Oct 7, 2018

Sundaze 1840

Hello, what a day the geriatric US Senate votes 50-48 in favor of that psycho Kavenaugh to be part of the US High Court for the rest of his life. And it's not about that  lame juvenile sex attack, no it's the way he defended himself that was frightening the man is totally unsuitable, Trump maybe gone in a few years but that creep could easily terrorize the US the next 30 years. What the hell is wrong with the US why are the people so blind ?

On a comical note, brilliant prank by Banksy to sell his most loved work inside a prepared frame that started to shred the work after it had been sold for $ 1 million +, however i'm not sure it will have the desired effect, there's simply too much money flowing around in the art world

as we'll stay longer around Bristol here at Sundaze a word on the city......

Bristol's modern economy is built on the creative media, electronics and aerospace industries, and the city-centre docks have been redeveloped as centres of heritage and culture. The city has the largest circulating community currency in the U.K.—the Bristol pound, which is pegged to the Pound sterling. The city has two universities, the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England, and a variety of artistic and sporting organisations and venues. One of the UK's most popular tourist destinations, Bristol was selected in 2009 as one of the world's top ten cities by international travel publishers Dorling Kindersley in their Eyewitness series of travel guides. The Sunday Times named it as the best city in Britain in which to live in 2014 and 2017, and Bristol also won the EU's European Green Capital Award in 2015.

The music scene is thriving and significant. In 2010, PRS for Music announced that Bristol is the 'most musical' city in the UK, based on the number of PRS members born in Bristol relative to its population. From the late 1970s onwards it was home to a crop of cultish bands combining punk, funk, dub and political consciousness, including The Pop Group, close friends of The Cortinas, who led the City's punk scene from 1976. Bristol's premier fanzine from this time through until early 1978 was Loaded. It featured all of the Bristol bands as well as those who visited the city, some of whom were promoted by the magazine.

Bristol is home to many live music venues including the 2000-seat Colston Hall, named after Colston Street and the Colston School that once occupied the site, which can attract big names, the Trinity Centre (a community-run converted Church in the Old Market area of Bristol), the O2 Academy which is part of the national touring circuit for rock bands, the Anson Rooms (part of the University of Bristol Union), the Mothers Ruin, The Thekla, Fiddler's, the Bristol Folk House, Start the Bus, the Hatchet, the Fleece, the Croft, the Cooler and the Louisiana. Plenty to go on...

Today's Artist is  an English guitarist and singer, originally from Bristol, England and now based in France, who plays dark folk music. He also produced and recorded electronic music under the name The Third Eye Foundation.  .....N'Joy

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Matt Elliott's work as the Third Eye Foundation melds layers of droning noise with clattering drums and harrowing samples, resulting in disturbing yet captivating reflections of a life plagued by fear and hopelessness. Elliott originated from Bristol, England, and his work has combined influences from the city's space rock, drum'n'bass, and trip-hop scenes. He'll often combine supremely fast, chopped-to-smithereens breaks with other drums or samples that are heavily slowed down or stretched out, producing an extremely disorienting effect. Following a burst of activity resulting in several acclaimed albums, singles, and remixes from 1996 to the beginning of the 21st century, Elliott put the Foundation on hold and focused on writing downcast, experimental folk-influenced songs under his own name, but he's revived the project on occasion.

During the early '90s, Elliott played in a group called the Secret Garden along with Richard Walker, who left in 1992 and founded the experimental group Amp. Elliott contributed to early releases by Amp and Flying Saucer Attack, two groups from Bristol that blended harsh noise with ethereal elements, and were often referred to as space rock. Semtex, the Third Eye Foundation's debut full-length, appeared on Linda's Strange Vacation in 1996, and pushed these elements further, with vocals and guitars by Debbie Parsons (aka Foehn) trapped under a maelstrom of relentless distorted drums. Three other singles appeared during the same year, including an unrelated EP on Domino that also bore the title Semtex, and featured overdriven breakbeats similar to the work Alec Empire was producing at the time. Another release, In Version, featured remixes of tracks by Amp, Flying Saucer Attack, and Crescent.

In 1997, 3EF shared a split 12" with V/Vm, kicking off FatCat Records' split series. The Foundation remained with Domino in the U.K., while signing to Merge in the United States for second full-length Ghost, which appeared in 1997, as did the Sound of Violence EP. Pan Odyssey, a collaborative EP with Bump & Grind, was released by Sub Rosa in 1998. Shortly following the Fear of a Wack Planet single, the full-length You Guys Kill Me appeared by the end of the year. Little Lost Soul, a slightly more restrained full-length, was released in 2000, and 3EF's remixes for artists including Yann Tiersen, Tarwater, and Blonde Redhead were rounded up on 2001's I Poo Poo on Your Juju.

