Jun 23, 2007

Wavetrain, 9th chain

Hello, the ninth wagon has a mixed lot , i start off with TV 21 (in ogg 9 ! ), another band victimized by the quick and easy buck mentality of record companies, a big shame as these guys had plenty to offer, convince yourself . The Motels were caught in the industry claws aswell and even if they squeezed some commercial success out of them, mainly thanks to Martha's good MTV looks, the soul, the underbelly went out after these first 2 albums. Matt Johnsson is better known as The The but released his first album under his own name, strongly influenced by his mates from Wire at the time. Flying Lizards had no interest in taking the popmusic industry seriously, but then "I want money" was music to their ears and so the Lizards scored a hit with it. Fourth is a slightly neurotic mix between electro-pop and trance music, topped up by me with the best of their first album. The Fixx yes well their big sky sound didnt fair to well with their fellow Londoners and so not much attention was given to them, they did however did produce some good music, though mainly appreciated in the US.

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TV 21 - A Thin Red Line (81)
The Motels - The Motels, Careful (79/80)
Matt Johnson - Burning Blue Soul (81)
Flying Lizards, The - Fourth Wall (81)
Fixx, The - Reach The Beach (83)

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TV 21 - A Thin Red Line ( 81 * 272mb)

Edinburgh, Scotland's TV21 were:Neil Baldwin ( bass guitar), Dave Hampton ( trumpets, keys ), Ally Palmer ( acoustic / guitars ) , Ali Paterson - (drums, percussion, guitar), Norman Rodger ( acoustic (12 string) guitar, vocals). TV 21 had been always in good company during their brief time together as a band. Teardrop Explodes' Troy Tate produced their first two independent singles. The 1981 album, "A Thin Red Line," was produced by Ian Broudie of the Original Mirrors and later Lightning Seeds. Mike Scott of the Waterboys and Pete Wylie from Wah! make appearances on their lp .They toured with the Undertones and were the opening act for the Rolling Stones for the Scottish dates of their 1982 European tour.

After "A Thin Red Line" came out we had major, major problems with management and with the record company. They signed us basically as a pop band, with stuff like "Playing With Fire" and "Ambition" but by the time they'd signed us we were starting to do the album material and they didn't like it. So from day one we had fights about what the direction of the band should be. After we released the album they said "Look, why don't you spend some time in the studio, come up with some new ideas, in the end a waste of time and money , tensions among the band members and the disagreements with Deram, the record company, brought an untimely end to the band.

And that was the end of that, until October 2005, when out of the blue, they agreed to perform as part of the John Peel Day gigs organised around the country to mark the anniversary of the DJ’s death. Peel had been a huge influence on the band and it seemed entirely appropriate to get together for the event. The gig, at Edinburgh’s Citrus Club, was an unqualified success, if a little rough at the edges, though that was hardly surprising after twenty three years, the introduction of a new drummer and only two rehearsals! Most surprising for the three original band members was simply how much they enjoyed playing again. So, now they’re back and enjoying it more and more

01 - Waiting For The Drop (3:15)
02 - Ideal Way Of Life (2:29)
03 - This Is Zero (3:57)
04 - Ticking Away (3:17)
05 - It Feels Like It's Starting To Rain (4:06)
06 - Snakes And Ladders (3:28)
07 - What's Going On ? (4:08)
08 - Something's Wrong (3:25)
09 - When I Scream (4:00)
10 - Tomorrow ... (3:35)
11 - Attention Span (4:01)

TV 21 @ Base
TV 21 @ MySpace

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The Motels - The Motels, Careful (79 * 459mb)

In March 1978, Davis and future lead guitarist Jeff Jourard (Tom Petty ) decided to reform The Motels , after auditions a new line-up consisted of Jourard's brother Marty(sax and keyboards), Michael Goodroe ( bass), and Brian Glascock (drums). Short on funds, the band shared rehearsal space with The Go-Go's at L.A.'s notorious punk basement, the Masque, and they played in Chinatown.The Motels began to draw a faithful crowd around the L.A. music scene and on Mother's Day 1979 the group signed with Capitol and released their debut album The Motels 4 months later. In 1980 Jourard was replaced as lead guitarist by Davis' boyfriend Tim McGovern and the band went back into the recording studio to record their second album, entitled Careful ( June 1980).

