotnick - Dance Boy Dance (4:43)
06. Jesper Dahlbäck - Nyckelpiga (Rytmer) (1:25)
07. Autechre - Flutter (5:39)
08. Panasonic - Hapatus (1:38)
09. Blaze - Lovelee Dae (Isolée Mix) (3:07)
10. Redagain P & Smash J - Propella Man (4:07)
11. Conrad Black - Greyscale For Slow Building (5:57)
12. Marshall Jefferson vs. Noosa Heads - Mushrooms (Salt City Orchestra Out There Mix) (6:00)
13. Repeat - Studio 6.1.22 (2:53)
14. Garden - Tab Pill Bonus (1:15)
15. Der Zyklus - Mathematische Modelle (2:55)
16. Andreas Fragel - Rappel (3:32)
17. Roger van Lunteren - Rainy Autumn Sunrise (3:19)
18. Maus & Stolle - Adore (5:08)
19. Walking Endustries - Makkee (4:31)
20. Kinesthesia - Flicklife (µ-Ziq Mix) (7:03)

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I.com is an album by Miss Kittin released in 2004 on label NovaMute. It was Miss Kittin's first solo release, having previously released albums in collaboration with The Hacker and Golden Boy. As in her previous works, electro funk and electroclash continue to be the primary genres. Most of the tracks on the album were produced by Miss Kittin with either Thies Mynther and Tobi Neumann (producers of Chicks On Speed). House music vocalist L.A. Williams raps on track "Requiem for a Hit", the album's second single.

Miss Kittin – I Com (367mb)

01 Professional Distortion 3:43
02 Requiem For A Hit 5:12
03 Happy Violentine 6:19
04 Meet Sue Be She 4:04
05 Kiss Factory 4:38
06 Allergic 5:26
07 Soundtrack Of Now 4:44
08 Dub About Me 7:10
09 Clone Me 4:07
10 3eme Sexe 5:00
11 I Come.com 5:57
12 Neukölln 2 3:06

Miss Kittin – I Com (139mb)

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After spending nearly a decade predictably doing their own thing, Miss Kittin has reunited with the Hacker (a.k.a. electroclash DJ/producer Michel Amato) for Two, the follow-up to their First Album. The earlier album featured tight, claustrophobically self-involved beats and a knowingly chintzy pall. With Two, Amato opens up the sound about as far as it can go while still paying homage to early-'80s no wave. The result is that Miss Kittin's occasionally indifferent interjections and droning croons sound a lot less like parody and a lot more like a woman contented in her superficial surroundings. Social critique aside, Miss Kittin floats on the clouds of "1000 Dreams," firm in her belief that indulging in myriad rewardless sensations will ultimately prove its own reward: "Another chance, take a break, face to face, big escape, rewind and sublime, 1000 dreams to reach the one." Even the titular acronym of the otherwise dubbiest and most remote groove, "PPPO," espouses the Powerful Pleasure of People Objects—not necessarily in that order.

Miss Kittin And The Hacker – Two (flac  369mb)

01 The Womb 5:45
02 1000 Dreams 5:26
03 Pppo 6:29
04 Party In My Head 6:38
05 Indulgence 4:08
06 Emotional Interlude 5:31
07 Suspicious Minds 5:58
08 Electronic City 4:46
09 Inutile Etérnité 5:27
10 Ray Ban 4:36
11 1000 Dreams (Reprise) 3:02

Miss Kittin And The Hacker – Two (119mb)

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