Jul 31, 2011

Sundaze 1131

Hello, some cool post rock from Ireland today , green abstract soundscapes by a driven band, they deserve better then ending up in Hollywood for vague soundtrack work. You can buy their work directly at the God Is An Astronaut Site/Shop

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God Is an Astronaut are an instrumental three piece hailing from the Glen of the Downs, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Brothers Niels and Torsten Kinsella hooked up with drummer Lloyd Hanney in 2002 and released their debut album The End of the Beginning (2002) on their own Revive Records label. Their two music videos for The End of the Beginning and From Dust to the Beyond, received MTV airplay. "The first album was made with a keyboard sequencer and an Akai sampler. There wasn't enough memory to put down live performances from beginning to end, so there were a lot short sound-bites sequenced to make the songs" says Niels, admitting that the new album was maybe a bit easier, "All Is Violent was actually recorded on a computer using Pro-tools. This gave us a lot more options because the system had lots of processing power which allowed us to record guitars, drums etc. as full live performances."

All Is Violent, All Is Bright (2005) This epic return is smothered in big guitar anthems, mind controlling electronica and a healthy dose of melancholy featuring their build ups from serene ambience to searing intensity. In all its a closer representation of their live sound. A year later they released a five track EP called A Moment of Stillness. Still in a productive mood 2007 saw the release of "Far From Refuge , where they have been taking that sound to a new emotive level. The compositions are intricate and well thought out with moments that explode into quietness. Far From Refuge is anything but a cliche post-rock album. Rather, it is a masterpiece that finds the band's sound maturing, the compositions are intricate yet careful and the album as a whole is fluid and the tracks perfectly selected and ordered. In early 2008, the band embarked on their first tour of the United States. On the day they were set to return home, $20,000 worth of uninsured equipment was stolen from their van in New Jersey. Disaster and this on a tour that had reportedly already cost the band $20,000 to organize.

Despite that big setback they went into the studio and November 7, 2008 , the self assuredly self-titled album God Is an Astronaut was released. On February 12, 2010, a download single was released on their website" In The Distance Fading" , a track from their fifth and latest album, Age of the Fifth Sun, released on May 17, 2010.

2011 saw two changes to God is an Astronaut's lineup. Drummer Lloyd Hanney left the band due to personal commitments and was replaced by Michael Fenton. Keyboardist Jamie Dean joined the band for live shows, allowing the band to perform more keyboard-focused tracks on tour.

God Is An Astronaut – The End Of The Beginning ( 02 115mb)

01 The End Of The Beginning 4:16
02 Remembrance 4:43
03 From Dust To The Beyond 5:40
04 Ascend To Oblivion 5:01
05 Fall From The Stars 4:27
06 N.I.W.S. 3:55
07 Lost Symphony 5:17
08 Twilight 5:04
09 Coma 1:16
10 Route 666 4:35


God Is An Astronaut – A Moment Of Stillness (EP) ( 50mb)

01 Frozen Twilight 6:19
02 A Moment Of Stillness 4:46
03 Forever Lost (Reprise) 5:36
04 Elysian Fields 3:25
05 Crystal Canyon 2:00


God Is An Astronaut – Far From Refuge ( 110mb)

01 Radau 5:52
02 Far From Refuge 6:54
03 Sunrise In Aries 4:24
04 Grace Descending 5:32
05 New Years End 4:19
06 Darkfall 3:43
07 Tempus Horizon 5:10
08 Lateral Noise 1:53
09 Beyond The Dying Light 5:40
10 Sunny Banks Of Sweet Deliverance 4:32
11 Empyrean Glow 2:22

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God Is An Astronaut - All Is Violent, All Is Bright (05 ^ 88mb)

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