Nov 8, 2018

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Today's artist a Mexican band from Mexicali, Baja California formed by Jesús Alberto Navarro Rosas (lead vocals), Julio Ramírez Eguía (guitar, background vocals), and Gilberto Marín Espinoza (guitar). In 2003, Abelardo Vazquez invited Jesús Navarro and Julio Ramirez to record their first demos, which were released through the Mexican underground club scene. Two of the most successful demos — "Levemente" and "Ahora Sin Ti" — brought more widespread coverage across Mexico. In early 2004, yjey invited Gilberto to join the band. They have been famous ever since, mainly in Latin America and the United States. .  .....N'Joy

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Reik is a charting, award-winning, Latin pop trio from Mexicali, Baja California famous throughout Latin America for their romantic songs and ballads. Their multi-platinum-selling albums Un Dia Mas (2008) and the Latin Grammy-winning Peligro (2011) were essentially homes for their numerous chart-topping singles that saw the band emerge from club to international success.

Forming in 2003 after recording a demo that yielded the Mexican underground club favorites "Levemente" and "Ahora sin Ti," singer Jesús Alberto Navarro Rosas and guitarist Julio Ramírez Eguía invited backing vocalist/guitarist Gilberto "Bibi" Marin Espinoza to join the lineup in early 2004. After signing to Sony Music a few months later, Reik teamed with producers Abelardo Vázquez and Kiko Cibrian to begin work on their self-titled debut LP. The album proved a phenomenon, generating three consecutive Mexican chart-toppers in "Yo Quisiera," "Que Vida la Mia," and "Noviembre sin Ti." All three singles also crossed over to the U.S. Latin pop charts, and in mid-2005, Reik mounted a brief U.S. tour; the trio also received a Latin Grammy nomination in the Best New Artist category. The pre-release single "Invierno" was issued in September, followed by the live Sesion Metropolitana DVD in November, and their sophomore album Secuencia in December. The latter peaked just inside the Top 30 on the Latin Album charts. Three additional singles from the album placed on various Latin sales and airplay charts.

2008's Un Dia Mas fared better, placing inside the Top Ten Latin Albums and netting them the number three single "Inolvidable," and three more singles that landed on lower rungs. The full-length netted them a Latin Grammy Award for Best Pop Album by a Duo or Group with Vocals in 2009. Mexican and U.S tours followed the next year. The group re-emerged with Peligro in 2011. Helmed by three different producers -- Remy Palacios, Kiko Cibrián, and Ettore Grenci -- it netted five charting singles. It was certified platinum in Mexico and hit number three on the pop charts. In the U.S., it peaked at number two on Latin Pop Albums and number three on Top Latin Albums charts. Another extended international tour -- that took them to South Korea -- culminated in the live offering En Vivo Desde el Auditorio Nacional in 2013. Two years later, the trio entered the Viña del Mar International Song Festival and won first and second place awards for their entries.

Well established with their pop songs and romantic ballads, Reik sought to shake things up when they re-entered the studio. While pre-release new single "Voy a Olvidarte," issued in January 2016, was of familiar ballad stock, it landed inside the Top 20. The bilingual second single, "Spanglish," wed vintage early-'60s rock, surf, and big-beat pop, while "Ya Me Enteré" explored both folk and reggaeton with urban star Nicky Jam as a featured guest. Des/Amor was released in June of that year and marked the band's first studio recording in five years and placed near the top of the streaming and digital charts form all major platforms. Reik returned in 2018 with the collaborative single "Me Niego," featuring Ozuna and Wisin.

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Mexican pop-rock band Reik play romantic, guitar-based love songs that draw on such influences as Marc Anthony and Enrique Eglesias. This is the 2006 follow-up to the smash debut that garnered them both Mexican and U.S. radio play and chart action. On ballads like "Invierno," lead singer Jesús Alberto Navarro Rosas's vocals are achingly seductive and rich, while guitarist Gilberto "Bibi" Marin Espinoza's bold strumming keeps things from getting too wimpy.

Reik - Secuencia      (flac  260mb)
01 Quien Decide Es El Amor 3:22
02 Sabes 3:41
03 Sin Conocerte 3:16
04 Me Duele Amarte 3:13
05 Vivo En Sueños 3:12
06 Invierno 3:36
07 De Qué Sirve 3:42
08 Llegó Tu Amor 3:37
09 Quédate 3:22
10 No Sé Por Qué Te Vas (I Can't Believe She's Gone) 3:49
11 Ahora Sin Ti 2:59

Reik - Secuencia (ogg  mb)

