Nov 8, 2010

Earth Search 1006

Hello, some of you might have seen "The Walking Dead" tonight the new tv series which has most of the US population turned into zombies, reviews of its pilot episode were very positive. We have to remember here, that for decades now teenagers have been 'forcefed' horror flicks, me i found it all rather disturbing not as much the decomposing waggling zombies but the headshots they got. However, identifying the US population with zombies maybe not as farfetched as it seems, neither is the icecold killer mentality of those in the know. Laugh your fear away, but then what is there to fear ? Those that spread fear have been proven time and again to be liars hellbent to profit from their them priests, politicians or public opinionaters. I watched Sicko yesterday and i wondered how ignorant these people are that rant against Obama's healthcare plan, what planet are these people on ? I know..planet zombie ! Sad, and i'm sure this is not the planet Earth that our Challenger crew are desparately seeking.....

The Setting

Some years before the story opens, the huge Earth starship Challenger, on a mission to find Earth-like planets for colonization, encountered a meteoroid shower that killed all of the adult crew and seriously damaged the ship. The only human survivors were four babies - two boys, Telson and Darv, and two girls, Sharna and Astra.The four have been raised from childhood by androids and tutored by two disembodied voices called Angel One and Angel Two. Most of the humans believe the voices are real angels, but Darv is more suspicious and believes they are actually computers.

Darv is correct. The Angels are the Challenger's ancillary control computers. Due to a fault in their design they have become megalomaniacal and want to return to Earth and rule it. It was they who deliberately manoeuvred the Challenger into the path of the meteoroids and shut off the ship's defences. Unfortunately for them, they underestimated the amount of damage that would result, not only to the ship but themselves. As a result they have lost an unknown amount of potentially vital information about the nature of space and time.....

The starship Challenger has returned home and the crew have discovered the Earth has vanished and been replaced by the moon, not only that they find their lives in peril from a once benign force.Researching this 'new' solar system is essential to get some answers....Darv and Astra of the Challenger crew land on a strange planet, Zelda 5, and are taken prisoner by the inhabitants of Zelda 5. Their fate is death, luckely the found another path to search for Paradise...

EarthSearch - 06 Across the Abyss (11mb)

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