The band hired record producer Val Garay for album number three, Apocalypso. It was scheduled to be released in November 1981, but after Capitol Records heard the final product, they rejected it for being "too weird." Oh boy, those music execs, but then Rembrandts Nightwatch was rejected, let alone Van Gogh. The moneyhungry gobetweens really know how to find the lowest common denominator in their race to the bottom. Well they rerecorded, Martha broke with her guitarplayer/boyfriend and well in the end was the one for capitol product "all four one". Luckily Martha shines well in the new MTV format and the album did well, supported by a big tour. Val Garay was now firmly in control of album and video production and, upon the firing of Fritz Turner Management, became the band's new manager aswell.The Motels released the album Little Robbers in the fall of 83. The first single from the album, "Suddenly Last Summer," was a Top 10 hit in the United States.The first leg of the Little Robbers tour started in January 1984 but ended apruptly in February with the firing of Garay as manager for personal reasons ? The Motels released their sixth album, Shock, in September of 1985, producing it had taken over a year and it became clear that a 7th album was not in it early 87 the second Motels incarnation folded.
Martha Davis went solo but without much success, by 2001 she was touring as The Motels featuring Martha Davis this went off well enough that by 2005 they released independantly, a new album "So the Story Goes."

01 - Anticipating (3:50)
02 - Kix (2:14)
03 - Total Control (5:48)
04 - Love Don't Help (1:57)
05 - Closets & Bullets (4:19)
06 - Atomic Cafe (2:46)
07 - Celia (3:04)
08 - Porn Reggae (4:15)
09 - Dressing Up (5:02)
10 - Counting (4:23)

11 - Danger (3:22)
12 - Envy (3:25)
13 - Careful (3:28)
14 - Bonjour Baby (3:27)
15 - Party Professionals (4:14)
16 - Days Are O.K. (But The Nights Were Made For Love) (3:31)
17 - Cry Baby (3:26)
18 - Whose Problem? (3:51)
19 - People, Places And Things (2:43)
20 - Slow Town (4:16)

Motels @ Base

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Matt Johnson (The The) - Burning Blue Soul (81 * 233mb)

Matt Johnson / The The rose out of the post-punk industrial music scene of late 1970s Britain. Over the years he has proven himself a prolific songwriter on various subjects. After The The's initial 4AD single in 1980, singer/songwriter Matt Johnson took the London-based group to the Some Bizzare label. However, he remained friendly with Ivo, who was quick to accept when Johnson offered to make an album under his own name for 4AD. The result, Burning Blue Soul, was an unusual and compelling work which mixed extensive studio experimentation with Johnson's evocative voice. It also gave Ivo his first chance to enter a studio in the role of co-producer. Although it was originally released as a Matt Johnson record, when the album was reissued on CD in the early '90s, Johnson insisted that it be retroactively credited to The The.
He's left Britain in the early 1990s, and by 2006 was dividing his time between New York and Gothenburg, Sweden.

01 - Red Cinders In The Sand (5:41)
02 - Song Without An Ending (4:35)
03 - Time (Again) For The Golden Sunset (3:51)
04 - Icing Up (7:35)
05 - Like A Sun Risin Through My Garden (5:01)
06 - Out Of Control (2:01)
07 - Bugle Boy (2:27)
08 - Delirious (3:30)
09 - The River Flows East In Spring (3:30)
10 - Another Boy Drowning (5:43)

The The @ Base

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Flying Lizards - Fourth Wall (81 * 335mb)

