Mar 13, 2011

Sundaze 1111

Hello, bit of a special week coming up with all these 1's expect doublebubbles. As announced another labour of love by 2 artists that have given us so much Sundaze as Future Sound Of London or the moniker in use here, Amorphous Andronygous. It's obvious these guys have been into psychedelics for a long time now and some of what they picked up along the way is shared here. This time out the artists are a little less obscure i guess that says there's been some growth....

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Since the late 90s, Amorphous Androgynmous AKA The Future Sound Of London AKA Garry Cobain and Brian Dougans have been weaving together two-hour broadcasts of their favourite records that could be loosely classed as 'Cosmic Space Music'. After ten years of messing with our heads via the wireless, they now pick their choicest mind-melting moments on what promises to be a fine series of double cds. It's a collection that perfectly runs the gauntlet from kitsch to uber cool.

Following the critical acclaim for their first volume, Amorphous Androgynous return with their second mind-bending trip through four decades of archives, and unearth the future classics of psychedelia in its many guises. Noel Gallagher too spoke very highly of that album and got into contact with Gaz Cobain and asked him if to do a remix for the Oasis single "Falling Down" they got back a A 20 Minute Cosmic Oozescape Psychedelicized by the Amorphous Androgynous which subsequently got a seperate release..

The duo Gary Cobain and Brian Dougans are unstuck in time and space. Not only do they not belong to any particular era in the history of music, they transcend parameter and parsec with all the fluidity of time-travelling molluscs marinated in a melange of matter. As cross-dimensional as it’s possible to be, ‘Pagan Love Vibrations’ is quite simply the most expansive, expertly mixed compilation you are going to hear this side of the time continuum... or possibly beyond. From superimposing some 60s psychedelia on Bo Diddley’s ‘Elephant Man’ to infusing Oasis’ ‘Falling Down’ with a Far Eastern sitar-laced hypnotism, there are perspectives here that transcend imagination. Indeed, Amorphous Androgynous, as their moniker suggests, defy classification at every turn. Shape-shifting genius.

The Amorphous Androgynous - A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Vol 2 - Pagan Love Vibrations 1 (419mb)

1-01 Dungen - Sätt Att Se (Instrumental) 4:46
1-02 Friends Of Dean Martinez - Dusk 4:15
1-03 Sunforest - Magician In The Mountain 4:09
1-04 Ed Askew - Love Is Everyone 1:58
1-05 Bo Diddley - Elephant Man 3:05
1-06 Transpersonals - Silver Star 1:57
1-07 Electroid 2000 - Moogsters Revenge 2:02
1-08 Don Sebesky - Guru-vin 2:53
1-09 Cranium Pie - Madman Running Through The Fields 4:08
1-10 Circulus - Orpheus 2:48
1-11 David Holmes - What R We Stealing 3:19
1-12 Dzyan - Naga Raga 5:04
1-13 US69 - 2069 (A Space Oddity) 4:05
1-14 Jean-Claude Vannier - Les Gardes Volent Au Secours Du Roi 3:46
1-15 Faust - Just A Second (Starts Like That) 1:45
1-16 Ultimate Spinach - (Ballad Of) The Hip Death Goddess 3:06
1-17 Focus - Anonymous II 3:05
1-18 Oasis - Falling Down (A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Mix Part 4) 4:16
1-19 Sohail Rana - Soul Sitars 2:05
1-20 Pentangle - Pentangling 4:32
1-21 Brightblack Morning Light - Another Reclamation 2:49

The Amorphous Androgynous - A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Vol 2 - Pagan Love Vibrations 2 (447mb)

2-01 Melanie - Lay Down (Candles In The Rain) 5:08
2-02 Holy Fuck - The Pulse 2:19
2-03 July - The Way 2:04
2-04 Cozy Powell - So You Want To Be A Drummer? Aka And Then There Was Skin 1:20
2-05 Animal Collective - Grass 1:39
2-06 Grover Washington, Jr. - Masterpiece 5:25
2-07 Günter Kallmann Chor - Daydream 2:57
2-08 Richard Harris - On Love 2:34
2-09 Amorphous Androgynous - Elysian Feels 3:34
2-10 Ananda Shankar - Exploration 3:50
2-11 Mort Garson - Killing Of The Witch 2:10
2-12 Comus - Diana 5:03
2-13 Hawkwind - Adjust Me 3:22
2-14 Rocking Horse People - Lost In The Haze 2:21
2-15 Shogun Kunitoki - Mulberg 4:06
2-16 John Williams - Raga Vilasakhani Todi 3:17
2-17 Martin Kratochvil* & Jazz Q - Toledo 3:51
2-18 Edgar Winter Group - Frankenstein 4:10
2-19 Turzi - Afghanistan 4:03
2-20 Settlers - The Lightning Tree 2:39
2-21 Amorphous Androgynous - The Onion 3:26
2-22 Pearls Before Swine - Oh Dear (Miss Morse) 1:51
2-23 Amorphous Androgynous - High Tide On The Sea Of Flesh 3:44

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