Nov 3, 2010

RhoDeo 1005 aetix

Hello, thusfar i've stayed away from big names still en route as it where, plenty of others doing that, yet there are cracks, stuff that has had limited release or as is the norm these days gets dumped on socalled deluxe editions where the bonus album is hardly a gift, yet you are expected to pay for it.
I wasn't aware of todays post at the time- it got only a cassette release- Probably understandable as it is an instrumental thus without the landmark voice of Robert Smith. What it is is an intro tape/soundtrack of a short film by Ric Gallup they made specially for the 1981 Picture Tour. The instrumental piece "Carnage Visors" (an antonym of rose-coloured spectacles) featured animation of several dolls in different positions and stances. Well, to me this shows that The Cure was serious about themselves many acts forget about creating an atmosphere before they start playing, they let it slip or imagine it doesn't matter but it does. Nuf said here's a 27 min intro to your New Wave Eighties Party.

There's so much about the Cure on the internet, i feel no need to add to that, but in case you would like to read some The story of the Cure @ Wiki

The Cure - Carnage Visors (81 165mb)

Carnage Visors (27;51)

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Ed said...

I remember this soo well.
Where did you find this gem?

Anonymous said...

Hello Ed,

You can find it on The Faith Deluxe edition...i doubt there are many working cassette version left.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rho

could you re-post this little gem, please?


apf said...

Thank you, Rho!