Jun 9, 2007

Wavetrain, 5th wagon

Hello, my fifth wavetrain wagon with a mixed bag, that said there aint much female touch to it this time, i'll settle that next week with an all ladies wagon..ouch. Secton 25 just released a new album..bit.. this From the hip is much more agreeable and with New Order producing its indeed a bit of a blueprint. 23 skidoo , never fulfilled their potential after they were mowed down by the cut throat music press, never lost for sour words, well 4 letter minds.. Shriekback too releases a new -11th album this month, these unassuming guys around barry andrews keep up their love for making music, regardless of money. I offer their first 2 years of work here (82/83). Snakefinger's wonderfull weird guitar touched the Residents and well timeless stuff..be ready to be surprised, finally TRB the band of 78, one year later they were the losers and no more, but hey they delivered a great album.

As of today i no longer include the en/decoder in my files, im sure most of you have seen enough of it, for those that need it, there's a direct download link at the bottom of the page

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Section 25 - From The Hip (84)
23 Skidoo - Urban Gamelan (84
Shriekback - Tench/Care (82/83
Snakefinger - Chewing Hides The Sound ( 79
TRB - Power In The Darkness (78

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Section 25 - From The Hip (84 * 458mb)

Section 25 were formed in Blackpool, Lancashire in April 1978 by brothers Lawrence and Vincent Cassidy, taking their name from a provision of the Mental Health Act which allowed for compulsory detention. In June 1978 they made their live debut, and in November were joined by guitarist Paul Wiggin. Their debut 7", "Girls Don't Count", was released in July 1980 on Factory Records, produced by Ian Curtis and Rob Gretton of Joy Division. All Section 25 releases would be released through Factory Records until the demise of that label. Their debut LP, Always Now, was released in 1981 and produced by Martin Hannett.

The three-piece group played many gigs in Britain and Northern Europe between 1979 and 1981with other Factory Records artists. The group also released a self-produced second album, The Key of Dreams. In 1982 when Paul Wiggin declined to fly to the US and left the band . They were joined by percussionist Lee Shallcross, and Section 25 gradually evolved to a more electronic-dance direction, culminated in the album From the Hip , released in 1984 and produced by New Order. This new version of the band also featured Angela Flowers (vocals, keyboards) and Jenny Ross (vocals, keyboards). In 1986 the group again splintered, leaving husband-and-wife team Larry Cassidy and Jenny Ross to complete a fourth album, Love and Hate, finally released by Factory in 1988. Section 25 then fell silent for more than a decade.

In 2001 the band regrouped and started composing new material to form the basis for a new album alas these plans were derailed by the death of Jenny Ross ( 2004).The new studio album, Part-Primitiv, was finlly released by LTM in April 2007.

01 The Process (4:56)
02 Looking From A Hilltop (4:21)
03 Reflection (4:42)
04 Prepare To Live (3:33)
05 Program For Light (4:10)
06 Desert (3:16)
07 Beneath The Blade (4:30)
08 Inspiration (7:50)
09 Looking From A Hilltop (Restructure) 4:37
10 Looking From A Hilltop (Megamix) 8:07
11 Dirty Disco II 5:27
12 Dirty Disco II (Pre-Mix) 4:01
13 Beating Heart (12" Remix) 5:02
14 Back To Wonder (12" Version) 3:16
15 Beating Heart (12" Version) 5:06

Section 25 @ base

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23 Skidoo - Urban Gamelan(84 * 128mb)

23 Skidoo was formed in 1979 by Fritz Catlin, Johnny Turnbull and Sam Mills, and later augmented by Alex Turnbull and Tom Heslop, they had interests in martial arts, Burundi and Kodo drumming, Fela Kuti, The Last Poets, William Burroughs, as well as the emerging confluence of industrial, post-punk and funk music.Their first 7", "Ethics" was released in 1980, followed by the "Last Words" 7", produced by Cabaret Voltaire. Their debut album, Seven Songs, was released in 1982 and is said to evoke the claustrophobic humidity of an African forest.

