Jun 25, 2012

RhoDeo 1226 HHGTTG 5

Hello, well i've been unable to get my hard disk out thusfar, all the more unexpected as i installed it myself, as always there's one screw that won't come out, its very difficult to reach and i have no idea how i got it in in the first place, chances are i damaged it, sigh. Well I won't give up and keep my temper.... Meanwhile chromes autologin didnt work and the previous one didn't save (thank you idiot proof windows 7) i had to get a new one to get here and what do you think happened when i restarted chrome the autologon functioned again, all this because the new blogger look now won't let me upload pics with the browser i've used these past 10 years, Opera. Not sure if squeezing the customer is helping the value of Google here.

Meanwhile I do have another episode of the Hitchhikers Guide to keep your spirits up

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Here is the BBC television adaptation of Douglas Adams's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy broadcast in January and February 1981 on BBC Two. The adaptation follows the original radio series in 1978 and 1980. The series stars Simon Jones as Arthur Dent, David Dixon as Ford Prefect, Mark Wing-Davey as Zaphod Beeblebrox and Sandra Dickinson as Trillian. The voice of the guide is by Peter Jones. Simon Jones, Peter Jones, Stephen Moore and Mark Wing-Davey had already provided the voices for their characters in the original radio series in 1978/80. In addition, the series features a number of notable cameo roles, including Adams himself on several occasions.

Although initially thought by BBC executives to be unfilmable, the series was successfully produced and directed by Alan J. W. Bell and went on to win a Royal Television Society award as Most Original Programme of 1981, as well as several BAFTA awards for its graphics and editing.

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After an initial period of confusion, the four travelers find they have been transported forward in time to just before the end of the universe. They are in Milliways, the "Restaurant at the End of the Universe," which was built on the ruins of Magrathea. So, as Arthur says, they have traveled through time but not through space. Waiting for them is Marvin the depressed robot, who they left on Magrathea millions of years ago. He's now an attendant at the car park, and still depressed. Just before the universe ends, Zaphod and Ford get Marvin to help them steal a supercool all-black spaceship, which turns out to be the property of a very loud rock band called "Disaster Area." The episode ends on the cliff-hanger as the black ship is about to start a dive into the sun of Kakrafoon.

HHGTTG 5 ( 232mb)

01 Episode 5 32:20

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HHGTTG 1 ( 232mb)
HHGTTG 2 ( 232mb)
HHGTTG 3 ( 232mb)
HHGTTG 4 ( 232mb)


Anonymous said...

You have my every sympathy, hope your luck changes for the better soon.


Anonymous said...

Unlucky on the harddrive, great work on all your stuff, keep it up