In 2003, Elliott began releasing music under his own name, drifting away from electronic music and closer to dark, dreamlike experimental indie folk. He also moved to France and began recording for the Ici d'Ailleurs label. A 2004 mix CD, OuMuPo 1, was credited to the Third Eye Foundation, but the project was put on ice until the politically motivated full-length The Dark was released in 2010. Following three more albums credited to Matt Elliott, the Third Eye Foundation returned in 2018 with the dub-influenced full-length Wake the Dead.

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Little Lost Soul is the Third Eye Foundation's first album of the 21st century and the most consistent to date. TEF uses the drum'n'bass elements of u-ziq and Squarepusher but leaves the trip-over-yourself aspects behind. Combined with swelling synths and angelic vocals, this album is a ride through the dark side of a genre appropriately labeled "drill'n'bass." The percussion is meticulously constructed; each beat is placed for a purpose and new rhythms are exposed upon repeated listens. Vague tinges of jazz are also present, mostly in the tappy snare drum and fretless upright bass sounds. All parts combine and build chaotically, most notably halfway through the album on "Half a Tiger." Little Lost Soul does have its calmer moments, too, where strings and slower trip-hoppish beats gel into a truly melodic package, as in "Lost." A clever use of dynamics and note placement, along with a knowledge of when not to play, prove Matt Elliot's progress as a modern electronic composer. In the end, Little Lost Soul is what many electronic albums aren't. It is tasteful.

The Third Eye Foundation - Little Lost Girl (flac  456mb)

01 I've Lost That Loving Feline 4:32
02 What Is It With You 4:22
03 Stone Cold Said So 6:07
04 Half A Tiger 7:11
05 Lost 10:55
06 Are You Still A Cliché? 1:58
07 Goddamnit You've Got To Be Kind 8:40
08 A Galaxy Of Scars (Live Remix) 7:07
09 Semtex (Live Remix) 4:47
10 An Even Harder Shade Of Dark (Live Remix) 8:33
11 Lost (Edit) 6:13
12 Lost (Pour Elise Remix By Many Fingers) 5:48

The Third Eye Foundation - Little Lost Girl  (ogg 190mb)

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I Poo Poo on Your Juju -- surely a more meaningful or attractive title could have been generated? -- assembled hard-to-find Third Eye Foundation remixes, along with one new track. To its credit, it doesn't sound like an odds-and-ends collection of reworkings, but strong enough to hold up on its own merits. The Third Eye Foundation, the project of Matt Elliott, has sometimes been portrayed as a drum'n'bass act. But actually this would be more aptly characterized as intelligent and eclectic electronica, only sometimes using drum'n'bass elements. It's a diverse grouping, including a treatment of a work by French composer Yann Tiersen and a remix of a cover of Jonathan Richman's "When I Dance." It's best when it crafts hauntingly attractive yet somewhat disquieting moods with its blend of misty and wobbly textures, as on the Tiersen piece. The ones employing more common electronic percussive elements are less distinctive, and the range is wide enough that it may be hard to find many listeners who like everything here. Throughout, Elliott is adept at painting upon or adding a wealth of sounds -- jungle noises, electronic tones, classical piano, spooky special effects, a female voice, wavering bell rings -- into his craft.

The Third Eye Foundation - I Poo Poo On Your Juju  (flac 294mb)

01 Yann Tiersen - La Dispute (3rd Eye Foundation Remix) 6:30
02 Tarwater - To Describe You (3rd Eye Foundation Remix) 4:46
03 Urchin - Snuffed Candles (3rd Eye Foundation Remix) 7:57
04 The Remote Viewer - All Of The WCKW Want To Be Abstract (3ef Version) 5:43
05 Matt Elliott Vs. Chris Morris - Push Off My Wire 5:42
06 Blonde Redhead - Four Damaged Lemons 5:08
07 Faultline - Mute (3rd Eye Foundation Remix) 6:25
08 Glänta Vs. Third Eye Foundation - When I Dance 7:55

The Third Eye Foundation - I Poo Poo On Your Juju   (ogg  117mb)

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Ici d'Ailleurs is proud to launch its OuMuPo collection, where DJs and electronic music composers are asked to remix the label catalog. But there's a twist they have to comply with constraints issued in the OuMuPo charter. OuMuPo is the French nickname for "Ouvroir De Musiques Potentielles," or "Workshop For Potential Musics." It is one of the many artistic movements derived from surrealist Raymond Queneau and François le Lionnais' 1960 OuLiPo (Workshop For Potential Literatures). This principle has inspired a lot of creators…and that’s how OuBaPo was born (Workshop For Potential Comics), with such illustrators as Jean-Christophe Menu, Etienne Lecroart, Jochen Gerner and many more. Ici d'Ailleurs is fond of OuBaPo, and so they asked one of the movement leaders, Jean-Christophe Menu, to join the project. The result is a totally new 16-page comic book that comes along with each OuMuPo album, each drawn by a different cartoonist.

