Oct 4, 2008

Rhotation (49) Into BPM

Hello, as noted in my previous post, all links are up again...had i know how many i had to revive i might not have started, but a half dead blog is no fun, i hope my main providers, Sharebee, Megaupload and zShare stay in business...That said, i was pointed to the fact that another provider ive used..Uploaded To isnt that available across the world, as a consequence i've decided to re-up those links, though still live, the coming days..as im still in the mood..

To the music for today plenty of rhytmic breakbeat electronic beats to go around...Kevin Yost was into the beats from a young age and with parents into Jazz he sort of naturally came to fuse the best of two worlds....Adam Freeland 's name has become synonymous breakbeat based electronic...Troubleman is a moniker that comes around, the man behind it has many moniker..not sure why he chose this one for this projekt..it's anything but trouble but fot the people that like to pigeonhole and label him, animpossible task as Mark Pritchard has released a great and diverse body of work the past 15 years, some of which have been posted in past Rhotations...The First Phase finds it's inspiration in remixing the latin grooves of Azymuth and subsequently his wish to record with real musicians..the result..outstanding

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Kevin Yost - Hypnotic Progressions (02 ^ 396mb)

Kevin Yost was a musical child, who at a very early age demonstrated a keen sense of rhythm. This quickly grew into a love of playing drums and soon after keys. Listening to his father's Chuck Mangione records, his love of music continued to grow throughout his youth. Yet his small rural farm town in Waynesboro, PA USA had no outlets to develop a child?s skill thus he turned to self-instruction over formal education. The spark of jazz music was lit inside Kevin at this young age; however growing up in the early 80's, he soon gathered an affinity for the burgeoning electronic music scene. At age eleven Kevin started DJing with a cheap set of turntables and a mixer he got for Christmas. His skills quickly refined as he met an older friend who introduced him to beat mixing. He began to play school dances and other partie. He saved money from his gigs and slowly put together a home studio. By the time he was fourteen years old he purchased a drum machine, a keyboard, and sequencer.

Propelled by this new ability to create, at the age of seventeen Kevin decided to attend Berkley College of Music. He later went on to Shenandoah Conservatory. His main areas of study were music composition and percussion. As a result of this formal training, his early childhood bonds with jazz were reaffirmed, but his love of DJing and electronic music still remained. By the time he left school he had all the tools needed to work in many different genres. His first concept was to combine all of his interests and create a jazz/electronic fusion that could be played by a DJ. At age 23 he took this on as his initial solo project and in 1995 eager to let others hear his first creations he sent out demo tapes to various independent labels. A contract with Chicago's Guidance label brought his first release, a 1996 EP titled Unprotected Sax. One year later, Yost signed a contract to begin working with the New Jersey acid-jazz-house label i! Records, and in 1998, the single "One Starry Night" became a big mover in progressive house circles. Yost released the mix album Small Town Underground through Twisted/MCA in 1999, with contributions from like-minds Euphonic and Fredrik Stark among others. Later that year, the album One Starry Night collected a few classic productions with newer material. Unlike anything ever done before it's percussive jazz electronic fusion was met with open arms as it went on to sell over 50,000 units worldwide. Road Less Traveled followed in 2001 2002 he released Hypnotic Progressions where contrasting deep bass notes and intricate percussion with an excellent sense for atmospheric melodies.

This caught the ear of many major labels, which enlisted Kevin to work with artists such as Eric Clapton, Everything but the Girl, the Kodo Drummers, and Cirque de Soleil. Over the past years Kevin has released over 70 vinyl records and a mixture of CDs. His success has flourished both as a producer and a DJ, traveling to many different countries and playing some of the world's most respected venues and festivals.

01 - Methods Of Melody ( 5 :10)) - Pt 7
02 - Sticky Situation (4:59) - Pt 8
03 - Touch (5:34) - Pt 9
04 - Reinvention (6:07) - Pt 4
05 - Illuminations (5:28) - Pt 6
06 - Motion (5:29) - Pt 5
07 - The Follow Up (4:34) - Prt 3
08 - The Birth (5:53) - Pt 1
09 - Transmission (6:25) - Pt 2
10 - Insight (5:11) - Pt 11
11 - Simple Ways (6:17) - Pt 10

diet version
Kevin Yost - Hypnotic Progressions (02 * 99mb)

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Freeland - Now and Them (03 ^ 305mb)

Adam Freeland, born "Hertfordshire, 1973 is a DJ and producer that's becomes synonymous with breakbeat based electronic music. Like his record label, Marine Parade, he is a resident of Brighton. As a producer, he formed half of Tsunami One with Kevin Beber, and released a solo album as Freeland; as a DJ he operates solo under his own full name.

"When I was a kid, I was a hi-fi geek. I was really into hi-fi and sound quality. From the age of 12 I had a paper round and worked for £7.50 a week so every 6 months I could go down Tottenham Court Road and buy a nice bit of separate hi-fi equipment. I played the guitar, like wanna-be-Hendrix-stylee Fender Strat, just in my bedroom. I didn't have lessons or play in a band. Music was always a passion for me, but I never considered it as a career path... When I went to college in London I became a mad clubber, go every night, went to the early Universe and Tribal Gathering raves, listening to Sasha and Grooverider, who was then playing house music."

