Jul 25, 2017

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Today's artist is influenced by Brazilian pop and the music of her native Argentina, she spent much time in America soaking up jazz and R&B sensibilities, all of which inform her singing. The daughter of a jazz saxophone player, Anders studied classical guitar while a child but moved to piano study at a Buenos Aires conservatory. She spent much time in New York as wel. ...N'Joy

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Buenos Aires, Argentina. A long tradition of music ran through the family into which Anders was born March 17, 1972. She studied classical guitar both privately and at a conservatory but she was also influenced by her father, Jorge Anders (b. 18 April 1939, Buenos Aires, Argentina) who played jazz saxophone. In time, this influence proved stronger than that of the classical repertoire. At the age of 14 she was performing in Buenos Aires, playing guitar and singing, but through visits to her father in New York City, she consolidated her links to jazz. During the 80s, her father arranged for the bands of Mel Lewis and Machito, and he had spells playing and occasionally recording with Duke Ellington and Butch Miles. Upon completion of her high school education, Anders moved permanently to New York where she studied orchestration for brass and strings with Don Sebesky. She also began singing in clubs, performing with artists such as Marc Anthony, Celia Cruz, Tito Puente and Grover Washington Jnr. , and also led her own group. At one point she sent an unsolicited tape to Warner Brothers Records who reacted positively but did not at that time offer a contract.

Anders then spent some time back in Argentina before returning to New York to resume her studies. Late in 1996 she toured Japan and attracted sufficient attention to warrant an album recorded especially for that market, Fantasia for which she used the name Beleza. After another tour of Japan the following year, promoting her album, she again returned to New York where she recorded a duet with Michael Franks. Once again, she encountered Warner Brothers and this time was offered a recording contract. In her performances, for the most part, Anders uses her own compositions and co-compositions. Her vocal style draws upon her jazz influences, such as contrasting saxophonists Stan Getz and John Coltrane. As a consequence, her phrasing is strongly jazz influenced. When she sings in a contemporary pop or R&B manner, her work is permeated by the musical sounds of her homeland, most notably by the gently persuasive Latin beat that provides a fluid base to her work.

After sending a demo tape into Warner Jazz, Anders signed a contract and released Wanting in August 1998.
 Gabriela also started what would become a very successful career doing sessions for radio and television on the studio scene in New York and Los Angeles. In 1999 she landed a deal with the American label, Warner Brothers Jazz. Her first album for them, “Wanting”, elicited much praise for Anders’ musical vision and impassioned vocal style. It featured arrangements and production by George Duke, Paul Brown, Allain Mallet and Anders herself. Gabriela wrote or co-wrote ten of the album’s twelve tracks and toured the US, Europe and Asia in support of the release. Her unique marriage of Brazilian, Latin and Jazz led to Vogue and People Magazine describing Anders and her music as “exotic and bold”, “wonderfully soulful”, and “one of the most distinctive new voices to hit the music scene in years”.

While on Warner, she also recorded with Al Jarreau, Bob James Erik Bennet and Michael Franks. She twice performed at the Montreaux Jazz Festival with George Duke’s band.  Her second record for Warner, “Gabriela”, featured an array of world-class sidemen, including Christian McBride, Amir “Questlove” Thompson and Kirk Whalum. Again, she contributed ten of the album’s twelve tracks. In 2004, Gabriela recorded “Last Tango In Rio” for Narada/EMI and JVC Japan, and in 2008, her album “Bossa Beleza” featured her own music as well as her arrangements of Brazilian standards - an idiom close to her musical heart since her early days as a student in Buenos Aires - and contemporary versions of some of the music of one of her favorite artists, Billie Holiday.

On Gabriela Anders' 2015 CD, “Cool Again”, the singer / vocal orchestrator / songwriter / bandleader tracks live with an array of stellar sidemen including guitarist Wayne Krantz and bassist Anthony Jackson. The music: funky, soulful pop-jazz, strikingly invigorated by Gabriela's improvisational nature and spontaneous approach.
Gabriela Anders is also the director, arranger and vocalist for her new ensemble, "Los Dukes": an 8-piece band featuring some of the best Latin jazz players in NYC. "Los Dukes" play the music of Duke Ellington in a wide range of iconic Latin American styles - baion, merengue, cha-cha, bolero, reggae, mambo and more. One of very few jazz vocalist/arrangers on the scene, Gabriela puts her stamp of unique creativity on this unexpected format with incendiary results.

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Gabriela Anders got her big break singing a duet with soft jazz giant Michael Franks, and like that new age patriarch, Anders wraps laid-back vocals around even more tranquil rhythms. It's all very calming and proficient and breezy. And also bland as hell. Like her mentor, Anders has a hard time injecting any soul into her work. Wanting, her debut album, mixes bits of her Argentine heritage with late-'70s California jazz; so, Brazilian music coasts along with soft and hazy saxophone fills and tapping percussion leads. It all can be very pretty -- the opening "Fire of Love" represents Anders at her most relaxed and relaxing. All songs were acceptable,and the title song & the duet with Eric Benet was some of his best work. This album also benefits from having George Duke & Paul Brown as producers.This is smooth jazz at it's mellow best, as well as a sensational debut. This girl has it. Pour yourself a nice glass of wine, put Gabriela on your stereo and take a mind trip to your favorite jazz club or Beach...enjoy!!!!

