Jan 13, 2016

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Today's artist released under the various project names of Foetus, Wiseblood, Steroid Maximus, Baby Zizanie, Manorexia and others—it includes elements of 20th century classical music, noise, big band, Americana, jazz, punk rock, African and Cuban percussion, and epic/horror film soundtracks. Much of his aural output is built on a percussive, rock music-type structure, though to call it rock music would be inaccurate. His music employs elements of many genres: with an often frenzied aesthetic, his music combines percussion, strings, distortion, brass, electric guitars, electronic sounds and voice. Recurring lyrical themes include destruction, persecution, anxiety, abuse, incest, masochism, angst, self-destruction, self-abuse, lust, prejudice, murder, failure and machismo, often expressed using American colloquialism and black humour.  N'Joy

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James George Thirlwell (born 29 January 1960) – also known as Clint Ruin, Frank Want, Foetus among other names – is an Australian singer, composer, and record producer. He is known for juxtaposing a variety of different musical styles.
Thirlwell was born in Melbourne, Australia. He briefly studied Fine Art at Melbourne State College before moving to London, England in 1978, where he played with the post-punk band prag VEC and formed the first of his numerous musical projects, Foetus. In the 1980s, under the pseudonyms Clint Ruin and Frank Want, he contributed to various releases by Nurse With Wound, Marc Almond, The The and Nick Cave. He released his first 7" single, OKFM/Spite Your Face, in 1981, on his own Self-Immolation record label in his first incarnation as Foetus. Over the next few years, he would release two more singles, a 12" EP, and four full-length albums, Deaf, Ache, Hole and Nail Some Bizzare Records . After visiting the United States during a live stint with the Immaculate Consumptive (Lydia Lunch, Nick Cave and Marc Almond) Thirlwell settled in New York City, where he is still based. Since his move he has released several singles, fourteen EPs (including Stinkfist, with fellow New York artist Lydia Lunch and Thurston Moore), and seventeen full-length albums.

In addition to being a prolific artist in his own right, Thirlwell has remixed and produced numerous pieces for artists including Faith No More, Nine Inch Nails, Pantera, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The The, Zola Jesus and Swans. He has also done voice-over work for MTV and other entities.

Since 2000 Thirlwell has become more active as a composer, having written commissions for Bang on a Can, League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots and Kronos Quartet, and scoring the Adult Swim cartoon The Venture Bros. He also revived his primary instrumental project, Steroid Maximus, and initiated a more experimental instrumental project in Manorexia. He continues to write and perform regularly as a solo artist and with various ensembles. He is also a member of the freq_out sound art collective, and has created solo sound installations in Kaliningrad, Santarcangelo and Vienna.

Throughout the span of his career, Thirlwell has toyed with his own identity by releasing music in the guise of numerous alter egos. During the earliest phases of his recording, Thirlwell's "groups" were composed of a plethora of fictional characters: Foetus Under Glass supposedly consisted of Frank Want, Phillip Toss and two Brazilian statistics collectors; Scraping Foetus off the Wheel was claimed to be the work of Want and Clint Ruin. Furthering the confusion, Thirlwell adopted these personas outside of his own recordings; for example, Frank Want can be found on The The's Soul Mining and on releases by Orange Juice, with whom he appeared on Top of the Pops.

Thirlwell's persona of Clint Ruin was particularly notable. During the mid-1980s and early-1990s Thirlwell exclusively went by this pseudonym, even conducting interviews as Ruin. As Ruin, Thirlwell was a member of Wiseblood with Roli Mosimann and Flesh Volcano with Marc Almond. He also recorded two collaborative EPs with Lydia Lunch, and starred in and scored films of Richard Kern under the Ruin alias. Ruin is also credited on numerous releases for a variety of roles with Boss Hog, Coil, Fur Bible, Annie Hogan, Nurse With Wound, Pigface, Sonic Youth, Workdogs and others.
This practice seems to have been discontinued since 1995, and "JG Thirlwell" is credited on all subsequent musical recordings.

Thirlwell's projects.

