Aug 3, 2013

RhoDeo 1330 Beats

Hello, as hi-summer continues The US launches ....  the summer of fear !. The US State Department has issued a worldwide travel warning to US citizens lasting throughout the month of August, exhorting travellers to be on alert for possible terrorist attacks on public transport and tourist destinations, just a day after the US government announced that it was closing at least 18 embassies on Sunday in what it described as a "precautionary measure" tied to evidence of plots emanating from the Middle East and North Africa.

Now, a terror attack just releases a horror reaction coupled with glad it wasn't me. However that ain't enough for the security apparatus, spreading fear with the message it could be you up next, if you don't behave in a paranoid way, is a much better way to get their and the NSA way, "we need total control and all of you will tell us all if you don't want to be next". Really awful and scrupulous people, socio even psychopaths in control aren't we the public lucky...

Ok so these past months the beats came from Germany it's time to move on, the French have been waiting in the wings and even though these countries are neighbors their music scene differs quiet a lot. The French like to see some pretence they are art-ists after all, its French catholicism as opposed to German protestantism. The coming weeks frenchies rule the beats.

Today's artists are a French musical duo that records and releases music in the house music, indie dance and synthpop genres. The group consists of producers Philippe Cerboneschi and Hubert Blanc-Francart, better known as Philippe Zdar and Boom Bass ....... N'joy

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Cassius, a new addition to the top ranks of French electronica circa 1999, actually comprised two of the scene's most experienced producers: Philippe Zdar and Hubert Blanc-Francart (AKA Boom Bass). They first met back in the late '80s, working in the same studio (Zdar was an engineer, and Boom Bass was just learning the trade). Boom Bass worked with MC Solaar, and combined with Zdar to release two EPs on Mo' Wax as La Funk Mob during 1994. Zdar also teamed with Etienne De Crécy (from the Super Discount project) to release an LP as Motorbass.

In 1996, Zdar and Boom Bass then created "Foxxy", their first self-published house music track, under the name Cassius, and the moderate success that followed lead to them remixing tracks for acts such as Air and Daft Punk. Combining the jazzy hip-hop of Boombass with Zdar's phase'n'filter acid-disco, Cassius debuted with the single "Cassius 1999," a club anthem that became a mainstream hit and British #7 hit late in 1998. This was soon followed by their debut album, 1999, which had two more singles released from it, "Feeling For You" and "La Mouche". The music videos for "Cassius 1999" and "Feeling for You" portrayed the character Deadman, from DC Comics, as a DJ superhero.

2002 saw their second album release, Au Rêve. This featured the "empowered female disco" track "I'm a Woman", with Jocelyn Brown on vocals, as well as the hit single "The Sound of Violence", featuring Steve Edwards on vocals. This album also had collaborations with Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah and Leroy Burgess.

Cassius returned to the studio in 2006, for the more experimental single "Toop Toop", but the next album, titled 15 Again, featured more vocal collaborations than the duo had done with Au Rêve.

While rehearsing their 15 Again album tour, Cassius provided the community with the a cappella track of their single "Toop Toop" and encouraged fans and friends to start remixing the song. It became an immediate success: the band started the Cassius Workshop project and released more a cappellas for remixing purposes. They claim to have received more than 400 remixes.

Cassius's song "I Love You So" was sampled on the track "Why I Love You" on Jay-Z and Kanye West's 2011 collaboration album Watch the Throne.

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A sleek and intelligent dance record, Zdar and Boombass' debut is an intriguing update of classic '80s garage and disco in the same fashion that Daft Punk rewired Chicago acid house for 1997's Homework. Most of the best tracks here, including "La Mouche" and "Foxxy," weave snippets of diva vocals and flexible basslines into up-front productions with a focus on tight rhythm programming. Unfortunately, too many tracks on 1999 suffer from what can be an unhappy medium -- casual pacing for a club tune but rather formulaic production values to make for solid living-room listening. Aside from the single "Cassius 1999," the hip-hop punch of "Mister Eveready" is another highlight.

