Jan 18, 2011

RhoDeo 1103 Roots

Hello, more music from the most exploited., however poor or hungry sharing rhythms is universal (even beyond this realm). On the basis of it all is percussion, today some more excellent drumming from Africa (even included a map)..hope you'll take up the offer and enjoy..

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This set of drumming and percussive instrumentals is surprisingly compelling; It's easy to become transfixed as the waves of rhythm overtake and carries one along. Five different groups perform on this well-paced collection: The El Hadj Ensemble specializes in Ghanaian and Senegalese drumming; Ipelegeng, Matodzi and the Soweto Ensemble represent South Africa and a group called African Works adds a "bush" beat to many tracks. Sometimes these groups perform collaboratively, and the cumulative effect is quite nice. After decades of brisk, somewhat jarring drumming albums, it's nice to hear the recording methods and the presentation softening up a bit, so that the melodic and textural depths come out more clearly... they not only focus on drumming, but do so to the point of exclusion of all vocals and other non-percussion instruments (marimbas are occasionally used, but sparingly). The works are completely stripped down from any full musical context and only the beat itself is left. On rare occasions, a small flute takes the place of the vocal lines, but in general it's left to the drums alone. This works well to highlight the complexity of a number of styles, if the pieces chosen generally have more complexity to them. For those who enjoy rarities, incidentally, it does include a couple of interesting works on a Zulu friction drum and a seldom-heard Venda drum. In the end there's no pop fusion going on here; the drumming is fairly pure, but it's also kind of laid back and pleasant to space out on, with plenty of stylistic variety.

The Pulse Of Africa (152mb)

01 El Hadj Ensemble - Wo Mawu (Anlo-Ewe, Togo & Ghana) 3;30
02 Ipelegeng Group, African Works - Ngungu (Zuzuland) 2;59
03 El Hadj Ensemble - Eboka (Bolamba Pygmies, Congo) 3;01
04 El Hadj Ensemble - Basoga Lusoga (Uganda) 4;00
05 El Hadj Ensemble - Mala (Senegal, Mali, Guinea, The Gambia) 2;33
06 El Hadj Ensemble - Soului (Accra, Ghana) 3;24
07 African Works - Gboko Lia Yayri Kpamo (Central African Republic) 3;04
08 Soweto Ensemble - Nxai (Kalahari Busman, Botswana) 3;24
09 Ipelegeng Group - Unwabu (Swaziland Xhosa, Zulu) 3;48
10 Soweto Ensemble - Baba (Nguni Xhosa, South Africa) 5;00
11 African Works - Zima Gaza Koo (Central African Republic) 3;42
12 El Hadj Ensemble - Kekebu (Shangaan - Mozambique & South Africa) 2;58
13 Tirani Club - Domba (Venda, Northern South Africa) 5;38
14 El Hadj Ensemble - Yolo Male (Central African Republic) 3;27
15 Mabo (Cameroon, Congo, & Central African Republic) 2;57
16 El Hadj Ensemble - Eshe Eyele (Nigeria, Benin, Togo) 3;23
17 African Works - Zanga (Central African Republic) 2;38
18 Soweto Ensemble - Ibhungane (Zulu South Africa) 3;42

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