Foetus:  From 1981's single 'OKFM' until 2013's 'Soak', most Foetus songs featured lead vocals. Though popularly known as simply "Foetus", Thirlwell released albums under diverse variations of the name, including: Foetus Art Terrorism; Foetus Über Frisco; Foetus Corruptus; Foetus In Excelsis Corruptus Deluxe; Foetus Inc.; Foetus Interruptus; Foetus Over Frisco; Foetus Under Glass; Philip and His Foetus Vibrations; Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel; The Foetus All-Nude Revue; The Foetus of Excellence; The Foetus Symphony Orchestra; and You've Got Foetus On Your Breath.
Steroid Maximus: Primary instrumental project.
Manorexia: Experimental instrumental project.
Wiseblood: Collaboration with Roli Mosimann.
Flesh Volcano: Collaboration with Marc Almond.
Baby Zizanie: Collaboration with Jim Coleman.
Hydroze Plus: Collaboration with Electronicat.
Garage Monsters: Collaboration with skater artist the P!zz. (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
The Immaculate Consumptive: Touring ensemble with Lydia Lunch, Nick Cave, and Marc Almond
The Venture Bros.: Musical score by Thirlwell.

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Nail is possibly the best Foetus album; it apparently hopes to piss off all potential listeners by working through as many warped sounds and styles as possible. Nail focuses, Ruin observes, feels-ruminations of hellish, turbulent death, agony, murder and down, black-mind opens and lets loose the darkness. Music soars, crashes, Again. Again. Again. “Descent Into The Inferno” pops, rolls, reels, tumbles down and up, up, up and around and ends…Death as glorious end to hellish agony, “Enter The Exterminator”…Music: “The Theme From Pigdom Come” “Private War”…Words: “Isn’t it a pity what a town without pity can do” “I can do any goddamn thing I want”…Satanic poetry. The Horror, The Horror. The sheer range of this music is hard to believe.

Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel - Nail  (flac 239mb)

01 Theme From Pigdom Come 1:53
02 The Throne Of Agony 5:18
03 !-Pigswill 0:04-6:13
04 Descent Into The Inferno 6:14
05 Enter The Exterminator 4:43
06 DI-1-9026 4:40
07 The Overture From Pigdom Come 3:01
08 Private War 1:06
09 Anything (Viva!) 6:47

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Wiseblood is an electronic noise-rock band formed by Clint Ruin (aka J. G. Thirlwell) and Roli Mosimann. In Ruin’s words, Wiseblood is violent macho American music made by non-Americans. The material tends toward the realm of the darkest and most sexual Foetus songs, with Mosimann’s Swans lineage showing in the slow, crushing pacing of many tracks. Thematically, Wiseblood’s lyrics center around the misanthropic exertion of power, typically via murder, sex or assault. Wiseblood existed on-and-off from the mid 1980s through early 1990s. Fans of either band should enjoy this 1986 album.

Wiseblood - Dirtdish (flac 441mb)

01 Prime Gonzola 5:36
02 0-0 (Where Evil Dwells) 5:20
03 Stumbo 7:05
04 Someone Drowned In My Pool 7:37
05 Godbrain 6:58
06 The Fudge Punch 6:34
07 Motorslug 9:37
08 Stumbo 12" Version 6:34
09 Death Rape 2000 7:29

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Although the aural assaults of Foetus could never be described as commercial, on 1988's Thaw, Jim Thirlwell reaches his most accessible. All the traditional harsh, machine-based noise is still present, but in slightly more conventional patterns than before. Opening track "Don't Hide It Provide It" rides on a mutant disco groove that many of Thirlwell's contemporaries would sell their souls to come up with, but it's something that he manages to do several times on the album. Not all of Thaw is danceworthy, and some of it is almost unlistenable -- "Asbestos" is three minutes of screeching violins -- but songs like "Barbedwire Tumbleweed" demonstrate just how far ahead of the pack Thirlwell is. When he's on this kind of form, he's one of the best.

Foetus Interruptus - Thaw (flac  247mb)

01 Don't Hide It Provide It 4:29
02 Asbestos 5:01
03 Fin 0:37
04 English Faggot / Nothin Man 3:38
05 Hauss - On - Fah 5:56
06 Fratricide Pastorale 1:59
07 The Dipsomaniac Kiss 4:12
08 Barbedwire Tumbleweed 3:26
09 ¡Chingada! 3:16
10 A Prayer For My Death 7:02

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