Apr 6, 2008

Sundaze (26)

Hello Sundazers, its been a busy day, time for some introspective Future Sound Of London , Lifeforms really established them. Not as fluffy as the Orb, definetly stranger, weirder more complex , bubbling primevil soup meets astral thoughtform, Lifeforms indeed....Funki Porcini took his name from Funghi Porcini one of God's great gifts to Humanity, a mushroom delicate enough to flavor a sauce, yet vigorous enough to stand up to a grilled steak..makes sense that Funki spent a lot of time in Italy-10 years in fact, before returning to the UK and record and release Hed Phone Sex.......Remember in the comments you'll find the Sundaze Rhotation overview.

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The Future Sound Of London - Lifeforms (94, 92min ^ 197mb)

FSOL was formed in Manchester, England, in the mid 1980s. Dougans had already been making electronic music for some time when they first began working in various local clubs. In 1988, Dougans embarked on a project for the Stakker graphics company. The result was Stakker Humanoid. Cobain contributed to the accompanying album. In the following three years the pair produced music under a variety of aliases. Stakker Humanoid re-entered the UK chart in 1992, followed by the breakthrough ambient dub track "Papua New Guinea" featuring a looping Lisa Gerrard vocal sample, which was their first official release. Virgin Records looking for electronic bands and quickly signed them. With their newfound contract they immediately began to experiment, resulting in the Tales of Ephidrina album, released in 93 under the Amorphous Androgynous moniker. Thus preceding FSOL 's first album release Lifeforms (94)

Lifeforms followed in 1994 to critical acclaim. The new work featured unconventional use of percussion interspersed with truly ambient segments. The eponymous single from the album featured Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins on vocals. The album was a top 10 hit on the UK album chart. 1994 also saw the release of ISDN, which was as close to a live album as most electronic acts get - it featured live broadcasts FSOL had made over ISDN lines to various radio stations worldwide and to The Kitchen, an avant-garde performance space in New York. Its tone was darker and more rhythmic than Lifeforms.
In 1996, FSOL released Dead Cities. The new material was a curious mix of ambient textures and hard, gritty dance music. This album also featured a collaboration with the composer Max Richter. However, critics suggested that the duo's musical output seemed to dry up following this release, save for a few 12" singles and remixes.

After a long hiatus, and rumors of mental illness, Cobain and Dougans returned in 2002 with The Isness, a record heavily influenced by 1960s and 1970s psychedelia and released under their alias Amorphous Androgynous. It was preceded by Papua New Guinea Translations, a mini album which contained a mixture of remixes of FSOL's seminal track as well as new material from The Isness sessions. Three years on, Dougans and Cobain followed the album with a continuation of the Amorphous Androgynous project, Alice in Ultraland. Rumoured to be accompanied by a film of the same title, the album took The Isness' psychedelic experimentation and toned it down, giving the album a singular theme and sound, and replacing the more bizarre moments with funk and ambient interludes. The album was ignored by the press, but more favourable among fans than its predecessor. Unlike The Isness, which featured almost a hundred musicians over the course of it and the various alternative versions and remix albums, Alice in Ultraland featured a fairly solid band lineup throughout. In 2006 FSOL released a best of album, Teachings From The Electronic Brain, then a year later they released 4 Archives albums.

Future Sound Of London - Lifeforms (94 ^ 234mb)

01 Lifeforms (path 1) 4:44
02 Lifeforms (path 2) 6:37
03 Lifeforms (path 3) 5:22
04 Lifeforms (path 4) 9:15
05 Lifeforms (path 5) 5:19
06 Lifeforms (path 6) 3:31
07 Lifeforms (path 7) 4:05

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Funki Porcini - Hed Phone Sex ( 95 ^386mb)

