Feb 26, 2011

RhoDeo 1108 Beats

Hello, well i got a new provider, the telephone works, internet does, though speeds are far from promised yet, but the 50 tv channels are yet to come thru, there's always something... Anyway you might have heard the news that LCD soundsystem is no more, considering their latest album not really a surprise, as they say "the thrill is gone", us ironic dance-music fans will have to fall back on something else, meanwhile todays to order compilation does a good job. Some promo hardcopy's made it into the world aswell..go figure, oh well they sure were a party ensemble. Second offering today is an odd one out but not really. Kraftwerk were committed to acquiring the latest technology when it became available in the 1970s and 80s, Moore's Law means that those machines could eventually be roughly approximated for very little cost. It's at times striking to realize how closely these 8-bit artists with their Gameboys and Commodore 64s can come to Kraftwerk's sound when so inclined. For you to find out...

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Post-punk post-funk punk-funk, new wave that also sounds like no wave, tunes that make dancers confused as to whether they should pogo or do the pelvic thrust, music that incorporates all other musics. LCD Soundsystem debuted with Losing My Edge, a single that became one of the most talked-about indie releases of 2002. , the track was also one of the first released on the DFA label. Several magazines and newspapers would eventually declare James Murphy, the man behind both LCD Soundsystem and DFA, to be one of the coolest people on the planet.

Whilst in the studio working on the official second album, James Murphy has been kind enough in the meantime to compile a remix album that's good enough. Introns, a collection of b-sides, remixes, and other rarities, is a fresh spin on the breakout success of their 2005 self-titled release. With some of the biggest names in electronic music onboard, well-known tracks like the siren-heavy "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House (Soulwax Shibuya Mix)" get high-energy updates for the dance crowd while others, such as "Tribulations (Tiga's Out of the Trance Closet Mix)", are washed with a darker mood, and "Your City's A Sucker" and "Slowdive (xfm session)" represent the more dissonant, experimental side of the project. All flawlessly executed, the range of styles are also a testament to James Murphy's ingeniously laconic vocals.

LCD Soundsystem - Introns (142mb)

01 Yr City's A Sucker 5:28
02 Daft Punk Is Playing At My House (Soulwax Shibuya Mix) 6:33
03 Disco Infiltrator (FK's Infiltrated Vocal) 7:46
04 Disco Infiltrator (FK's Infiltrated Dub) 7:18
05 Slowdrive (Xfm Session) 4:10
06 Tribulations (Lindstrom Mix) 7:56
07 On Repeat (Xfm Session) 6:48
08 Thrills (Xfm Session) 3:32
09 Too Much Love (Rub 'N' Tug Mix) 8:30

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This Kraftwerk covers compilation was somewhat unique in the fact that Kraftwerk's Ralf Hütter selected the final track line-up, Later Hutter said he enjoyed it and even offered some editing suggestions. In a subsequent interview,when asked about the 8-Bit Operators release, Ralf Hütter responded, "It is mind stimulating, the minimum/maximum coming from sound levels and thoughts and ideas. Like Autobahn and Trans-Europe Express are very basic and elementary ideas, but they offer a pattern or concept for improvisation.

Covering classic Kraftwerk tracks using 8-bit era videogame systems is perhaps the best way to pay tribute to the spare, seminal band that spawned much of the electronic music we listen to today, and that's exactly what 8-Bit Operators seeks to do.The compilation disc repurposes 15 tracks from the legendary German outfit who found the soul of music in the pared-down blips and feedback of hardware and machinery. The 8-Bit Operators collection features some of the top 8-bit artists from North America, South America and Europe, a selection of the best musical innovators, and several of the inventors themselves. The result is an exercise in low-fi but heartfelt interpretation.
Kicking off with Bacalao's hard-kicking, hauntingly funky reinterpretation of "The Robots [Die Roboter]," complete with boss battle trills and thick slabs of vocoder. It's one of the best tracks on the compilation and the perfect way to start the party. "It's More Fun to Compute" is another stand-out gem, with mangled, decayed vocals and an underworld bass groove. Bit Shifter's "Antenna," another dancey, upbeat groove, also succeeds, mostly due to the in-song contrast of poppy vocals and hard-edged scumline bass.gwEm and Counter Reset dishes out the final track, a live rendition of "The Man-Machine [Die Mensch-Maschine], an excellent, almost Bomfunk MC's ripfest, providing a fitting endpoint to a kick-ass tribute.

VA - 8-Bit Operators - The Music Of Kraftwerk (149mb )

01 Bacalao - The Robots (Die Roboter) 3:30
02 Glomag - Pocket Calculator 3:54
03 Covox - Computer Love 3:41
04 Role Model - Showroom Dummies 4:00
05 Nullsleep - The Model 3:57
06 David E. Sugar - Radioactivity 4:13
07 Oliver Wittchow - Kristallo 4:23
08 8 Bit Weapon - Spacelab 4:54
09 firestARTer - Computer World (Computerwelt) 4:26
10 Neotericz - Electric Cafe 4:04
11 Receptors - Trans-Europe Express 4:02
12 Herbert Weixelbaum - Tanzmusik 3:58
13 Bubblyfish - It's More Fun To Compute 3:52
14 Bit Shifter - Antenna 3:48
15 gwEm And Counter Reset - The Man-Machine (Die Mensch-Maschine) 4:06

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Cyno said...

Dear Rho, could you please upload Sound of Silver in Flac? That would be marvelous. Thanks in advance.

Rho said...

Well Cyno i'm not unwilling to re-up the sound of silver but not like this, Requests need to be made at the page it is posted, as i have been saying for years now.