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Recorded in the remote Texan town of Tornillo, Mexican pinup trio Reik slightly deviate from their usual Latin pop/rock formula by jumping on the retro synth pop bandwagon for their fourth album, Peligro. Produced by Cachorro López (Julieta Venegas), Kiko Cibrian (Luis Miguel), and Ettore Grenci (Kalimba Marichal), the follow-up to 2008's Latin Grammy-winning Un Dia Mas still contains the driving MOR anthems ("Déjate Llevar," "No Te Quiero Olvidar," the latter of which also appears in an English-language version) and romantic ballads ("Creo en Ti," "A Ciegas") that have helped them to slowly build a following across the southern parts of the U.S. as well as their homeland. But elsewhere, its 16 tracks showcase a more adventurous streak lacking from their previous output, whether it's the dirty acidic basslines and funky guitar licks of the infectious title track (also featured here in a perfunctory Masterfrenc Remix), the shimmering Guetta-esque synths of the pulsing "Tu Mirada," or the melodic indie disco of "Irreversible." The quirky Howard Jones-esque electro-pop of "Cálido y Rojo" (one of two tracks penned by Miranda!'s Ale Sergi), the Spandau Ballet-style melodramatics of "Déjame Ir," and the chiming U2-inspired riffs on "Si Te Vas" suggest that a Now That's What I Call the 80s compilation may have been the catalyst for their change in direction. But it's ultimately a convincing one, and while its nearly hourlong running time could have done with a bit of trimming (particularly the unremarkable "Mi Tormenta Favorita" and "Adicto a Ti"), Peligro should ensure that their steady rise to the top of the Mexican pop scene remains on course.

Reik - Peligro (flac  312mb)

01 Déjate Llevar 3:17
02 A Ciegas 3:44
03 Nada 3:13
04 Peligro 3:42
05 Déjame Ir 4:11
06 Igual A Nada 3:12
07 Irreversible 4:02
08 Mi Tormenta Favorita 3:13
09 Si Te Vas 3:08
10 Cálido Y Rojo 3:19
11 Adicto A Ti 3:32
12 No Te Quiero Olvidar 3:43
13 Creo En Ti 2:44
14 Tu Mirada 3:21

Reik - Peligro  (ogg  101mb)

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The award-winning Mexican trio and fan phenomenon formed by Jesús Alberto Navarro, Julio Ramírez Eguía and Gilberto "Bibi" Marín interprets his greatest hits and his most famous romantic ballads in a location as historic and significant as the legendary National Auditorium of Mexico, recorded there November 2012 .They have shown that their music catches us, and this time is no exception.

  Reik - Reik En Vivo 1 ( flac  335mb)

01 Intro 1:43
02 Peligro 3:42
03 Inolvidable 3:47
04 A Ciegas 3:45
05 Déjate Llevar 3:23
06 No Desaparecerá 4:00
07 De Que Sirve 3:43
08 Noviembre Sin Ti 4:12
09 Medley Reik 12:26
10 Creo en Ti 3:04
11 Vuelve 2:56

  Reik - Reik En Vivo 1 (ogg   115mb)


  Reik - Reik En Vivo 2 ( flac  315mb)

01 Con la Cara en Alto 3:37
02 Fui 4:11
03 Tu Mirada 3:28
04 Me Duele Amarte 3:21
05 De Que Me Sirve la Vida (feat Samo) 4:17
06 Te Fuiste de Aquí 3:46
07 Sabes 4:34
08 Invierno 3:44
09 Yo Quisiera 3:46
10 Qué Vida la Mía 3:45
11 Con la Cara en Alto [Versión Cello] 3:43
12 Con la Cara en Alto 3:48

  Reik - Reik En Vivo 2 (ogg   112mb)

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Des/Amor is Mexican pop trio Reik's first album of new studio material in five years. While they haven't exactly been inactive, touring (the concert set Vivo Desde el Auditorio Nacional was issued in 2013), writing, and family matters took up their time. Des/Amor may be drenched in their unmistakable blend of vocals and infectious melodies, but it does mark a risk-taking departure from previous outings -- especially the electronic synth pop of 2011's Peligro. Here the trio experiment with more urban sounds, including modern cumbia, reggaeton, and even lushly illustrated folk. Traditionally, this trio has always been a singles band, but Des/Amor flows consistently together as an album. While the pre-release track "Ya Me Enteré" did well at radio and on the charts, the album closer is an urban remix version featuring Nicky Jam that is far stronger, with a bouncy, soulful reggaeton backbeat and a popping guitar vamp to match the band's singing with Jam's rapping. Other highlights include the jaunty, punchy folk pop of "Qué Gano Olvidándote," and the bumping old-school rock & roll of the bilingual "Spanglish," with fat saxophones and doo wop choruses woven through handclaps and modern big-beat production. The other bilingual jam is "We Have Only Tonight," a hooky rocker with anthemic choruses and ringing guitars. "Vamanos Lejos" seamlessly weaves cumbia and reggae in a warm, silvery, midtempo ballad with a snappy chorus. For old-school fans, there is a handful of fine slow jams too, including the crystalline, piano-dominant "Náufragos" and the passionate "Al Fin Estás Aquí" with Ensenada duo Felix y Gil guesting on vocals. Des/Amor is the album where Reik reveal themselves as grown-up musicians and songwriters and moving past the boy band pinup image they so skillfully cultivated early on.

Reik - Des-Amor   ( flac  249mb)

01 Amanecer 4:09
02 Caderas 2:56
03 Somos Dos 4:00
04 Soy Yo 2:40
05 Fiesta 3:39
06 Voy 3:16
07 Algo Está Cambiando 4:30
08 Mar (Lo Que Siento) 3:50
09 To My Love 4:00
10 Sólo Tú 4:15
11 Raíz 3:39

  Reik - Des-Amor (ogg   92mb)

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