The Tearing Up The Plans EP followed, with the absence on the Turnbull brothers, who were traveling through Indonesia. Guitarist Sam Mills and vocalist Tom Heslop left the band soon after, and with the arrival of bassist Sketch, the lineup remained the same until their final disintegration in 2003. With the Turnbull brothers back from Indonesia where they were exposed to the gamelan.The Culling Is Coming (1983) and Urban Gamelan (1984) followed, criticised at the time for their shift towards more abstract sounds. This caused some severe demotivation, after disbanding in 1984 however, 23 Skidoo continued recording together sporadically during the rest of the decade, and the quartet -- the Turnbulls plus Catlin and Sketch -- formed their own Ronin label in 1989. Though no material from the band appeared in the '90s, they did several remixes and recorded for advertisers . Finally, in 2000, 23 Skidoo released a new, self-titled album for Virgin, followed by a compilation of singles, The Gospel Comes To New Guinea in 2002, Ronin folded a year later.

01 - Fuck you G. I. (5:40)
02 - Fire (5:23)
03 - Misr Wakening (3:06)
04 - Jalan Jalan (4:45)
05 - Urban Gamelan Act 1 (3:59)
06 - Sirens (0:59)
07 - Helicopterz (2:54)
08 - Kongo Do (3:04)
09 - Language Dub (4:40)
10 - Drunken Reprisal (2:51)
11 - Coup De Grace (1:48)
12 - Last Words (3:39)
13 - The Gospel Comes To New Guinea (10:01)

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Shriekback - Tench/Care (82/83 now in Flac 368mb) and re-upped once more

Shriekback are popular for their exploration of the darker, funkier side of rock music, usually featuring Dave Allen's driving basslines. Self-described as an "avant-garde musical outfit", they are popular among a limited audience, both for their poetic, often intellectual lyrics, and for their dance-worthy music which range from disco and new wave. They formed in the early 1980s , Barry Andrews, formerly of XTC and League of Gentlemen (keyboards/synthesizers/vocals), Carl Marsh (guitars/vocals), and Dave Allen, formerly of the Gang of Four (bass), were joined by Martyn Barker on drums in 1983.

The first Shriekback release was the six-song EP Tench (82), followed in 1983 by the album Care, also on Y, which featured the quasi-hit "Lined Up," the song that put Shriekback on the map for many people. Care was picked up and released in the U.S. by Warner Brothers, with an altered running order and two different tracks, including the polyrhythmic "My Spine (Is the Bass Line). Although Care was critically acclaimed and garnered a fair amount of airplay it was not enough for Warner Brothers, who dropped Shriekback and deleted Care shortly after its release. As a result, the follow-up, 1984's Jam Science, was released only in Europe. Toward the end of the Jam Science sessions, Shriekback became a quartet with the addition of drummer Martyn Barker; however, they quickly became a trio again when Carl Marsh departed midway through the recording of their third album. Oil and Gold sold well in its U.S. release on Island Records. So did the follow up 1986's Big Night Music . Shriekback seemed on the brink of unlikely stardom, but Allen departed before the recording of Go Bang! (1988), which was poorly received by both critics and fans.

That appeared to be the end of Shriekback, who dropped out of sight in the late '80s and early '90s. But Allen, Andrews, and Barker reunited in 1992 to record the excellent Sacred City, which essentially picked up where Big Night Music left off. There was another long silence after that, but as of 2000 some form of Shriekback was apparently still in existence; an album called Naked Apes and Pond Life was released, In 2003 followed by Having a Moment , Cormorant (2005) and this month Glory Bumps (2007) latter two on Malicious Damage Records which does make it a little harder to get, but the boys have learned their lesson, the music industry is very unreliable.

As my album lacked my spine is the baseline and the 100 mb was reached i decided to add their 12" from the period in a seperate download..Baselined Up..