This first installment of the OuMuPo series features Jochen Gerner, one of the great names of the illustration world, and the famous electronica composer The Third Eye Foundation, a.k.a. Matthew Elliot (formerly of Flying Saucer Attack). This talented musician already worked with Ici d'Ailleurs in 1999, remixing Yann Tiersen's La Dispute. Third Eye Foundation takes the traditional sounds of drum 'n bass and twists them into something decidedly more interesting. While the genre has been completely flooded with stale imitations of an old theme, TEF has done something completely new.

The Third Eye Foundation - Oumupo 1  (flac 246mb)

01 Micro:mega / Headphone - Annex1 / Explatino 6:12
02 Headphone - Explatino 2:49
03 Bed / Yann Tiersen - Nightscape / Sur Le Fil 6:19
04 Yann Tiersen / Matt Elliott - Sur Le Fil / The Sinking Ship Song 2:35
05 Bästard - It Ain't No Funny At All 2:26
06 Dominique Petitgand - Etat Liquide 1:13
07 Madrid / The Digital Intervention - Une Pluie Sèche / Coma Idyllique 7:05
08 Aldéa / Chiossone = Petit Buddha Pt5.1:54
09 Linky / Gravité Zéro You / Pleins D'Étoiles 4:40
10 Bed / Headphone / Eric Aldéa - The Gap / Sublime Parade / 7 6:40

The Third Eye Foundation - Oumupo 1   (ogg  95mb)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Having retired the Third Eye Foundation name to concentrate on a series of albums and releases in a singer/songwriter vein, albeit one darkly shaded, Matt Elliott's return to the Third Eye Foundation seemed initially like a bit of a surprise. But in the same way that he tapped into a feeling of murk and looming dread from the start in the context of mid-'90s hip-hop and jungle, on The Dark Elliott arguably returns to where he's often been at his best -- observing the changes in extreme sonics in a scene and offering his own derivations on the approach. With dubstep now long established as a new reference point -- and both dub and jungle itself going through sorts of renaissances on the English musical scene as well -- The Dark simultaneously nods toward all this and continues Elliott's own obsessive aesthetic fusion. Given that his last major release under the name was done a few months before 9/11 and its resultant geopolitical consequences, there's a feeling of reviewing and acknowledging the past decade in one place, heightened by the album title and cover image of death and the concluding track's bitter title, "If You Treat Us All Like Terrorists We Will Become Terrorists." But the suggestion is implicit, all five tracks being instrumentals that further blend into each other to create one overall flowing, downbeat effort that is as beautiful as it is aggressively despairing. The opening "Anhedonia," with its layered mix of distant rhythm samples, soft, apparently guitar-based chimes, and what sounds like an aria loop, immediately sets the tone of dislocated melancholy so familiar from his earlier work. The shift from that track into the following "Standard Deviation" is so subtle as to be easily missed, with a central soft, loping rhythm remaining at the core. This sets the tone for the rest of the album's progression, introducing swirls of metallic howls, pulling back other beats to a central organ-sounding melodic loop on "Pareidolia" before bringing in newer drum parts and speeding up the pace, shifting to slow tape-corroded strings and a dub-tinged break before slowly collapsing into a overlay of drones like heavy sighs.

The Third Eye Foundation - The Dark (flac  282mb)

01 Anhedonia 11:11
02 Standard Deviation 10:19
03 Pareidolia 7:29
04 Closure 9:52
05 If You Treat Us All Like Terrorists We Will Become Terrorists 4:09

The Third Eye Foundation - The Dark  (ogg  102mb)

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Anonymous said...

Are you an American? If not, shut up about American politics. That shit-show about Kavanaugh was a psy-op.

Anonymous said...

"Innocent until proven Guilty" or should it be "Guilty until proven Innocent". You choose.

Rho said...

hello clearly difficulty with reading here i wrote lame juvenile sex attack that suggests the whole thing didn't amount to much, were it not it happened in a sexually repressed context, the judge himself even testified to how sexually repressed he was, to me judge K's defense was totally bizarre like that of a mad man, unworthy of the job he held let alone the top job at the High Court. But the Republican millionaires in the Senate consider him to be on par with their ideas about what is their right and their wrong. The whole US judiciary is in the process of being taken over by right wing Republicans. American Justice.....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all great posts of late, Third Eye Foundation in particular.
Really helped me fill in the gaps of their discography. I use to have
all the singles and ep's as well but were lost unfortunately. Anyways,
thanks again and keep up the good work.