Jan 26, 2011

RhoDeo 1104 Aetix

Hello, as promised last week , some more psychobilly today..a highpowered aand subsequently colourful lifestyle-without the big bucks or press mosquitos..as such it is powered by the internal drive, with highly infective results....


Demented Are Go got their start in Penarth, South Wales, near Cardiff. Initially, the band was disorganised, with Mark Phillips or "Sparky" playing drums, Ant Thomas singing, a bass player with his hair dyed red, and a "rock icon" with a gold-top Les Paul guitar and leather keks on rhythm guitar. Dick, a veteran of the punk/pub rock circuits, joined the band in early 1983, reshuffled the line up . After six weeks of rehearsals, the band's first gig was third on the bill to a line-up of Crass-type anarchist bands at the Sea Lion in Penarth and was met with good reception. Several years of playing everywhere. They recorded two songs for their first release on a 1984 compilation, Hell's Bent On Rockin' from Nervous Records, a well known record label in the psychobilly scene. They released their first album, In Sickness & In Health, on ID Records, which was recorded in less than 24 hours with 90% first takes, with Ray Thompson on bass. The core members at this time remained Mark, Ant and Dick.

The band moved to London in 1986 in an attempt to be closer to regular work. Dick left in 1987 after continuing frustration with the direction the band was taking. Undeterred,the then new double bass player and song writer graeme grant, recruited lex"luther to replace Dick. This was followed with their second full-length Kicked Out of Hell album that reached high positions in the indie charts both here and abroad in 1988. The band began extensively touring Europe and gained both a psychobilly and punk rock following. At this point, the lead singer, Sparky, became addicted to Psychoactive drugs(LSD) and alcohol. At this point Graeme and Lex both left the band at the end of 89, Lex rejoined the band only after a short break."Billy Munster" was to replace graeme on double bass.

In 1990, the band went back to the studio, though without any songs. They were able to write and record an EP for Link Records, The Day the Earth Spat Blood, within the span of three days. The band went on another European tour in 1991, writing and recording their next full-length for [Fury Records], Orgasmic Nightmare. In 1992 The band would tour almost constantly for the next two years. A second album for Fury Records, Tangenital Madness On A Pleasant Side Of Hell, was recorded in 1993, followed by two tours in Japan. The band was infamous for Sparky showing up to Japanese performances naked and doing strange things with a rubber fish...!

During a tour in Germany in spring 1995, the band broke up due to Sparky's deteriorating mental state. However, in 1996, Demented are Go reformed to release the EP'I Wanna See You Bleed! for Hell Razor Records. The band then toured the west coast of the United States U.S. in 1997. They would again be known more for their wild stage show, which included on-stage sex with vacuum cleaner".The band released the full-length Hellucifernation for Crazy Love Records in 1999. A tour went sour after Sparky ended up on jail, having pinched a minor and unable to cough up bail.

After a month in jail and a $100 fine, Sparky returned to England where the Demented Are Go line-up underwent numerous changes. They played two U.S. tours and recorded a live album, Live at the Galaxy, for Crazy Love Records as well as many European festival appearances. However, in the summer of 2003, Sparky was arrested numerous times on the road, resulting in more line-up changes. At the beginning of the 2006 U.S. tour, Sparky was detained by U.S. immigration authorities due to his criminal history, and he was sent back to England. The U.S. tour was cancelled but Demented Are Go still played shows in Europe.

Demented Are Go - In Sickness & In Health (86 ^ 101mb)

01. Be Bop A Lula (2:05)
02. Pervy In The Park (2:24)
03. (I Was Born A) Busted Hymen (3:08)
04. Holy Hack Jack (2:13)
05. Frenzied Beat (2:07)
06. Pickled And Preserved (2:03)
07. Crazy Horses (1:50)
08. Transvestite Blues (3:26)
09. Rubber Buccaneer (2:46)
10. Vibrate (1:51)
11. Rubber Love (2:47)
12. Nuke Mutants (2:54)
13. PVC Chair (1:58)
14. Don't Go In The Woods (3:45)
15. One Sharp Knife (bonus) (3:30)
16. Rubber Rock (bonus) (3:11)

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The King lives in more energetic ways than are displayed by crooners dressing up in his flashy Vegas outfits, here are some more trashy and vibrant psychobilly 'inter-pretentions'...now boys can we have a Abbabilly album please.....

God Save The King, A Psychobilly Tribute To Elvis (82mb)

01. Blue Moon of Kentucky - Nigel Lewis with The Tombstone Brawlers (2:39)
02. (You're The) Devil In Disguise - Spellbound (2:56)
03. (Now And Then) There's A Fool Such As I - Batmobile (2:33)
04. Milk Cow Blues - Lucky Devils (2:28)
05. Bossa Nova Baby - Cosmic Voodoo (1:50)
06. King Creole - Memphis Morticians (2:14)
07. Long Black Limousine - King Sleaze with Batmobile (3:05)
08. CC Rider - Guitar Slingers (2:34)
09. That's Alright Mama - Monster Klub (2:24)
10. Viva Las Vegas - Spinballs (3:32)
11. Little Sister (Live) - Asmodeus (3:59)
12. Crawfish - Ripmen (2:10)
13. Happy Endings - Thee Flanders (1:39)

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