Apr 25, 2009

Celebrate, IntoBPM 1 As One

Rho-Xs's Millionth Hit Week

Hello again, no i'm not going to revive Rho-Xs but as last week this blog passed the one million hits ( since nov 06), i thought about what would be a nice way to celebrate such, and i decided to do another Rhotational, that is a week in the old format. Well ill do my best to pick some nice stuff , that didn't get posted..here we go ...Into BPM

As One - So Far (So Good)...Twelve Years Of Electronic Soul (03 ^ 406mb)

Kirk Degiorgio (As One) is one of the most sought-after mixers/producers/Dj in today's eclectic dance music scene. Steering away from musical cliches and sticking to his soul-boy roots, he has managed to maintain his musical integrity. He has been responsible for many a twist and turn in electronic music, he was the man behind the mythical A.R.T. (Applied Rhythmic Technology) label that brought us such luminaries as Stasis, Black Dog, Carl Craig, B12 in the very early 90's, releasing a slew 12"s that were and still are at the peak of techno/electronic music and incidentally the collectors market. His album releases have been as varied as the labels they came out on, all warm, soulful and beautiful releases that have endeared many a listener to Mr DeGiorgio. Here Ubiquity get the holy grail and the pick of the crop of Kirk's trax, both the tunes and selection are top notch, taking in tracks from the first two A.R.T. 12"s, the rare Celestial Soul and Reflections LP's (New Electronica) the Clear LP and the French Art of Prophecy LP. Degiorgio's sound is warm techno with real soul and often based outside of the constraints of the straight 4/4 beat. His style can be partly traced to his main musical influences: P-Funk, Motown, early hip hop, Detroit techno, and mid-60's Blue Note.

01 - Amalia (edit) (4:34)
02 - Isatai (5:03)
03 - Shambala (5:30)
04 - Meridian (10:24)
05 - Celestial Soul (7:26)
06 - We No Longer Understand (8:06)
07 - Theme From Op-Art (8:31)
08 - You Who Never Arrived (2:17)
09 - Return Of The Kingpin (7:19)
10 - Hyeres (5:22)

As One - So Far (So Good)...Twelve Years Of Electronic Soul 2 (03 ^ 370mb)

11 - Epic (edit) (11:09)
12 - Chiaro (5:36)
13 - Queen Constance (5:51)
14 - The Electric Hymn (6:02)
15 - Music Box (3:05)
16 - The Circle Suite (7:55)
17 - Reunion (5:43)
18 - Contours (6:25)
19 - If It Ain't Broke (8:36)

***** ***** ***** ***** *****


JASONIC_23 said...

THANKS FOR SHARING ALL THIS GREAT STUFF, I was wondering if you Had The First Nonplace Urban Field Album (Self Titled)???
I cant find it anywhere & I see you Have tons of Great Burnt Friedman.

bee said...

1 Million hits proves you'll be dearly missed if you'd decide to close down Rho-Xs. So, many happy returns and bless!

Rho said...

Hello Jasonic, It is indeed a rare album, i don't have it, however i do have a MP3 copy, i hope this will do for you.

Nonplace Urban Field - Nonplace Urban Field (93 , 74mb)

Best of luck,


Anonymous said...

Great !!! Thank you so much !!!

viagra online said...

I love the songs: We No Longer Understand and Return Of The Kingpin, so I will buy this album the next week because I think that it is great.

Cass said...

Would it be possible to re-up this title when you have the chance please, Rho?

Cass said...

Wonderful! Thanks again :)