Nov 26, 2008

Eight X again

Hello, some A-tix again, 88 's to be precise a two bands of (hard) rockers that went against the prevailing dance culture of the late eighties. First up, a band that Kaiser Chief fans should like as the latter come rather close soundwise to The Godfathers of 1988, they were rather ignored in the UK at the time, but did have some continental success and in the US, and deservedly so..they produced enigmatic live shows during their extensive touring schedules aswell. Have to say, not having listened to the album for quit some time, they still sound's your chance to discover a band that wouldnt be misplaced in the current music scene...In contrast to the Godfathers the next band did achieve global recognition, though it took some time to sink in that here were four blacks rocking...(wasnt that the whiteman's burdon ?) Anyway once MTV picked up on a track that epitomizes their businessmmodel..The Cult Of Personality...Living Colour quickly became part of the cult of personalities they had expressed their misgivings about in the song..

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The Godfathers - Birth, School, Work, Death ( 88 ^ 88mb)

The Godfathers were founded by brothers Peter and Chris Coyne in London in 1985. Vocalist Peter and bassist Chris were joined by guitarists Kris Dollimore and Mike Gibson and drummer George Mazur. After acclaimed independent single releases produced by Vic Maile and collected on debut album Hit By Hit they signed to Epic Records in 1987. Touring extensively the UK, Europe and the USA, The Godfathers earned a reputation for their no-holds barred live shows and electrifying brand of primal rock 'n' roll. Their guitar-driven alternative rock sound stood out in the electronica-driven music scene of the UK at the time, while laying the foundations for the Brit Pop rock resurgence of the nineties.

As they missed the British punk revolution by a decade and were a few years too early before loud guitars became fashionable in England again. Consequently, the group's 1988 LP Birth, School, Work, Death is often overlooked. Released during the U.K. rave craze of the late ‘80s, Birth, School, Work, Death must've seemed completely dated in the barrage of pulsating electronic sounds that enveloped Britain at the time. Wearing Mafia suits and skinny ties, the Godfathers had a mean look that matched their name. And their sound was similarly tough: brass-knuckled punches in the form of menacing, explosive riffs; venom-spewing, nihilistic vocals; body-slamming percussion. Yet the Godfathers never forget the importance of the hook, they are far from being one-dimensional. "Just Like You" is an upbeat love song and on "When Am I Coming Down" guitarist Kris Dollimore helps illustrate an acid trip gone wrong with swirling, disorienting guitars that recall Jimi Hendrix' moments of sonic transcendence. The production by Vic Maile is clean yet it doesn't soften the Godfathers' two-fisted attack.

Their third album, More Songs About Love & Hate (1989), featured the popular college radio track "She Gives Me Love," but was less commercially successful. They released a fourth album, Unreal World, on Epic in 1991. After the split of the original line-up the band briefly resurfaced in the 90s and toured Europe and Australia. Peter Coyne and Kris Dollimore have contributed to an outfit called The Germans with Rat Scabies, formerly of The Damned in 2003. Mike Gibson has also been busy releasing his first solo album in 2004 with the City Farmers. Lead guitarist Kris Dollimore is active on the British blues scene in London and the South East purveying his unique 'Medway Delta' blues. George Mazur has been working as a session drummer overseas. Rumours of a return to the stage for their traditional Saint Valentine's Day Massacre concert in London have kept their cult following waiting for decades.

01 - Birth, School, Work, Death (4:08)
02 - If I Only Had Time (2:30)
03 - Tell Me Why (2:52)
04 - It's So Hard (3:39)
05 - When Am I Coming Down (4:56)
06 - Cause I Said So (2:47)
07 - The Strangest Boy (3:58)
08 - S.T.B. (2:32)
09 - Just Like You (3:10)
10 - Obsession (3:49)
11 - Love Is Dead (2:42)

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Living Colour - Vivid ( 88 ^ 99mb)

Living Colour was formed in New York City in 1983 by guitarist Vernon Reid. They grew out of the Black Rock Coalition, a non-profit organization founded by (among others) Reid, British-born but a longtime New York resident, and a guitarist of unnerving technique and speed He assembled a number of bands under the name Living Colour from 1983 until 1986, when a stable lineup was formed, consisting of vocalist Corey Glover, bassist Muzz Skillings, and drummer Will Calhoun.

Soon after, the band became experienced at touring, including performing regular gigs at the seminal club CBGB's. Aided by a demo produced by fan Mick Jagger (who hired Reid and Calhoun to play on his 1987 album Primitive Cool), Living Colour scored a record deal with Epic Records. Living Colour's debut album, Vivid, was issued in the summer of 1988, yet it would take a few months for momentum to build. Exploding at the year's end with the hit single/MTV anthem "Cult of Personality," which merged an instantly recognizable Reid guitar riff and lyrics that explored the dark side of world leaders past and present (and remains LC's best-known song). The album was also incredibly consistent, as proven by the rocker "Middle Man", the funky, anti-racist "Funny Vibe," the touching "Open Letter (To a Landlord)," plus the Caribbean rock of "Glamour Boys." Add to it an inspired reading of Talking Heads' "Memories Can't Wait," the Zeppelin-esque "Desperate People," and two complex love songs ("I Want to Know" and "Broken Hearts"), and you have one of the finest hard rock albums of the '80s. The band supported the release with a string of dates opening stadiums for the Rolling Stones' first U.S. tour in eight years that autumn.

The quartet regrouped a year later for their sophomore effort, Time's Up, an album that performed respectfully on the charts but failed to live up to the expectations of their smash debut. An appearance at the inaugural Lollapalooza tour in the summer of 1991 kept the group in the public's eye, as did an EP of outtakes, Biscuits. Skillings left the group shortly thereafter (replaced by studio vet Doug Wimbish), as their darkest and most challenging release yet, Stain, was issued in 1993. Although it failed to sell as well as its predecessors, it retained the band's large and dedicated following, as Living Colour appeared to be entering an interesting and groundbreaking new musical phase of their career. The band began writing the following year for what would be their fourth full-length, but an inability to settle on a single musical direction caused friction between the members, leading to Living Colour's demise in early 1995.

In the wake of Living Colour's split, all of its former members pursued other projects. Reid issued a solo album, 1996's Mistaken Identity (as well as guesting on other artist's recordings), while Glover attempted to launch a career as a solo artist, issuing the overlooked Hymns in 1998 Calhoun and Wimbish remained together and launched a new outfit, the drum'n'bass-inspired Jungle Funk, who issued a self-titled debut release in 1997 .With Living Colour out of commission for several years by the early 21st century, Calhoun and Wimbish teamed up once more with Glover in a new outfit, Headfake, playing often in the New York City area. A few days before Christmas in 2000, Headfake played a show at CBGB's, and were joined on-stage by Reid, which led to rumors of an impending Living Colour reunion. The rumors proved to be true, as Living Colour launched their first tour together in six years during the summer of 2001. In 2003, Living Colour returned with a deal with Sanctuary and their most experimental release to date, CollideĆøscope. Two years later the rarities collection What's Your Favorite Color? was released, followed by Everything Is Possible: The Very Best of Living Colour in 2006.

01 - Cult Of Personality (4:54)
02 - I Want To Know (4:24)
03 - Middle Man (3:47)
04 - Desperate People (5:36)
05 - Open Letter (To A Landlord) (5:32)
06 - Funny Vibe (4:20)
07 - Memories Can't Wait (4:30)
08 - Broken Hearts (4:50)
09 - Glamour Boys (3:39)
10 - What's Your Favorite Color? (3:56)
11 - Which Way To America (3:41)

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