The best things in life may be free but they won't get.., led by pianist/producer David Cunningham, the Flying Lizards started as and largely continued to be a novelty group that took classic rock songs and reduced them to parody with neo-Kraftwerk synthesizer minimalism and robotic deadpan vocal readings "Money". The Lizards aren't so much a "band" as just a means of packaging the studio experiments of the brains behind the Lizards, David Cunningham. He writes almost all the music, rearranges the remainder, and produces and plays it himself, using a few session musicians when he needs them. Fourth Wall attempts to evolve a happy medium, with helpers including New Yorkers Pat Palladin and Peter Gordon and new-jazz artist Steve Beresford. Cunningham moves uneasily between electro-pop and trance music. Following a long layoff, the Lizards returned in 1984 with Top Ten, another wacky album of demented rock'n'roll revisionism

Cunningham has been working as a composer and record producer, engaging with an eclectic range of people and music, from rock groups (This Heat, Owada) to improvisors (David Toop, Steve Beresford) to Michael Nyman's music for Peter Greenaway's films and work with Ute Lemper and others. 'Canta', commissioned by Ian Spink, was the first of a series of works for dance and performance through the 1980s. Since 1993 David Cunningham has been developing a series of installations based on real time exploration of acoustics including 'The Listening Room', Biennale of Sydney (1998). He showed 2 installation works in "Days Like These", The Tate Triennial of Contemporary British Art, Tate Britain and most recently has shown installations at ICC, Tokyo and Ikon, Birmingham. Currently he is AHRB Research Fellow in Fine Art at the University of Newcastle. Specialising in studio processes, loops and treatments, Cunningham's work has ranged from pop music to gallery installations, including work for television, film, contemporary dance, and a number of collaborations with visual artists.

01 - Lovers And Other Strangers (3:07)
02 - Glide/Spin (3:32)
03 - In My Lifetime (2:17)
04 - Cirrus (1:24)
05 - A-Train (5:05)
06 - New Voice (5:38)
07 - Hands 2 Take (4:03)
08 - An Age (2:30)
09 - Steam Away (4:44)
10 - Move On Up (5:23)
11 - Another Story (3:06)
12 - Lost And Found (2:47)
13 - Portugal 3:06
14 - Glide 2:38
15 - Move on up(single edition) 3:51

David Cunningham @ Base

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The FIXX - Reach The Beach (83 * 439mb)

Formed by college friends vocalist/keyboardist Cy Curnin and drummer Adam Woods in the early '80s, the pair advertised in the music press for additional members; the remaining members of the group -- guitarist Jamie West-Oram, keyboardist Rupert Greenall, and bassist Charlie Barret -- all responded to the ad. .The band had changed their name to the Fixx and recorded "Lost Planes," the single that led to a record contract with MCA.

Their debut album, the Rupert Hine-produced Shuttered Room was released in 1982. The record spawned two minor U.K. hits, "Stand or Fall" and "Red Skies," in the US. the album stayed on the charts for nearly a year. After Shuttered Room, Barret left and was replaced by Dan K. Brown. Reach the Beach's pulsating "One Thing Leads to Another" became a US hit, However, despite their American success, the Fixx failed to break back into the British charts with Reach the Beach; in fact, they never had another British hit in their career, their big sky sound too unfamilar.

The Fixx returned in 1984 with Phantoms. While it performed well -- it peaked at number 19 and went gold -- it didn't match the success of Reach the Beach. Although their audience was shrinking, the band kept their basic, synth-driven sound intact for 1986's Walkabout, which featured the hit "Secret Separation." After Walkabout, the Fixx stopped working with producer Rupert Hine, and lost their way though they still tour to this day.

01 - One Thing Leads To Another (3:13)
02 - The Sign Of Fire (3:45)
03 - Running (4:18)
04 - Saved By Zero (3:33)
05 - Opinions (4:37) 19-26
06 - Reach The Beach (4:22)
07 - Changing (3:20)
08 - Liner (3:32)
09 - Privilege (4:13)
10 - Outside (5:14) 40-07
11 - Saved By Zero [Extended Version] 4:24
12 - One Thing Leads To Another [Extended Version] 8:00
13 - Deeper And Deeper [Long Version] 6:31
14 - Going Overboard 3:18

The FIXX @ Base
The FIXX @ MySpace

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All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !



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