Funki Porcini is musician and DJ, James Braddell, he left England at 19 to escape from a squat in Kings Cross being savaged by violent Scots stranded in London after a football game. Arriving in Los Angeles with three hundred dollars that disappeared in a week on cocktails and hamburgers he was forced into menial labour, stacking shelves in a Westwood department store before earning enough money to hitch-hike to San Francisco. Here he bought a saxophone and moved into the Residents old apartment where Snakefinger was still living. San Fran was alive with a post punk arty fart scene of radical experimentation and Porcini started his weird shit days of music. Although there were some true luminaries on the scene such as Mark Pauline and his Survival Research Laboratories, Monte Cazzaza, Factrix and a host of underground bands, nothing of what Porcini did in this period was, or ever shall be released, owing to the fact that on the whole it was ghastly to listen to.

Leaving San Francisco for New York with new found Australian friends SPK he eventually came back to England and hated it. After a brief trial of Berlin he settled in Italy and remained there for 10 years making music for film and television before getting back to music for music's sake. After establishing connections with Ninja Tune from Italy Porcini eventually came back to the mother ship and immersed himself in his studio 'The Uterus Goldmine' to produce the first album 'Hed Phone Sex,' a heady record openly made more for the pillows than for the dance floor. This was followed by Love Pussycats and Carwrecks, Let’s See What Carmen Can Do, The Ultimately Empty Million Pounds and his latest work Fast Asleep, where Porcini together with Team Alcohol aka Rupert Small have produced stunning visual interpretations of the music which is released on DVD sold in conjunction with the CD.

Funki Porcini is artist and DJ James Braddell, whose swirling mixtures of downtempo breaks, smooth ambiance, and disjointed drum'n'bass helped put the Coldcut-owned, South London-based Ninja Tune label on the map. The first single from his 1995 Ninja debut, Hed Phone Sex, "Long Road" (with a B-side, "Poseathon," littered with Bongwater samples) was featured on a number of compilations cashing in on the fashionability of "trip-hop," but Porcini's brand of laidback, atmospheric breakbeat is less gimmicky than that connection suggests. His follow-up to Hed Phone Sex, Love, Pussycats, and Carwrecks, is filled with jittery, jazz-laden drum'n'bass with a good dose of usually quite twisted humor. Braddell played North America with the Coldcut conglomerate DJ Food as part of the 1996 Unexploded Bomb tour, and has grown increasingly in-demand as a remixer, disorganizing tracks by everyone from Journeyman to the Mike Flowers Pops. His third album in total, Ultimately Empty Million Pounds, launched in 1999 and was soon followed by an EP, Zombie. Fans waited several years for more material from Braddell, though Fast Asleep finally appeared (after a lengthy delay) in late 2002.

01 - A Word Of Vice (0:45)
02 - B Monkey (7:21)
03 - Dubble (6:36)
04 - King Ashabanapal Pt1 (7:25)
05 - The Deep (9:01)
06 - King Ashabanapal Pt2 (4:33)
07 - Michael's Little Friend (0:32)
08 - White Slave (2:45)
09 - Poseathon (5:39)
10 - Wicked, Cruel Nasty And Bad (5:16)
11 - Pork Albumen (2:31)
12 - The Softest Thing In The World (Motorway Accident) (6:09)
13 - Something Wonderfull (7:21)
14 - Tiny Kangaroo Dolphin (From Hell) (1:14)
15 - Long Road (8:03)

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All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !


Rho said...

Hello, here's the overview from what came by on Sundaze, the number between the brackets corresponds to the Rhotation.

