Nov 6, 2018

RhoDeo 1844 Supernatural 4

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In accordance with the upcoming autumnal days when the light is fading, the supernatural manifest and us humans start to shiverrrr

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Scott Cherry is a well-known radio writer who has also acted in many productions, including Jonathan Myerson's series "Number 10", set in Downing St. He wrote the outstanding supernatural play "The Book of Shadows", broadcast in 1995, and has a wide range of other drama to his credit, including light comedy. He writes the Woman’s Hour Crime series 'A Small Town Murder' which has had five runs since 2008 and devised (with Gregory Evans) a fact-based play in 2010 called 'Tetherdown' about the inquiry about the Muswell Hill murder in 1896. . ...... N Joy

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Possibly the best tale of the supernatural I have heard on the radio It is stunning; frightening, terrific. Journalist Ellie Rogers is sent to Norfolk to investigate rumours of witchcraft. She witnesses some terrifying events.

This BBC radio drama is a tale of the supernatural,

Music composed and played by: Anthea Gomez
Producer: Sue Wilson
John Crighton: Maurice Denham
Ellie Rogers: Jenny Funnell
Tom Bradley: Andrew Branch
Philippa Mallatrat: Janet Dale
Kevin Metcalfe: Richard Pearce
Sgt Lake: Christopher Scott
Caroline: Sunny Ormonde
Gary: James Duke
Fiona: Sandra James Young
Harriet: Jilly Bond
[Actor]: Terence Edmond
[Actor]: John Hartley
[Actor]: Gillian Goodman

Scott Cherry - The Book of Shadows ( 78min mp3  60mb)

Journalist Ellie Rogers is sent to Norfolk to investigate witchcraft. Exceedingly sceptical she soon witnesses some terrifying incidents which just can't be explained.

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Robert Westall - The Stones of Muncaster Cathedral ( 87min mp3  60mb)
Robert Westall - The Wheatstone Pond ( 60min mp3  39mb)
Victor Pemberton - Dark. ( 86min mp3  60mb)

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