Oct 27, 2008

Canadia (11)

Hello, after last weeks crash onto a lifeless earth season two sees the crew of canadia in a depressive state but.....

In the year 2056 the US has declared war on the Ipampilashians and has sent the American armada to destroy their planet. Canada has sent its only ship, The Canadia, in support of the American mission but the Canadia is not a warship. It's a maintenance ship (they change light bulbs and plunge toilets). Max Anderson is the first American ever to be stationed on the Canadia. He was put there by the American admiral (his mother) to toughen him up but keep him out of any real danger. The only thing that Max and the crew of the Canadia agree on is that no one wants him there.

Season 2 Canadia: 2056 - Episode 11

Six months after their fateful return to Earth, the Canadian maintenance ship Canadia and her crew lay in ruins. The captain has deserted his post, Anderson and the Robot have gone off seeking answers, Faverau tries to hold on to the past and Lewis is left to try to put it all back together. They have all but given up hope that the human race can survive. Until a sign from above reaffirms their belief in the human spirit... kind of.

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Canadia 2056 11 (20mb)

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