Feb 5, 2008

Around the World (17)

Hello , Around the World finds it self in Jamaica where from todays artist stems, an outspoken Jamaican so called dub poet, who's sharp comments led to his tragic death at a political really a year after recording his one and only album, produced by that other dub poet, Linton Kwesi Johnson. Smith was allegedly stoned to death by political opponents associated with the right-wing Jamaica Labour Party after heckling the Jamaican Minister of Culture at a political rally on August 17, 1983. The English-speaking Caribbean lost an original poetic voice with a strong social conscience that day.

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Michael Smith - Mi Cyaan Believe It (82 Now in Flac 202mb)

Michael "Mikey" Smith (born 1954) was a Jamaican dub poet. Along with Linton Kwesi Johnson, and Mutabaruka, he was one of the most well-known dub poets. Smith was educated at Kingston College and the St George's College Extension School. He also studied at the Jamaican School of Drama with Jean 'Binta' Breeze and Oku Onuora. Linton Kwesi Johnson released some of Smith’s work on his LKJ label. "Mi Cyaan Believe It" is most remembered for Smith’s heartfelt phrase "Laaawwwd - mi cyaan believe it - mi seh - mi cyaan believe it". In 1982, Smith released his debut album, produced by Linton Kwesi Johnson, and performed extensively in Europe supporting such acts as Gregory Isaacs, he also recorded a session for John Peel which was broadcast by the BBC on 4th May 1982.

He continued to work as a social worker representing prisoners in Gun Court. His outspoken commentary on the “isms and schisms of ‘politricks”’ in Jamaica led to his life being cut short. Michael Smith was stoned to death following a clash at a political rally, which sadly occurred on Marcus Garvey's birthday.

01 - Black 'n' White (0:29)
02 - Mi Feel It (2:54)
03 - Mi Cyaan Believe It (3:04)
04 - Long Time (3:32)
05 - Trainer (4:51)
06 - Picture Or No Picture (3:58)
07 - Roots (6:20)
08 - It A Come (4:16)
09 - Give Me Little Dub Music (2:58)

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All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !


HAL55 from Paris said...

Not possible to download this dub poetry
some problem with the link…

Thanks for your blog
(one of the best all around)

Anonymous said...

Dear Rho, Oh, what a great blog you have created! The work you did so many months ago is still being appreciated! I have found so many wonderful works and have bought many of them after hearing them here. From your Scotland, Stage 27 entry, I was wondering if it would please be possible to re-upload the Skids - Joy and post a link here. The current link is not working. I have longed to hear this album for years! Thank you very much! And I hope you are recovering well from your bout with the surgeon!

Rho said...

Hello Hal 55, yes i noticed massmirror being off line today, first time i noticed that, anyway they are back up so Michael Smith is available again.
Thanks Anon, glad you like my blog and i re-upped Skids-Joy without further ado, so you'll find it live again, or you can take it from here

Skids - Joy

best of luck,


Ted said...

Please re-up as flac, thanks.

Anonymous said...

micheal smith > what a treasure, what gift, thank you! i had the lp, which was destroyed in a fire of a friend´s home.

do you maybe have or could trasce down lkj´s first 12" featuring viviane weathers on the b side with he magnificient track solitude?

thank you for your offeriung, a great and knowlwidgeable source of good taste, i appreciate.

Rho said...

Well anon cant help you with the 12" besides "viviane weathers" is an unknown... sorry

Anonymous said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reupload this Michael gem - I don't have a turntable and this isn't anywhere else to be found...

Anonymous said...

BIG thanks for the re-up

Anonymous said...

If you could re-upload this album, I'd be quite grateful.

Anonymous said...

vivane weathers unknown > maybe because of the mistypo. try without the e at the end of viviane. you are definitely familiar with his unique voice from track song of blood on the early lkj album poet and roots. an underrated artist unfortunately. check his deep and heavy track hangin on youtu.be/L7rfhmtAYJk

Anonymous said...

Belated thanks for the re-up! :)