Oct 1, 2016

RhoDeo 1639 Grooves

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Today's artists are a much-derided group that never got their props.  Aside from New Order, they are the one group most responsible for the way we hear today's house records. Were they they alone in their time? No, but they solidified a pattern of beats and electronic sounds into a harder edged and more soulful version of HiNRG. Their kick drums are probably the only ones from the period (apart from New Order and a few Giorgio Moroder records that preceded them) that will endanger the foundation of your home. And like the aforementioned Moroder, Denis LePage's composition seamlessly made the hoky electronic ponderances of Kratwerk into something truly symphonic in nature. Their sound may be a little stuck in it's time on the majority of their records, but at their best those records sing.. ..... N'joy

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Lime was a Canadian synth music outfit from Montreal, Quebec. The group was composed of husband and wife Denis and Denyse LePage. Very early in their career, the group released an instrumental 12" single vinyl record called "The Break" under the name Kat Mandu. The single was successful and peaked at number three on the disco chart.[2] Singer Denyse also wrote and sang on the record "Dancin' the Night Away" by Voggue. In between the Kat Mandu project, the LePages also helped produced and arranged music for numerous studio projects, notably for acts signed to Prelude Records.

Lime released their debut album (Your Love) in 1981. The title track became a #1 dance hit in the US. "You're My Magician" was also a big dance hit in the US. "Your Love" was featured in the 1982 movie Summer Lovers.1982 saw the release of Lime's second album (Lime II) and the release of one of Lime's best known hits, "Babe We're Gonna Love Tonight". In 1983 Lime released Lime 3, and the album gave us the hits "Guilty" and "Angel Eyes".

1984, Lime released Sensual Sensation, and the single "My Love" was a minor hit, but not as successful as prior hits. Lime's next album was Unexpected Lovers and the title track was another big hit. 1986's release (Take The Love) gave Lime two more chart hits, "Gold Digger" and "Cutie Pie". After Lime's fame in the early to mid 1980s, Problems between Denis and Denyse started to rise, and they separated in 1989 , Denis and Denyse still worked together until 1996.

Lime continued to release albums through 2002, but their next 4 CDs: A Brand New Day (88), Caroline (91), The Stillness of the Night (98), Love Fury (02), failed to have any hit singles. The band faded from popularity in the 1990s, and Denis LePage signed over his half rights to classic Lime royalties before releasing a new album, Love Fury, in 2002. After Denyse LePage had left him Denis LePage teamed up with several vocalists (Amber Star Chaboyer, Benedict Ouiment, Chubby Tavares, Julie Courchesne, Marie-Piere Vaillancourt, and Mary Lassard) for the final Lime project.

Two younger singers, Joy Dorris and Chris Marsh, were chosen to tour and appear as Lime. Later, Rob Hubertz would replace Chris Marsh. Joy Dorris and Rob Hubertz continue to perform today. Denis LePage from the original Lime has come out as transgender. She now releases records as Nini No Bless.

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Critics of Euro-dance music tend to dismiss its artists as faceless, but Denis and Denyse LePage -- collectively the Canadian Hi-NRG duo Lime -- are hardly faceless and certainly deserve credit for being recognizable. While Denis LePage brings a gruff, rock-like vocal style to Lime's Euro-dance grooves, Denyse LePage tends to sing in a high voice and sounds more R&B-influenced. Put them together and you have an appealing combination. Lime never became pop/Top 40 superstars in the U.S., but in dance clubs that played a lot of Hi-NRG, the male/female duo commanded much respect in the 1980s. One of the Lime LPs that club DJs were quick to notice was Unexpected Lovers, which came out on the Matra label in Canada but was released by TSR in the U.S. The haunting title song was a huge club hit, and while the rest of the album falls short of the title song's excellence, it's generally enjoyable -- those who appreciate Euro-dance grooves will easily get into cuts like "I'm Falling in Love," "Say You Love Me," and "My Lovely Angel." Meanwhile, "Do Your Time on the Planet" combines the Euro-beat with synth-funk, and the instrumental "Are You Being Untrue Tonight" isn't unlike something Giorgio Moroder would have produced. For Hi-NRG enthusiasts, Unexpected Lovers is worth searching for

Lime - Unexpected Lovers    (flac  306mb)

01 Do You Time On The Planet 6:10
02 Profile Of Love 4:48
03 Are You Being Untrue Tonight 4:48
04 Alive And Well 4:45
05 Say You Love Me 5:36
06 My Lovely Angel 5:35
07 Unexpected Lovers 6:20
08 I'm Falling In Love 4:26

Lime - Unexpected Lovers  (ogg   106mb)

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Great album,. great tunes specially Cutie Pie and Gold digger will move your ass..

Lime - Take The Love   (flac  505mb)

01 Take The Love 5:39
02 Cutie Pie 5:46
03 Irresistible Woman 4:28
04 Do You Like To Love 5:05
05 Gold Digger (U.S. Remix) 7:53
06 Did You See That Girl (Remix) 6:47
07 Come On Everybody 4:27
08 Did You See That Girl 6:50
09 Gold Digger 5:08
10 Dry Up 6:44
11 Gold Digger (Remix) 7:43
12 Cutie Pie (Remix) 5:16
13 Take The Love (Radio Edit) 3:24

Lime - Take The Love  (ogg  183mb)

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Lime's sound is as solid as ever. As seen in "Brand new day and Closer to you". "Sentimentally yours" was a nice find but "Please say you will" an out of the box hit. This collection adds to the ever growing list of great hits from this great energy dance duo.

Lime - A Brand New Day   (flac 506mb)

01 Please Say You Will (Be My Baby) (Remix) 6:04
02 Making Up My Mind About You 5:55
03 Bottoms Up 5:36
04 What You Waiting For 5:22
05 Closer To You 5:50
06 Sentimentally Yours 5:03
07 A Brand New Day 5:43
08 Please Say You Will (Be My Baby) (Extended Remix) 8:08
09 A Brand New Day (12'' Remix) 7:24
10 Sentimentally Yours (Club Mix) 7:46
11 Please Say You Will (Be My Baby) (Inst.) 5:50
12 Please Say You Will (Be My Baby) (Radio Edit) 4:10

Lime - A Brand New Day (ogg  190mb)

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Anyone who loves Lime will enjoy this album. The only weak track on the disc is "Hot Dancer." Otherwise, the songs are up to Lime's incredibly high standards. "Caroline" and "Take My Heart Away" are outstanding! We miss you, Denis & Denyse!

Lime - Caroline   (flac 436mb)

01 It's Gonna Be Allright 5:32
02 My Love 5:27
03 Don't You Wanna Do It 6:03
04 Sensual Sensation 6:00
05 Take It Up 5:16
06 I Don't Wanna Lose You 5:58
07 Extrasensory Perception 4:59
08 The Party's Over 6:37
09 I Don't Wanna Lose You (Club Mix) 7:34
10 Take It Up (Mark Kamins Remix) 6:17
11 My Love (Mark Kamins Remix) 5:42
12 My Love (Radio Edit) 4:20
13 I Don't Wanna Lose You (Radio Edit) 4:09

Lime - Caroline (ogg  157mb)

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