Freeland got into DJing when he moved to London at 18, to study design . His flatmate had decks, which was in '92, and they'd play jungle - it was slower then though. He started collecting records around the same time, always mixing electro and hip house into his sets, and then he started getting into american stuff like Bassbin Twins and Uberzone ... Breakbeat took off and so did the avid traveller Freeland, meanwhile he's toured the US 45 times now.

In 1996, Adam Freeland's Coastal Breaks album heralded the beginning of something new - nu skool breaks. By 1997 Adam had earned the respect of fellow DJs Sasha, Carl Cox and the Chemical Brothers. In '98 he moved to Brighton and started Marine Parade from his flat without much planning, just putting out tunes... His DJing has always paid to put out music on the label. Never been much good at balancing the books, he spend loads of money on artwork and give the artists very generous deals. Hardly surprising then he's made hardly any money from Marine Parade, but sunk lots into it.

Since then Adam has released the Tectonics and On Tour mix albums, as well as a FabricLive mix, and groundbreaking Back To Mine. Freeland's debut artist album Now and Them, released in 2003, relied on influences from punk, hip hop, electro, dub, reggae and rock. It featured the hit record 'We Want Your Soul', with his remix of Sarah Vaughan's 'Fever' nominated for a Grammy and his personally requested mix of The Doors 'Hello, I Love You' receiving critical acclaim. He has just completed the latest in the Global Underground Series, which sees his style broaden further to span Drone rock, minimal, Electro punk , but all with a break beat backbone. Freeland describes the album's sound as 'E-drone'. Freeland's track Big Wednesday was used in the sound track of The Animatrix.

01 - We Want Your Soul (Voc.Damian Taylor , Georgia G , Victoria Titanium) (5:07)
02 - Mind Killer (Voc.Cage, Justin Griffiths) (3:28)
03 - Burn The Clock (5:52)
04 - Big Wednesday (5:33)
05 - Heel 'n' Toe (Voc.Juice Aleem, Toastie Edwards) (4:33)
06 - Physical World (1:17)
07 - Supernatural Thing (5:11)
08 - Reality 3D (4:59)
09 - L.I.F.E. ((Voc.Martin Fishley) 6:19)
10 - Nowism (Voc.Martin Fishley) (4:56)

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Troubleman - The First Phase (04 ^ 459mb)

Marks recorded under so many monikers that keeping a track on his productions is difficult unless youre a die-hard Pritchard fan. In 1991 Mark formed seminal techno label Evolution, on which he released a series of sought-after Detroit-influenced techno singles, reflecting his early love of the Motor City sound. The album 'A Collection of Short Storiesis released on the Creation label in 1993, after several releases on Evolution under the Reload alias. Warp released a compilation of the tracks Mark did for Evolution entitled 'The Theory of Evolution'. In the company of Tom Middleton, Mark forms the now-legendary ambient-house outfit Global Communication and releases two albums in 1994 - ‘Pentamorous Metamorphosis' (a remix album of UK indie band Chapterhouses album), followed by76:14 , Globals debut album.

In 1996 Mark and Tom take a new direction and a new name, and release the 'New School Science' album as the Jedi Knights: we decided to bring back the funk into dance music" says Mark. Welding electro into 4/4 house and breaks it was loved by DJs across both genres and initiated an electro breaks revival that continues today. In 1998 he produced the debut album from Kirsty Hawkshaw (formerly of rave act Opus 3), for East West records. Between 1999-2000 Mark collaborated on a project with ex-Kula Shaker frontman Crispian Mills.

Mark began the Troubleman project for Far Out in 2000 following some successful remixes he did of Azymuths tracks - as Global Communication with Tom Middleton for the track ‘Jazz Carnival (1995), and then later solo remixes of ‘Carambola (1999), and ‘Pieces Of Ipanema (2000). All three are among Far Outs biggest-selling 12"s. His first 12" as Troubleman (‘Messenger/The Essence) was released in 2000, followed in 2001 with ‘Where We Stand/Lullaby, and then the massive underground hit, ‘Strike Hard that firmly established the Troubleman name. 2003 saw the release of the even bigger follow-up ‘Change Is What We Need. One year later the Troubleman debut album The First Phase hits the shelves. This is not a club album, its all 4/5 minute songs with live musicians on all the tracks, its a journey. Its Marks ability to weld his unique music tastes together that makes him one of the most interesting and innovative producers of the moment.

01 - The First Phase (4:13)
02 - The Switch (7:32)
03 - The Messenger (Edit) (6:01)
04 - Lullaby (9:35)
05 - Intergalactic You, Intergalactic Me (4:14)
06 - Stereo (Mark Pritchard Remix) - Stereo People (8:01)
07 - Pieces Of Ipanema (Mark Pritchard Remix) - Azymuth (8:19)
08 - Where We Stand (7:48)
09 - The Otherness (7:33)
10 - Carambola (Mark Pritchard Remix) - Azymuth (9:52)

diet version
Troubleman - The First Phase (05 * 99mb)

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All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !


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