Cassius - 1999 ( flac 416mb)

01 Cassius 1999 3:45
02 Feeling For You 4:37
03 Crazy Legs 4:06
04 La Mouche 4:41
05 Chase 1:58
06 Foxxy 6:07
07 Planetz 2:46
08 Hey Babe 4:24
09 Mister Eveready 6:06
10 Nulife 6:32
11 Interlude 1:22
12 Somebody 4:55
13 Club Soixante Quinze 5:21
14 Supa Crush 4:43
15 Invisible 1:09
16 Cassius 99 Remix (Radio Edit) 3:33

Cassius - 1999 (ogg 155mb)

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One thing Philippe Zdar and Boom Bass didn't learn from label mates Basement Jaxx on album number two: How to make a tight record. Part of the greatness of Basement Jaxx's own sophomore album had to do with its brevity -- it was a whirlwind of countless styles, with house as its launching pad -- that sounded honed without the edges smoothed out, and it blew by before you got the chance to catch your breath. Though the range of sounds isn't as vast, Cassius' follow-up to 1999 has all the ingredients for a perfectly constructed gale force of a record, but many of its ideas are given too much breathing room. Long-winded tracks that would've worked better as brief interludes or outerludes (or even left as decent, extended B-sides) slightly deflate rather than complement a clutch of great vocal tracks with impeccable production work. "I'm a Woman," despite a regrettably scorching guitar intro that might've been cribbed from a 1989 issue of Guitar magazine, settles into a nimble, uplifting groove with disco diva Jocelyn Brown (Inner Life, Musique) in booming, spectacular voice. Boogie king Leroy Burgess (Black Ivory, Logg) takes over for both "Under Influence" and "'Till We Got You and Me," two irresistible house cuts double dipped in funk and gospel. "Thrilla" is Zdar and Boom Bass' very own "I'll House You," with Wu-Tang's Ghostface Killah on board for some fast and furious rhymes. But the greatest of all is Steve Edwards' shot, "The Sound of Violence," with the album's most wickedly zapping bassline and tangles of funk guitars that scratch and wah-wah. Compared to 1999, Au Rêve is much more organic, thanks to both live instrumentation and the wealth of great vocal turns. In that respect, it's a step forward for the duo. Just keep that program button warm.

Cassius - Au Reve ( flac 455mb)

01 Hi Water 4:40
02 The Sound Of Violence 7:15
03 Under Influence 5:15
04 Room Tone 1:05
05 Thrilla 6:05
06 Telephone Love 6:40
07 I'm A Woman 4:20
08 Protection 4:00
09 Till We Got You And Me 5:55
10 20 Years [How Do You See Me Now] 4:35
11 Nothing 5:25
12 Barocco 3:05
13 On 4:10
14 Au Reve 7:40
15 Dinapoly 4:30

Cassius - Au Reve  (ogg 171mb)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

15 Again was written and produced by Cassius members Phillippe Zdar and Boom Bass and includes a collaboration with hip-hop producer and performer Pharrell Williams. Other collaborators include Sébastien Tellier, -M-, Etienne de Crécy, and Le Knight Club (otherwise known as Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Eric Chedeville). The album was recorded in three weeks in Ibiza. Released four years after 2002's Au Reve, its 12 tracks, influenced by an eclectic combination of funk, post-punk, techno, and synth pop, were recorded over three weeks in Ibiza, and includes the single "Toop Toop" alongside old-school instrumentals "La Notte" and "Jackrock."Apparat collaboration Moderat, sticking to the territory between German techno and UK bass with little in the way of diversion. But at 18 tracks and nearly 80 minutes, it's also a decent survey of those scenes, presenting unreleased tracks from important and rising artists, and displaying Modeselektor's consistently keen ear for quality, low-end-friendly sounds.

Cassius -15 Again ( flac 365mb)

01 Toop Toop 2:47
02 Rock Number One 3:36
03 This Song 4:50
04 15 Again 3:00
05 All I Want 3:55
06 Eye Water 5:32
07 See Me Now3:52
08 A Mile From Here 3:53
09 Jackrock 9:30
10 Cactus 8:02
11 La Notte 5:54
12 Cria Cuervos 3:38
Cassius -15 Again (ogg 139mb)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

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Motorbass - Pansoul (ogg 146mb)

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VA - Cassius Present... French Disco ( 03, ^ 136mb)

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