Feb 10, 2011

RhoDeo 1106 Goldy Rhox 13

Hello, well today's album contains a landmarktrack for me, as straight from the start it's ambivalent lyrics intrigued me, interestingly based on a poem a bandmember wrote when he was 12 too hmm, anyway coupled with an intriguiing synthesiser finish this track will never bore me, it's ├║berclassic rock. Is it happenstance that this is Goldy Rhox 13..well maybe.

Now i'm not as naive to post this kinda music for all to see and have deleted, these will be a black box posts, i'm sorry for those on limited bandwidth but for most of you a gamble will get you a quality rip don't like it, deleting is just 2 clicks...That said i will try to accomodate somewhat and produce some cryptic info on the artist and or album.

This band were, from the outset, a prototype of the 'rock supergroup' with the members coming from The Nice , King Crimson and Atomic Rooster. This, their debut album was simply self entitled and was released in 1970. It was mostly a collection of solo pieces, highlighting the virtuosity of each member of the band. It was the ballad "Lucky Man", which was based on a poem written at the age of 12 by a bandmember , that brought the band to prominence and a decade of successes.

Goldy Rhox 13 98mb

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