Sep 27, 2006

Rho Xs Blogg


This is a blogg* to share my eXcess; that which reached, touched, entertained or angered me, in general all that draws my interest and thereby transmutes my Xsistance.
So what will be posted here, some of the music i love, i will post on metaphysical matters..this existance reaches so much further than most of us are aware, or even dare to think about. I too am entrapped by the state of the society in which we live, so i will have something to say on that aswell.
The internet offers lots of funny, entertaining and informative websites and these days thru youtube or google video's aswell. I will share my favourite findings aswell here.

This aint no mistake but points to the format i will use to share music-ogg, better quality and higher compression- win-win, and widely available. I like my music to sound as close as possible, even garage-trash.

SO WHY ...

Why are we here ? Just 4 simple words, and a lifetime to answer is not enough, it seems many people rather forget about it. Science, in a desperate attempt to give an answer, reduces everything (the scientific way) to a materialistic state, with or without a metaphysical wizzard as point of origen.

Old news, the reductionist route has led the fysicists to the quantum state. The atom turned out to be nothingness. The electrons, like planets orbit the nucleus in spherical layers called electron shells at discrete distances from the nucleus. The positive core, which in itself turnout as charged emptiness consisting of particals that break up in several spin states that have been proven to be non locally connected..out went time/distance as base to build our existance on.

Not much of this has thusfar trickled down into human consciousness, specially the the scientific community seems unable to shed it's niche blinders, in fact the self-serving witchhunts of heretics are all to common these days.
Enough of that now, it will certainly come up again (and again alas). In the meantime for those interested to wrap their mind around current pathways, a 200 page PDF to offer some guidance.

Distortion Awakening is a coherent view of the progress of science, through Newton, Einstein, quantum and post-quantum physics, to show how science is moving towards an understanding of the quantum evolutionary leap/transition process.


When the path ignites a soul,
there's no remaining in place.

The foot touches ground,
but not for long.

The way where love tells its secret
stays always in motion,
and there is no you there, and no reason.

The rider urges his horse to gallop,
and so doing, throws himself
under the flying hooves.

In love-unity there's no old or new.
Everything is nothing.
God alone is.

For lovers the phenomena-veil is very transparent,
and the delicate tracings on it cannot
be explained with language.

Clouds burn off as the sun rises,
and the love-world floods with light.

But cloud-water can be obscuring,
as well as useful.

There is an affection that covers the glory,
rather than dissolving into it.

It's a subtle difference,
like the change in Persian
from the word "friendship"
to the word "work."

That happens with just a dot
above or below the third letter

There is a seeing of the beauty
of union that doesn't actively work

for the inner conversation.
Your hand and feet must move,
as a stream streams, working
as its Self, to get to the ocean.
Then there's no more mention
of the search.

Being famous, or being a disgrace,
who's ahead or behind, these considerations
are rocks and clogged places
that slow you. Be as naked as a wheat grain
out of its husk and sleek as Adam.

Don't ask for anything other
than the presence.

Don't speak of a "you"
apart from That.

A full container cannot be more full.
Be whole, and nothing.

~Hakim Sanai

Time for some music for the soul, as synchronicity would have it, i came across this link to a brilliant album by Material "Seven Souls" today. Take NY funk, add a layer of Moroccan soul, and top it off with a crunchy topping of William Burroughs, his voice carries us along on a journey to the Western Lands. The quest for immortality is the theme, and it is never strayed from. Struggles more important than life and death are explored and questioned, leaving you to decide whether or not to pursue the prize. Highly recommended,

Material - Seven Souls (218mb)

01 Ineffect (feat. W.S. Burroughs) 7:34
02 Seven Souls (feat. W.S. Burroughs) 5:42
03 Soul Killer (feat. W.S. Burroughs) 4:32
04 The Western Lands (feat. W.S. Burroughs) 6:54
05 Deliver 5:48
06 Equation 5:06
07 The End Of Words (feat. W.S. Burroughs) 5:06



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Puschkin said...

Hello Rho,

thought I'd pop in to say hello...

Interesting start...

...shame you're using Rapidshare, I can't d/l from there, pity it sounded interesting.

I'll be back though...

Turk said...

Cheers for this all be it that i was for my Burroughs collection :) - I don't mind a bit of Laswell either ;) . Thanks very much.


Rho said...

Hi Pushkin, whats this ? Your provider blocking rapishare ? Well for your pleasure Material >>> , enjoy.

Hi Turk, next week i will upload Burroughs first book Junky, read by himself.

greetings Rho

Puschkin said...

Hey love the Material!

Very interesting, I only have a couple of Burroughs things, so this is a very welcome addition.

More Burroughs would be great!

Thanks for upping on mega too! Not blocked but sharing my connex via a router, ever since that was installed Rapid throws a "Session Invalid", so I cant use it.

Cass said...

Please could you re-up - Material "Seven Souls" - if and when possible, Rho?

Cass said...

Many thanks :)

Chris said...

Hi, could you also please re-publish the pdf file (200 pages) on anti-reductionism proposed? Thanks!

Rho said...

Hello Chris, i kind off overlooked re-upping non music items but hey i've entered a new live link for this PDF...N'Joy