Oct 9, 2016

Sundaze 1641

Hello, F1 news, looks like it's Rosberg's race to loose qualifying in front, behind him Hamilton leads the Ferrari's and Red Bulls all within 6 hundred's of a second of eachother, how close is that ! I'm sure the start will mix things up as Ferrari is firy and Vettel needs to make up places as he got a 3 places penalty because he messed up last week. Who willl win this time..well Hamilton naturally, after all he's entitled too turn up his engine and should it blow it's sabotage...

The final post related to Extreme Records....today's artists have been introduced here apart from a German duo getting some well deserved attention here, electronic beats, dripping rhythms and ethereal voices for you to discover and ... N'Joy

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Interestingly both artists here stem from a small but old rural town, Olpe. It's an idyllic place bordered by hills and a large reservoir, good infrastructure and services, in short the kinda of comfortable place where nothing really happens...

Carla Subito (composer), real name Christian Schöne born 1965 in Olpe / Germany

1980-1987 apprenticed to a church organist
1987 commenced composing with electronic instruments
1988-1990 Radio concerts in Berlin with Johannes Schmoelling (Ex Tangerine Dream)
1989 Founded Fetisch Park with Marlon Shy
1991 Worked with the Electronic Studio, Cologne (Director: Hans Ulrich Humpert)
1991 on… Video soundtracks and sound installations as Fetisch Park in Germany, Netherlands, Bombay / India and Bangkok / Thailand.

Marlon Shy (painter, writer, photographer, video artist) born 1956 in Olpe / Germany

Marlon Shy has traveled for many years in Africa, where she spent some time during her childhood, as well as travelling in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Himalayas and India, where the idea developed for a sound research project involving Indian and German musicians.
1972-1974 Studied traditional painting at the Institut National Superior des Beaux Arts in Abidjan / Ivory Coast (Africa).
1978-1979 Assistant to Hollywood Director Peter Bogdanovich in Singapore and Los Angeles. Further work in the film industry as production assistant, make-up artists, actress and director in Los Angeles and Munich.
1981-1983 Travelled through North Africa, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.
1985-1987 Studio in Berlin.
1987-1989 Studio in Hamburg; first exhibition of her paintings and objects.
1983-1994 Travelled through India, Thailand and Nepal to study the social background of the women, focussing on understanding their religion and sexuality.
1995 on… Producing videos and books as Fetisch Park

The curiously-named Fetisch Park is currently one Carla Subito, who has an uncanny knack for crafting strangely pulsing fourth-world/ambient tone poems. Though comparisons to various experimentalists and drone-artists might be inevitable, the broad sound expanses seem to rip their qualities right out of black heart of the void itself. Up until 1999 they released seven albums, Zungenpflug (91), Verbundenheit (93), Ego Ex Nihil (96), Trost (96), Instinktverlust (96), Alluvial (97), Feuersaat: Retrospective Works (99) then the band split up. After a long hiatus, Carla Subito has now activated this outstanding project again. First the band played some select concerts in Europe, and Klanggalerie have now released the all-new Fetisch Park album "Elevation" also featuring Can's Jaki Liebezeit.

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Ego Ex Nihil means freely translated from Latin "I out of nothing" it was registered during the pregnancy of Fetisch Park member (Marlon Shy) by sound researcher and composer Carla Subito.The inspiration of growing belly and the it's capacity of stretching. The tightness of it's living content pushed us towards the question how it feels inside the warm, wet and dark chamber. As communications by the normal means of looking and talking cannot be performed in this early nevertheless important period of human life, there must be other ways to express feelings by recieving touches and sounds from outside, the little human may give answers-sort of signs. Attentive mothers know how to decode those delicate mysterious indications in the proper way. Around the 18th week the fetus can hear, the ear is fully develloped. It is possible to msnipulste the baby by sound, noises and music, the sound should neither excite too muxh nor should it be too boring, after all the baby can't escape. The best result is a state of attentive relaxation..(from the cover)

This album transcends so much pseudo new age tags. One need only to a imagine the age of sorcery, quite simply magic trickling to ones ears! Quite possibly, this is one of the best minimal ambient albums ever recorded. The main component is sound of bells, transformed and modified in many different ways. Its quite emotional too, which might be unusual for given genre. The album was created for women in utero, The title in english is 'Is I out of nothing'

