Sep 30, 2006

A New Dark Age

Well, I'm back not without overcoming major XP problems, it really baffles me how microsoft can get away with so much bunk, why isn't there more choice ?

This is what you get in a one party state . Degeneration ! I'm sure the launch of Vista will make matters worse, even less control for the customer who afterall pays, and more control for the multinationals, that need to know your every preference, so they can serve you better.

If you believe that, than i'm sure you believe Bush aswell when he says this new terrorist law will make you safer. Hell is round the corner, at an Halliburton internment camp near you !
" We will guard your safety, you will not be alowed to die or escape in any other way, we need you ! Do not think, it will make you sick ! Sickness is anti-social behaviour , we would have to cure you at the expense of the others."

" Behold ! Our great leaders have given us a new statue of liberty, we shall not want !
Our days will be endless, our nights full of sweatness. We are strong, we are the envy of the world, our great leaders will protect us from those that dare stand in our way, we will crush them to dust, the future is ours !"

Surfing the net, you meet people that consider all this non sense, it won't, it can't happen. Well, were you to go back pre 9//11 and tell the people what is law and custom now, 5 years later, they'd consider you crazy, the US the most despised and dangerous state in the world ? Come again. We ARE the world ! They'd say, that was wrong then as it is now, the world is much more than the US and the world knows much more about the world than US citizens do, infact their ( even geographic) knowledge is so poor it's almost unbelievable. So who's the president of Russia these days ? You'd be hard pressed to find 1 in 10 answering that one.

It's much easier to control the people in such a climate of general ignorance. Further confusing them with double speak, and trust no one not even yourself. F.i. the way the label liberal is used by fascist/pseudo christian quarters is almost beyond belief. Liberal stems from liberty, it means freedom to do what you want and respecting others. Not in the US these days, where war means peace in the white or should we call it black house these days ?

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In the early eighties, at least in Europe there was widespread resistance to the deployment of cruise missiles( nuclear weapons). One of the bands that knew how to channel these feelings was the Sound, led by an excellent singer/songwriter, Adrian Borland. Alas he didnt have the looks , therefore commercially uninteresting. In many ways The SOUND was emo avant la lettre. Largely unknown at home (UK) , they did have a following on the continent, myself included, in fact i met Adrian and the band on more than one occasion.

This compilation is mainly made up from their first three albums, Jeopardy which delivers the frontcover here aswell , "From the Lions Mouth " their masterpiece and "All Fall Down". Afterwards when recognition at home stayed out, they made two more albums but things went south, and 1987 the band broke up. Afterwards Adrian Borland made a considerable number of solo albums, but largely faded into oblivion. Plagued by voices in his head and depressions, he finally threw in the towel april 99 and commited suicide. His website brittle heaven is active and maintained by a close friend who recently released new material. Worth a visit !

The Sound - New Dark Age (now in flac  454mb)

01 - Heartland
02 - Resistance
03 - Missiles
04 - Words fail me
05 - Heyday
06 - Jeopardy
07 - Cold beat
08 - Physical world
09 - Unwritten law
10 - Winning
11 - Sense of purpose
12 - The skeleton
13 - The fire
14 - A new dark age
15 - Song and dance
16 - Red paint
17 - Where the love is
18 - Party of the mind
19 - Fatal flaw

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savoadaki said...

Oh my dear, you are so pessimistic. Join the crowd. It is hard to imagine you might be an American. As a Canadian I am subjected to the US media and constant Bushist thinking (or non-thinking).
I haven't much time left in my life, used to teach at a university where once I saw a message on a toilet wall: Fighting for Peace is like F_cking for Virginity -- sums it up for me, though human beings seem to make war etc necessary. Advocating "democracy" and "freedom" while doing everything possible to destroy individual rights especially privacy, is my view of Mr. Bush, Emperor of the New World. But I don't forget that he was elected by the American people, bless their pointy heads.

Rho said...

Hello Savoadaki,
You can say i'm pessimistic about the american people, most seem totally emersed in day to day survival and sports.
Bush wasnt elected in 2000 his brother helped him steal Florida, in 2004 it was diebold electronic voting that got him the presidency by proven(!) fraud in Ohio.
I don't know what it takes for the US people to wake up, aslong as the burgers and diet soda keep coming.

Btw if i were an american i'd emigrated years ago, to canada f.i.
Best wishes, Rho

IMI said...

great blog.

what's even more amazing was that the majority never did share Bush-ite views and somehow, were prevented from knowing that.

It should have been telling (embarrassing) when Bush couldn't build a public military to tackle a nearly bankrupt country 1/3 the size of Texas.

Ignorance was bliss for 8 years.

Canada's immigration laws had to be changed to accommodate the swell of those applying. I think there's over a 5-7 year waitlist for class A jobs only (high demand) before 2004.

I won't believe it's over until after Jan. 20th.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rho, any chance of re-uploading this and/or any other albums by this great, underrated band?

Thanks so much!

P.S. I love your blog. More than any other, it's introduced me to great music that I would surely never have discovered otherwise.

All the best,

Reverend Strange

Anonymous said...

I know this has been reuuped before but the the sound from the lions mouth would be great to have, please


Anonymous said...

thanks for the reup i have the amp warming already to go