(01) Bola - Soup 98
(01) VA - High Priests Of Electronic Dub
(02) FSOL - Lifeforms EP
(02) Rothko - Forty Years To Find A Voice
(03) Global Communcation - 76:14
(03) Reload - A Collection Of Short Stories
(03) VA - The Theory Of Evolution
(04) Koss - Ring
(04) VA - X Rated -The Electronic Files 1 & 2
(05) The Cosmic Jokers - Id
(05) T McKenna n Space C - Alien Dreamtime
(06) Multiplex - Mixt
(06) Pulseprogramming - Tulsa for one sec
(07) Steve Roach- Artifacts
(07) Skyphone - Fabula
(08) Fripp & Eno - Evening Star
(08) Tied & Tickled Trio - Observing Systems
(09) Nonplace Urban Field - Golden Star
(09) Drome - Dromed
(10) Plastikman - Consumed
(10) Videonoise - Fragmentairy
(11) Andrew Poppy - The Beating Of Wings
(11) Andrew Poppy - Alphabed
(11) Chris O' Riley - True Love Waits
(12) Cluster - Cluster 71
(12) Cluster - II
(12) Cluster - Sowiesoso
(13) Harmonia - Musik Von Harmonia
(13) Harmonia - Deluxe
(13) Eno-Moebius-Roedelius - After The Heat
(14) Cluster - Zuckerzeit
(14) Harmonia and Eno - Tracks and Traces
(14) Cluster and Eno
(15) Roedelius - Selbstportrait I
(15) Roedelius - Jardin Au Fou
(15) Moebius & Beerbohm - Double Cut
(16) Neu! - Neu!
(16) Cluster - Grosses Wasser
(16) Cluster - Curiosum
(17) Tuxedomoon - Half-Mute / Scream
(17) Tuxedomoon - Desire 1
(17) Tuxedomoon - Suite n S-S + T T L+ S S
(18) B.L. Reininger - Colorado Suite/Paris En
(18) Steven Brown - Music For Solo Piano
(18) Winston Tong - Theoretically Chinese
(18) Peter Principle - Tone Poems
(19) Hemi-Sync - Breakthrough for peak-perf
(19) Brain Sync - Power Training Zone Vol2
(19) Carla Rueckert - Wanderers Handbook
(20) Tuxedomoon - Holy wars
(20) Tuxedomoon - You
(20) Tuxedomoon - Ten years in one night
(21) Kitaro - Astral Voyage
(21) Kitaro - Kojiki
(21) Kitaro - Cirque Ingenieux
(22) Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient II 2cd
(23) Polygon Window - Surfing Sine Waves
(23) Fennesz - Field Recordings 1995:2002
(23) Architect - I Went Out Shopping To Get
(24) Brain Sync - Retrieve Your Destiny
(24) Hemi-Sync - The Visitation
(25) Micus, Stephan - Koan
(25) Craig Leon - Nommos
(25) Byrne, David - The Catherine Wheel

best of luck,


Inertia from Oz said...

Hi Rho.

Inertia from Oz here.

Would love to get The Future Sound of London- Lifeforms (& Lifeforms II) in lossless if possible please.


Roger Murphy said...

Hi Rho

Thank you for re-upping the Future Sound of Londons - Lifeforms.

For me this was the most psycho-active ambient album to emerge from the 90's (I went out and bought the Vinyl back in 1992).
I still have the video (VHS) as well.
Even today it is still ahead of its time, and utterly sublime.

Thank you
Roger P Murphy

Anonymous said...

Hi Rho - looks like the FSOL Lifeforms re-up is the maxi single only. Thanks for this anyway (as I hadn't heard it!) but have you got the full album by any chance please? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I second that, link leads to FSOL single.
Please, if you find time for it, replace.

Rho said...

Hello, i'm afraid you both are confused here Anons, Life forms is a 39 min long mini album sold for a single price. It's one of the highlights of their career and i didn't post the album, who knows it will come up one day.

Rho said...

Hello meanwhile i noticed my mistake here posting the tracklist of the Lifeforms album. Mistake has been corrected, sorry..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking your time replying to anons :)
Agreed, it's the best FSOL ever made. Includes the album as well.
1994 was a fantastic year for this style of music (ambient-dub..whatsoever). Crowd wasn't ready yet do dig deep into it. Unfortunately this spirit vanished soon after that year.
Love your blogg!

jimmy said...

Hello Rho

Please can you repost Funki Porcini 'Hed Phone Sex'