Mar 17, 2020

RhoDeo 2011 Fingerprintz 6


Anyway Fingerprints of the Gods stirred up a hornets nest where even the BBC was called in to debunk and show of their skill in selective reporting, meanwhile millions have learned about the unexplained Piri Reis map which proved without doubt that serious skilled mapmaking went on when Antartica was icefree, way before the official fairytale starts of the human race. Really i don't understand why the powers that be are so against the idea that this planet had an earlier high civilization, i'm fine with it. The coming weeks Graham reads his book, ok it lacks the odd map and picture but you can listen to it at your leisure in bed, on the road or in the train.

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Dr. Jeffrey Thompson began experimenting with sound and its effects on the body and brain in 1981 at his Holistic Health Center in Virginia. His experiments involved using exact sound frequencies to make chiropractic spinal and cranial adjustments, to stimulate and normalize organ function, and to balance acupuncture meridians. His clinical research with thousands of patients and volunteers led to groundbreaking discoveries in how sound frequency patterns, built into musical soundtracks, can entrain brainwaves and trigger numerous health benefits.Dr. Thompson continued his scientific clinical research at a graduate school and research center in Encinitas, California, for many years. A member of the faculty, he taught behavioral psycho-acoustics and clinical neuroacoustic therapy courses, recognized by the state of California as part of the core curriculum for the clinical psychotherapy and human science master's and PhD programs. Dr. Thompson currently teaches at various institutions and through sponsored seminars, workshops, and certification courses.

By combining soothing music with sophisticated sound technology, Music for Brainwave Massage has been shown to effect profound changes in brainwave patterns and states of consciousness-changes discernable on brain mapping EEG equipment. Throughout the flowing, peaceful melodies, Dr. Thompson has incorporated specific audio signals to create a sympathetic response in the two hemispheres of the brain. This coordination of right and left brains in associated with deep relaxation, stress reduction, creativity, insight, and enhanced problem solving.

This file does what it says it does: it balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain. I've always been extremely right-brained, and have found it difficult to feel part of the world of the more predominant left-brainers. Listening to it everyday, and from the very first time, I noticed a huge difference in my thinking. It was a big adjustment, but I kept going. Now, I'm using my right and left hands together, and seem to be more balanced all the way around. I used to grimace when faced with simple math and logic, and now it comes so easily. I'm glad to have become more acquainted with the left side of my brain, thanks to this file.fileve shared it with others who are more left-brain dominant, and they enjoy it, too. They report feeling more intuitive and creative in their thinking after listening, so it appears that it really does do exactly what it says it does.

I'm a massage therapist and use this when working to set the tone for the session, it not only relaxes my clients, but it also keeps me focused and relaxed. I put it on the replay all setting and I have yet to grow weary of it- quite the opposite actually- I hear it anew with each replay. I highly recommend this to anyone in the field who's looking for a file to play while in session.

Dr J Thompson - Music for Brainwave Massage ( 61min flac   292mb).:

01 Inner Dance Part A 30:54
02 Inner Dance Part B 30:27

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The ravaged surfaces of solid bodies in space tell stories, stories that demand valid interpretations in order to decipher. A dramatic type of feature observed on every solid body is a crater, a depression that seems to speak to some violent event in the distant past. The so-called debate in planetary science only ever entertained two possible causes of craters: impacts, or volcanism. But on all of these bodies, we have observed craters lacking any conventional explanation. In this companion piece to the forthcoming eighth installment of our series The Universe is Electric, we explore the experimental evidence that interplanetary electrical discharges produced many, if not most planetary craters.


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On 6th July 1960 Lt Colonel Harold Ohlmeyer, a United States Airforce Commander, sent a reply to a letter from one Professor Charles Hapgood who had requested his opinion on a feature found on a map of 1513 AD called the Piri Reis Map. Lt Colonel Ohlmeyer’s reply was a bombshell. The map, showing the coastline of the east coast of the Americas and the west coast of Africa, the Colonel remarked, also seemed to show the coastline of Queen Maud Land in Antarctica free of ice – a condition it had not been in for some 9000 years!