Fetisch Park - Ego Ex Nihil  (flac  387mb)

01 Tau Im Licht 6:15
02 Helle Luft 6:15
03 Moos Und Steine 8:07
04 Sanfter Stahl 17:32
05 Kristall Kopf 8:18
06 Verborgene Rinnsale 5:15
07 Widderherz 7:27
08 Erdwesen 6:06

Fetisch Park - Ego Ex Nihil    (ogg  151mb)

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Fetisch Park's Alluvial is a wet glide into a pungent delta of broken electronic beats, dripping rhythms and ethereal voices carried across the watery flats from somewhere far off. The singing, fit to lure sailors onto hidden reefs, is actually the captured voices of Thai prostitutes captured by Carla Subito and placed into a fitting frame created in the studio. Knowing this, Alluvial becomes a fascinating document of transcending beauty and composer Subito's versatile and thoughtful skills. Former church organist Subito founded Fetisch Park nine years ago with Marlon Shy. Globetrotter and painter Shy is especially interested in the religion and sexuality of Thai and Nepalese women. Alluvial is a sort of diptych, in two halves. By "Ballroom" we are at our soggiest in sensuality and movement. The final half is an ambient afterglow that soothes and eases the listener back into reality. Alluvial should be readily prescribed for romance and relaxation, in that order.

Fetisch Park - Alluvial  (flac  367mb)

01 Malaysia Hotel 4:36
02 Blow 5:51
03 Gradation D'Humour 5:33
04 Reiz 5:28
05 Off Line 5:41
06 Pongh 6:53
07 Ball-Room 3:37
08 Cargo 5:14
09 Kadse 5:22
10 Suktion 15:39

Fetisch Park - Alluvial    (ogg 174mb)

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This is a limited edition collaborative effort (1000 copies) between Schutze and longtime musical associate Andrew Hulme, who has appeared with Schutze previously in several incarnations of the ethnic/ambient group O Yuki Conjugate. 7 degrees is murkier and more ambiguous than the typical Schutze solo effort, and the seven pieces are filled with unexpected sonic transitions and combinations. Metallic whirring, insect twittering, phase-shifted, stuttering drones, strange voices, short wave radio oscillators, fragments of ethnic chanting and the sounds of rain -- all these elements combine to create subliminal dreamscapes of an uneasy and ambiguous nature. There's an unpredictability to this partnership which is uncharacteristic for Schutze as a solo artist. Alone, he tends to work things out almost to a fault, and his musical visions sometimes have an almost preternatural clarity. But on this CD with Hulme, more chances are being taken. And while things may occasionally get a little arbitrary, the peculiar juxtapositions have their own power, as the two artists push each other into some sonic territories where they probably wouldn't be venturing on their own.

Paul Schutze & Andrew Hulme - Fell  (flac  274mb)

01 After The Knives 3:08
02 God Box 12:05
03 Dead Language 2:57
04 The Prayer 10:52
05 Rain Of Rust 8:09
06 Ioascan Incision 12:11
07 Fallen 4:23

Paul Schutze & Andrew Hulme - Fell   (ogg  128mb)

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Another nice sampler from the folks at Extreme, offering up plenty of nice cuts from Mo Boma, Soma, The Fire This Time (whose "Waking Dreamer Dub," a blurred boundary between Native American music and reggae, is one of the best things on offer here), Pablo's Eye, Groovy, Muslimgauze, Vidna Obmana, Land and Social Interiors. An essential place to start if you're seeking worthy alternatives.

VA - Assemblage Volume Two  (flac  357mb)

01 Soma - Dark Koma 5:32
02 Soma - Antediluvian 4:36
03 Pablo's Eye - Les Larmes Du Tigre 2:19
04 Pablo's Eye - Gone By Night 4:24
05 Groovy - Expanding 5:03
06 The Fire This Time - Waking Dreamer Dub 8:33
07 Muslimgauze - Masawi Wife and Child 7:42
08 Vidna Obmana - Challenging Boundaries 5:14
09 Land - Shu 6:42
10 Mo Boma - Nyodi 5:19
11 Mo Boma - Bataloo 4:00
12 Mo Boma - Day Of Forever 2:10
13 Social Interiors - Traces Of Mercury 7:35

VA - Assemblage Volume Two    (ogg  142mb)

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