Gabriela Anders - Wanting (flac  359mb)

01 Fire Of Love 4:17
02 The Girl From Ipanema 4:24
03 Wanting 4:39
04 Forever 5:00
05 You Know What It's Like 4:45
06 Seven Days 5:40
07 Just An Hour 6:03
08 Fantasía 5:07
09 I'll Be Loving You 4:12
10 Love Is So Unkind 3:48
11 Feels So Good 5:10
12 Brasileria 3:40

Gabriela Anders - Wanting   (ogg  134mb)

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Argentinian-born singer Gabriela Anders' music is exotic and sultry, with the funky infusion of a sensual, tropical beat. Gabriela Anders continues a journey of musical excellence and introspection with her new release, "Eclectica", a collection of Brazilian, R&B and jazz- influenced songs, now including two additional tracks, "Far away" and "Love so right". "Eclectica": a sultry, exotic sound with irresistible grooves, punctuated by intensely soulful vocals. Anders' voice seduces, and her impassioned ideas and desires are enthralling. Says Anders, "Growing as a musician is absolutely the most important thing to me" Produced by Sonic Soul, Eastriverjoint and Gabriela herself, Eclectica showcases Anders' ability to push traditional boundaries and transcend genres and formats while featuring some of today's most soulful musicians: Wayne Krantz, Negro Hernandez, John Benitez, Ron Lawrence, Cidinho, Café, Cliff Lyons, Rick Savage, Luis Bonilla, Hector Martignon, Vince Cherico, Hami Marqui Dair, Susan Youngblood, Sammy Merendino, Ross Traut, Reggie Hamilton and Otmaro Ruiz. Most of the songs and lyrics are by Anders, as are the arrangements. The first single, the appealingly warm "Together Again", is Gabriela's homage to her love land, Brazil. The Latin grooves of "Naufragio" and "Socamerengue" take you to the tropics, to bring you back with the soulful solo voice/piano performance of "Fading Light". The slinky funkiness of "What My Dreams Are Made Of" contrasts with the jazziness of "I Wait". "Eclectica" keeps on surprising you; every track takes you on a different journey: an eclectic trip into Gabriela's sensual musical world.

Gabriela Anders - Eclectica   (flac  270mb)

01 Together Again 4:22
02 Pearls And Gold 3:37
03 Naufragio 4:15
04 What My Dreams Are Made Of 4:37
05 Fading Light 4:32
06 I Wait 5:30
07 Socamerengue 3:34
08 Like U Do 4:08
09 Far Away 4:46
10 Love So Right 3:31

Gabriela Anders - Eclectica (ogg   99mb)

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The sexy Argentine chanteuse has a wisp of a voice that tops Michael Franks for extreme subtlety, but there's no denying its calm and seductive appeal on a mix of uniquely arranged Billie Holiday classics and a handful of originals. The best way to describe Anders' approach to Lady Day is to imagine the legend chilling out in a South American rain forest surrounded by a gentle acoustic guitar and bandeon. "Our Love Is Here to Stay" plays like a slow-speed samba that Astrud Gilberto might feel at home with, but with trance effects. A few too many trippy liberties are taken, however, with "God Bless the Child," which is hard to recognize melodically even as Anders' restrained phrasing makes the lyrics clear. The best news for the singer is that at least a few of her originals -- particularly "Embrace Me" and the soundscape-enhanced "All Your Love" -- feel right at home among those legendary tracks. Judging from the intoxicating "The Buenos Aires Mix," she's also not averse to taking some odd-metered risks. No one can accuse Anders of possessing an overwhelming vocal presence, but for exotic make-out music, she's definitely on top of the pile.

Gabriela Anders - Last Tango in Rio   (flac  230mb)

01 You Go To My Head 3:52
02 Abracadabra 5:30
03 Love Is Here To Stay 3:20
04 God Bless The Child 4:23
05 Embrace Me 4:30
06 The Buenos Aires Mix 4:03
07 Body And Soul 3:15
08 All Your Love 2:44
09 Meant To Be 4:48
10 'Til The End Of Time 3:32

Gabriela Anders - Last Tango in Rio (ogg  92mb)

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With an album title referencing her former band Beleza (whose three long-out-of-print releases -- Fantasia, Seven Days, and Tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim -- are nearly impossible to find), Anders offers up more Brazilian breath mints, spicy and cool. Overall, the album is very good, as Anders' half-whispered vocals heat most of the Portuguese tropical tunes. This is what a real bossa nova album should be: real upbeat songs like the cover of The Rollin Stones' "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" or the lite samba closer. Gabriela gives new life into a number of bossa standards here like "Agua De Beber" (giving it a hint of funk with the guitars), "Samba De Uma Nota So" or "Samba de Verão".

Gabriela Anders - Bossa Beleza (flac  289mb)

01 September 4:06
02 Aqua De Beber 3:23
03 Samba De Verao3:38
04 Samba De Uma Nota So 4:44
05 (I can't get no) Satisfaction 5:25
06 Amapola 3:17
07 Dindi 5:03
08 Folhas Secas 4:20
09 Fantasia 5:15
10 Siempre Asi 3:13
11 Sexy Ride 4:23

Gabriela Anders - Bossa Beleza (ogg  115mb)

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