Oct 19, 2018

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Tonight's Artists are an Italian acid jazz musical group, formed in 1992 by DJ MozArt (Claudio Rispoli) and DJ Blade. They collaborated with American musician CeCe Rogers on their 1995 d├ębut album, Love in a Black Dimension, as well as later projects. .....N'Joy

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The project Jestofunk born in 1990 founded by Alessandro Staderini aka “Blade From Jestofunk, “Francesco Farias” and “Claudio Mozart Rispoli”. Together they realesed several hits “I’m Gonna Love You” (1991) which at the time was a sort of revolution in Dance Music for the first time funk was incorporated with house in a perfect fusion. The first single was followed by “Say It Again”(1993), these contained in the first album “Love In A Black Dimension”, which also includes the great worldwide success,“Can We Live”(1994), skillfully interpreted by CeCe Rogers. This kept them busy for many years with the production of music and albums like “Love In A Black Dimension” (1995), “Universal Mother” (1998) includ the hits single “Special Love” feat Jocelyn Brown lucky single that was later extracted and remixed by “Steve Silk Harley”and “Seventy Miles From Philadelphia” (2003) which involved many artists such as CeCe Rogers, Jocelyn Brown, Freddy McGregor, Cinda Ramseu, Robert Lopez, Eric Marienthal, Fred Wesley and many more, whilst maintaining a heavy worldwide touring schedule with bands such as, War, Massive Attack, Gran Mother’s Funk, Jovanotti, Candy Dulfer, Fred Wesley’s Jazz Funk, Al Jarreau, David Sanborn, 4 Hero, Asian Dub Foundation, Freak Power, Fun Loving Criminals, Morcheeba, Steve Coleman, James Taylor Quartett, Temptation, Tito Puente, Courtney Pine, Marla Glen, Earth Wind & Fire and many more…

Jestofunk began a world tour starting from Italy and moving throughout Europe, in Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein finally arriving in Australia, where the group played to crowds in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. Two years of contentment followed in which time the group received a Gold Record and their music became appreciated all over the world. In 1998, Jestofunk released a new double single titled “Stellar Funk” and in 1999 they released the CD “Live Jestofunk” album, which was recorded during their concerts and for which they received a Platinum Record In Austria and Switzerland. The latest release Jestofunk “The Anthology” (2006) cointaining all Jestofunk’s hits, and the most important rmx’s like “Happy” Bob Sinclair Rmx, “Big Lover” Planet Funk Rmx “Mama Blues” At Jazz Rmx, “Disco Queen” Full Intention Rmx,”Can We Live” Murk Boys and Farley & Heller Rmx, “Special Love” Joey Negro and Jazz ’N’ Groove Rmx. Totally, Jestofunk’s project have sold 1,000,000 of copies around the world, and they won a Gold Award for the career.

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Jestofunk's debut album 'Love In A Black Dimension' is one of those that have inspired many people in general and a lot of dj's and producers in particular. Outstanding Italian jazzdance-deephouse-reggea-dub-funk without any pretention. Many tracks of this album have been heard on different kinds of dancefloors, bars and garden parties all over the world. 'Can We Live' is pure (dancefloor) madness and the 'The Ghetto' cover belongs to one of the better reinterpretations of this classic song. No coincidence that both tracks were produced in collaboration with living legend and vocalist Ce Ce Rogers. From uplifting booty shakin' tracks to smoked out downtempo lovesongs: This album has it all, very special guests: vocalist Ce Ce Rogers and trombonist Fred Wesley.

A word on those "Moai" what those socalled archaeologists don't tell you is these Moai are found in 9 meters of undisturbed sediment, impossible for such a small island to lay down so much sediment in a 1000 years more like 10,000 years when the island was bigger. What is the meaning of it all ? For me it is clear they are standing in remembrance, commemorating a terrible disaster that befell their world, there would be no more survivors, they had to move on into an uncertain future, sadness. It would be more apt to call these 'Moai' what they are... Atlanteans

Jestofunk - Love In A Black Dimension   (flac  368mb)

01 Intro 0:58
02 Can We Live 6:21
03 Fluid 7:18
04 Find Your State Of Mind 5:48
05 Say It Again 6:48
06 Straight To You 6:01
07 Fly Love Song 5:26
08 For Your Precious Love 5:37
09 Moai Message 6:56
10 The Ghetto 7:04
11 Dance To The Music 5:31
12 I'm Gonna Love You 5:45
13 Theme From JFK 6:14

Jestofunk - Love In A Black Dimension (ogg   150mb)

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Moz-Art, Blade and Farias, the three producers behind the Jestofunk project, for this second album decided to recreate the same workshop atmosphere of the previous one, involving even more special guests: vocalist Jocelyn Brown, Reggae legend Freddy Mc Gregor and once again trombonist Fred Wesley and singer CeCe Rogers.

Jestofunk - Universal Mother (flac  406mb)

01 Universal Mother :47
02 Be A Warrior 5:25
03 Colour 5:50
04 Universal Love 5:31
05 If You've Got It, You'll Get It 6:17
06 Special Love 5:04
07 Happy 5:23
08 Jestofunk, Jestofunk 3:45
09 Try My Love 5:58
10 We Are 0:43
11 Nel Nome Del Suono 6:35
12 Why? 5:53
13 PFunk Station 5:08
14 Earthquake 4:50
15 Reflexion 0:57

Jestofunk - Universal Mother (ogg  140mb)

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Third studio album from Jestofunk. With special guest Hubert Tubbs, lead singer with 70’s band Tower of Power. Probably Jestofunk’s most complete work to date. It includes a cover of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Have A Talk With God’.

Jestofunk - Seventy Miles From Philadelphia (flac  381mb)

01 Shake 'Em On Down 5:44
02 Disco Queen 3:21
03 Original Vibe 5:41
04 Mama Blues 5:15
05 Smokin Plant 4:57
06 Walk Like A Baby 5:13
07 Big Lover 4:35
08 Close To My Heart 4:44
09 Dubb Of Gaetan 5:59
10 Have A Talk With God 4:29
11 Believe In Music 4:57
12 Mondo Negro 5:01

Jestofunk - Seventy Miles From Philadelphia (ogg  128mb)

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  Jestofunk - 3 EP's   (flac  448mb)

Jestofunk With Ce Ce Rogers - Can We Live
01 Can We Live (Radio Cut) 3:59
02 Can We Live (Club Mix) 6:20
03 Confine Instrumental 6:30
04 Mandrillapella 5:20
Jestofunk Feat Jocelyn Brown - Special Love
01 Special Love (Silk Special House Mix Radio Edit) 4:20
02 Special Love (Jazz N Groove Club Mix) 7:08
03 Special Love (Joey Negros Disco Fusion Mix) 8:20
04 Special Love (Silk Special House Mix) 8:48
05 Special Love (Album Version) 5:06
Jestofunk Feat Ce Ce Rogers - Happy
01 Happy (Radio Edit) 3:44
02 Happy (House-O-Matic Radio Edit) 3:30
03 Happy (House-O-Matic Remix) 5:37
04 Happy (Extended Mix) 5:28
05 Happy (Album Mix) 5:15

Jestofunk - 3 EP's (ogg   164mb)

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