In fact, it is only in recent times that modern man has been able to map this coastline using sub-surface surveying techniques that can penetrate the ice sheet that lies on top of it.

Ohlmeyer had no idea how a map existing in the 16th century could have got hold of such knowledge.

This was one of the many mysteries that lead Graham to begin his epic journey into man’s past that is Fingerprints of the Gods – and it is a mystery whose solution is mindblowing.

Travelling first to South and Meso-America, Graham finds evidence of myths of a white-skinned ‘god’ named Quetzalcoatl or ‘Viracocha’ who came from a drowned land bringing knowledge of farming and culture after a great flood. Tied in with these myths Graham begins to crack an ancient code imprinted in these ancient tales that refer to the ‘great mill’ of the heavens.

It is an astronomical code that deals with the position of the stars over vast periods of time – a code that reveals the ancients knew far, far more than they are generally credited with. Traces of the same code appear in Egyptian myth, and it is to this desert land that Graham and Santha travel, finding there haunting parallels in architecture and ritual to the New World sites they have just left behind.

Moreover, the whole layout of the Giza plateau seems to point to a date many thousands of years earlier than the date of its supposed construction – a date revealed in the astronomical alignments of the Pyramids, the ‘mansions of a million years’, home of the god Osiris, the bringer of agriculture to the Egyptians, like Quetzalcoatl, after a flood.

Could the Piri Reis maps be evidence for a previously unknown complex maritime civilisation, capable of mapping the globe? A global culture, cataclysmically destroyed at the end of the ice age, remnants of which survived the devastation to pass on their knowledge to the shaken world?

Were the figures of Osiris and Quetzalcoatl survivors of this lost race – passing down not only advanced geographical knowledge, but a secret astronomical code veiled in myth that pointed to the devastation in the past, and warned of that which is to come?

From the mysterious sites of Tiahuanaco and Teotihuacan, to the enduring enigmatic Sphinx and pyramids of Egypt, the grandiose Nazca lines of Peru to the stark primal beauty of the Osireion at Abydos, this is a journey both around the globe and into the heart of the true prehistoric origins of man. Part adventure, part detective story, this book will force you to revaluate your beliefs of the past.

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Could the story of mankind be far older than we have previously believed? Using tools as varied as archaeo-astronomy, geology, and computer analysis of ancient myths, Graham Hancock presents a compelling case to suggest that it is.In Fingerprints of the Gods, Hancock embarks on a worldwide quest to put together all the pieces of the vast and fascinating jigsaw of mankind’s hidden past. In ancient monuments as far apart as Egypt’s Great Sphinx, the strange Andean ruins of Tihuanaco, and Mexico’s awe-inspiring Temples of the Sun and Moon, he reveals not only the clear fingerprints of an as-yet-unidentified civilization of remote antiquity, but also startling evidence of its vast sophistication, technological advancement, and evolved scientific knowledge. A record-breaking number one bestseller in Britain, Fingerprints of the Gods contains the makings of an intellectual revolution, a dramatic and irreversible change in the way that we understand our past—and so our future.

Graham Hancock - 'Fingerprints of the Gods The Quest Continues 32-37 ( 128min  59mb)

narrated by the man himself, Graham Hancock

32 Chapter 32 Speaking to the Unborn 11:55
33 Chapter 33 Cardinal Points 14:33
34 Chapter 34 Mansion of Eternity 25:18
35 Chapter 35 Tombs and Tombs Only 29:23
36 Chapter 36 Anomalies 17:40
37 Chapter 37 Made by Some God 29:32

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Graham Hancock - 'Fingerprints of the Gods The Quest Continues 0-6 ( 102min  48mb)
Graham Hancock - 'Fingerprints of the Gods The Quest Continues 7-13 ( 98min  37mb)
Graham Hancock - 'Fingerprints of the Gods The Quest Continues 14-20 ( 116min  44mb)
Graham Hancock - 'Fingerprints of the Gods The Quest Continues 21-25 ( 115min  53mb)
Graham Hancock - 'Fingerprints of the Gods The Quest Continues 26-31 ( 139min  53mb)

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