01 - Accretions (4:13)
02 - Mothloop (4:37)
03 - All The Greek Boys (Do The Handwalk) (4:05)
04 - Sexthinkone (4:19)
05 - A Kind Of Fascination (4:31)
06 - Here Comes My Hand-Clap (3:13)
07 - Lined Up (3:44)
08 - Cleartrails (3:44)
09 - Hapax Legomena (4:00)
10 - Petulant (3:57)
11 - Lines From The Library (3:36)
12 - Brink Of Collapse (4:05)
13 - Sway (3:55)
14 - Into Method (4:22)
15 - Evaporation (3:18)
16 - In: Amongst (2:02)

Shriekback @ Base
B.Andrews @ MySpace

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Snakefinger - Chewing Hides The Sound ( 79 * 423mb)

Philip Charles Lithman aka Snakefinger, was born in London, England, and came from the British Blues scene. He moved to San Francisco in 1971 and became associated with the avant-garde group The Residents. Apparently the name 'Snakefinger' was given by The Residents when they saw his proficiency with the guitar during their first live performance together.as a long time friend and collaborator with The Residents , his brilliant and distinctive guitar and violin work can be heard on many of their major releases. In turn The Residents played on and produced his first recordings for Ralph Records. "Chewing Hides The Sound",and "Greener Postures (80)".

In 1982 Lithman formed his backing band The Vestal Virgins with former Captain Beefheart sideman Eric Drew Feldman. Snakefinger and The Vestal Virgins released "A Manual Of Errors", on Ralph in 1982. This was followed by the blues cover album "Snakefingers History Of The Blues", and a new collection of largely original material in 1986 called Night of Desirable Objects. Snakefinger joined The Residents on their 13th Anniversary Tour in 1986. On July 1, 1987, Snakefinger and his band, The Vestal Virgins, were in Linz, Austria, on the European Night tour. During a performance at the Posthof Club Lithman suffered a fatal heart attack. On that same day his single, "There's No Justice in Life", was released.

So here's his first album cowritten and produced by the Residents, i've added some tracks from his next 2 albums which makes this a great showcase of Snakefinger.

01 - The Model (3:40)
02 - Kill The Great Raven (3:05)
03 - Jesus Was A Leprechaun (2:00)
04 - Here Comes The Bums (2:48)
05 - The Vivian Girls (2:08)
06 - Magic And Ecstasy (2:51)
07 - Who Is The Culprit And Who Is The Victim ? (3:00)
08 - What Wilbur? (2:36)
09 - Picnic In The Jungle (3:56)
10 - The Picture Makers Vs. Children Of The Sea (9:30)
11 - I Love Mary (2:33)
12 - The Vultures Of Bombay (2:57)
13 - Golden Goat (4:07)
14 - The Man In The Dark Sedan (4:37)
15 - I Come From An Island (3:21)
16 - Living In Vain (3:43)
17 - Yeti: What Are You ? (4:03)
18 - Beatnik Party (3:33)
19 - Bring Back Reality (4:42)

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TRB - Power In The Darkness (78 * 504mb)

Tom Robinson began gigging in London in 1976 with a constantly shuffling lineup of musician friends backing him and by the end of the year, he had decided to put together a permanent band. Tom's old friend, guitarist Danny Kustow, was the first in the permanent lineup.They ran small ads in the music papers looking for a bass player and drummer. Robinson found his drummer in Brian (Dolphin) Taylor. The search for a bass player continued, until Mark Ambler auditioned. As soon as he plugged in and started to play, the band knew they had found their man. However, some days later, Mark mentioned he also played keyboards...The band hit the club scene right in the middle of London's punk explosion. Their live shows got favourable reviews, and soon A&R men were attending many of their gigs. Sign the dotted line and early 1978, TRB finally recorded their debut album, Power In The Darkness.

This was a time of social unrest and much of this album reflects those feelings. TRB had as much energy as punk bands but were more concerned with challenging the status quo than simply spitting on it.Of all the politically oriented punk bands of the era - the Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, Gang Of Four, and whoever else you want to name - none was more political than TRB. Robinson's lyrics burn with apocalyptic visions of coming revolution and they seethed with real anger and resentment over injustices of all sorts. Robinson understood class distinctions and his suspicion of the ruling class at times neared paranoia, but in England, 1977, seemed all too believable and 30 years later visionairy..

