Mar 7, 2011

RhoDeo 1110 RAW2

Hello, I hope you all enjoyed a sunny sundaze. Time to tckle those neurons some more. For the coming 3 months not an audio book series but 12 lectures/talks held by one of the greatest American writers/thinkers of the last century, i hope you take some time to listen to what he has to say to us all.

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Robert Anton Wilson (born Robert Edward Wilson, January 18, 1932 – January 11, 2007) was an American author and polymath who became at various times a novelist, philosopher, psychologist, essayist, editor, playwright, futurist, civil libertarian and self-described agnostic mystic. Recognized as an episkopos, pope, and saint of Discordianism, Wilson helped publicize the group through his writings, interviews, and strolls.

Wilson claimed in Cosmic Trigger: Volume 1 "not to believe anything", since "belief is the death of intelligence". He described this approach as "Maybe Logic.". Wilson saw his work as an "attempt to break down conditioned associations, to look at the world in a new way, with many models recognized as models or maps, and no one model elevated to the truth". His goal being "to try to get people into a state of generalized agnosticism, not agnosticism about God alone but agnosticism about everything".

RAW Explains Everything !

The Life and Times of Robert Anton Wilson part 2 (42min. 34mb)

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Anonymous said...

worth the watch

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon, thanks for your tip, as it happens am waiting for the final episode next sunday.
As it happens i am currently getting , looks promising good review on IMDB too, it has a good -live- torrent aswell. Well my toptip for the week.