01 Up Against The Wall 3:35
02 Grey Cortina 2:10
03 Too Good To Be True 3:35
04 Ain't Gonna Take It 2:53
05 Long Hot Summer 4:44
06 The Winter Of '79 4:31
07 Man You Never Saw 2:40
08 Better Decide Which Side You're On 2:51
09 You Gotta Survive 3:15
10 Power In The Darkness 4:55
11 Don't Take No For An Answer 4:32
12 Martin 2:59
13 Glad To Be Gay 4:56
14 Right On Sister 3:20
15 2-4-6-8 Motorway 3:19
16 I Shall Be Released 4:11
17 I'm Alright Jack 2:28
18 Waiting For My Man (Live At London Lyceum 1977) 4:25
19 Power In The Darkness (2004 Remix) 3:23

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All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !


nortoncommando said...

Looking for Sector 27 lp, Tom Robinson's post-TRB band's only LP. Been looking for ages for this!!!

cnow77 said...

I'd love to hear some of this stuff on your site, but I can't seem to use these ogg files. Do any of the 3 encoders work with Macs? I'm really dying to hear that Psychic Tv Themes record.

Anyway, great site.

Rho said...

Hi Cnow 77 , im no expert on macs, but the prog versions depend on chipset the decoder then creates wave files. But why not get a freeplayer that handles it on your MAC




or ask google MAC + OGG

Im sure its worth the time, and there's planty of good OGG files around here.
Best of Luck, Rho

Anonymous said...

Cool, hard-to-find Shriekback stuff! Thanks. I used to have all that vinyl, but was horribly disappointed with "Big Night Music" and gave up on them - my own opinion is that it was the Andrews-Marsh tension that made the band great.

Ya can't go wrong with Snakefinger. And no, there's no justice in life.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this (and the previous) two-year-old comment means that your files are still good. Yumm!

the saucer people said...

Great to see the Shriekback files still active on Megaupload, always a smart move to use something like Sharebee. I have just been listening to their 1992 'The Bastard Sons Of Enoch' EP which still sounds completely current despite the 18 year time lag. An amazing EP that is nothing less than the sound of acid house if Amon Duul II or Popol Vuh had been invited to play.

Anyway, its must be over 25 years since I listened to 'Tench', 'Care' and the remixes, essentially their Y Records period, if memory serves....so thanks very much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Could you Please re post Tench/Care from Shriekback??

Rho said...

Hello Anon, yes i can, i can do even better, post Shriekback in Flac ! N'Joy

Anonymous said...

Anon says Thank You soooo Much

carlo243 said...

Please Re Up "Tench/Care" one more Time

Rho said...

Sure Carlo , I'll never tire of pushing Shriekback...N'Joy

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a flac version of Urban Gamelan? Even if not, much thanks for keeping the early Shriekback alive. this music was the soundtrack to my 80's and beyond.

Mr Zebra said...

Thanks very muchly for the Snakefinger especially

Anonymous said...

Dear rho-xs -

Thanks for this music; the flac version of "Urban Gamelan" seems to be missing however.
Would it be possible for you to share with us as well?

Thank you very much in advance!

Rho said...

Sorry Fred that was a vinyl rip i did back then, i don't have time for re ripping vinyl currently , besides my recordplayer needs some new wiring and i suppose it could do with a new needle, things that further block me ripping vinyl again anytime soon..sorry

Rho said...

Hello so Shriekback tench-Care was on a file factory server that crashed, hence its been re-upped again

Anonymous said...

I think the TRB one has met the same fatal file factory end...any chance of a re-up Rho??

Rho said...

Hello Anon , can do TRB is back up

José said...

Rho, I love your blog, the followed since 2007 and I have a large part of the collection, but I would like to improve it with files in FLAC.
I lost the trail in 2011, I thought it had disappeared, but I met it again.
I would be infinitely grateful if you would upload the files that have already expired.
Thanks in advance and congratulations for your great blog ..
Hugs, José