Sep 21, 2008

Sundaze (47)

Hello, Sundaze is up and today the tone is earthly ambient, besides that there's two limited editions...O Yuki Conjugate 's releases are all limited editions though these days they can be had at the limitless ITunes. Sunchemical was released as mini album with remixes of previous work, nevertheless the 50min disk has plenty of album qualities....Second Nature's disk is even more limited and the trio that made it never got together again , unfortunately as this should rank amongst the best ambient work they produced....Doug Wimbish has had a rollercoaster career, musically that is.When he finally got to releasing a soloalbum it reflected his more contemplative moods as the title says it all " Trippy Notes For Bass"

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O Yuki Conjugate - Sunchemical (95 ^ 247mb)

O Yuki Conjugate is an organic ambient musical group, instruments used include tongue drums, roto-toms, bongos, congas, "big bean," "found percussion," drum machine, wind chimes, loops, frying pan, bass guitar, samples, keyboards, fractal guitar, e-bow, flutes, chants, radio, wildlife, tablas, berimbau, nose-singing, and vocals. Their music, as apparent from this list, is percussive and inventive, but it is also atmospheric.

O Yuki Conjugate was formed in Nottingham in 1982 by multi-instrumentalists Andrew Hulme, Tim and Roger Horberry and Claire Elliot; inspired by the atmospheric guitar instrumentals of the Durutti Column, they began experimenting with keyboards and tape loops, adding percussion to the mix before debuting with the soundscapes of 1984's Scene in Mirage( lim. ed 500 copies). A three-year gap preceded the release of the follow-up, Into the Dark Water, good reviews limeted edition, 1000 copies the first of many extended absences from the contemporary music scene; only in 1991 did O Yuki Conjugate again resurface, issuing Peyote on the Projekt label. Undercurrents (re-issued In Dark Water), which assembled both older material and latter-day recordings, appeared a year later. The band split up with marriage and study taking presedence, Andrew and Roger continue.

When asked to do a show in the netherlands Tim returns Malcolm McGeorge, Dan Mudford and Peter Woodhead join and after some serious repetitionwork, the concert is a success and O Yuki is reborn a homestudio is build. Support slots for Biosphere and Higher Intelligence Agency bring them ahead and 1994's Equator is deemed superb. The group released Sunchemical, a collection of remixes,just 2000 copies nevertheless it got them a cease and desist notice from the american printing giant with te same name..duh. They release Primitive on Staalplaat. Roger Horberry moves the Amsterdam where he pursues solo projects Andrew Hulme meanwhile does his own á small good thing". Oh Yuki dissappears to the back ground.Hulme and Horberry additionally collaborated on dance music under the name Symetrics, with the former also heading the groups A Small Good Thing and Sons of Silence as well as recording Fell with Paul Schütze.

By 2004 Oh Yuki is revived as Hume and Jenkins finish recording a dirty ambient album and decide to use the Oh Yuki moniker, the album is finally released in 2006 as "The Euphoria Of Disobedience". The band described the new album as ''dirty ambient - multi layered, hyper textural and distinctly gritty''. Meanwhile the backcatallogue has been uploaded to Itunes aswell.

01 - Sulphur (S) (8:24)
02 - Niobium (NB) (6:59)
03 - Californium (CA) (10:27)
04 - Carbon (C) (7:00)
05 - Polonium (Po) (10:00)
06 - Bismuth (Bi) (7:04)

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Second Nature - Second Nature (95 ^ 237mb)

This is a rarety, just 1000 pressed, the names getting together here are well known enough, Bill Laswell, Atom Heart and Tetsu Inoue, latter two had released an album together shortly before, Flowerhead. Second Nature is... A series of sound environments that depict the world at micro level...", The trio have composed a work which is immediately original, invigorating, and captivating. This is true ambient music played by people who played long before you could buy a computer that would sequence everything for you. The album comprises of both electronic pulses and sampled sounds of nature. True to the title of the album, each of the tracks creates a "second nature". "Synthetic Forest", "Green Paste", and "Artificial Seaside" each reflect a mirrored world that Heart, Inoue, and Laswell have created. The worlds in Second Nature are vivid and lush. The colors of the foliage bleed in vibrant hues and the landscapes are massive and majestic...nevertheless the three never worked again as Atom Heart emigrated to Chili and went Coconuts , Bill has always something cooking and Tetsu

01 - Synthetic Forest (28:42)
02 - Green Paste (16:59)
03 - Artificial Seaside (16:29)
04 - Landing Cycle (6:25)

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Doug Wimbish - Trippy Notes For Bass (99 ^ 353mb)

Doug Wimbish was one of the 1980s' most versatile bassists, able to move from pop and mainstream rock session work to heavy metal, funk, and experimental music over the course of the decade; he continued in this vein through the 1990s before finally releasing his first solo album, Trippy Notes for Bass, in 1999.

Doug Wimbish made his first splash as the bassist in the house band of the legendary rap label Sugar Hill, backing Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five on their epochal Message album, among many others. As the ' 80s wore on, Sugar Hill found itself overtaken by hip-hop innovations outside its stable of artists, and its house band had already formed a productive relationship with British dub reggae experimentalist Adrian Sherwood. Wimbish, guitarist Skip McDonald, and drummer Keith LeBlanc began working on a variety of projects with Sherwood, including backing ex-Pop Group member Mark Stewart on his solo recordings and issuing their own 12" singles under the name Fats Comet. Major Malfunction was released in 1986 under Keith LeBlanc's name, although it was essentially a group collaboration; that group dynamic became official when the trio christened themselves Tackhead and began recording full-length works with Sherwood. However, their two albums -- 1989's Friendly as a Hand Grenade and 1990's Strange Things -- didn't quite capture the avant-garde Funkadelic-meets-Lee Perry experiments of their earlier work.

When Living Colour bassist Muzz Skillings departed his band in 1992, Wimbish was tapped as his replacement. However, after 1993's Stain, the group disbanded, and Wimbish returned to session work.. Wimbish also reunited with Living Colour drummer Will Calhoun in the experimental funk/electronica trio Jungle Funk. In 1999, Sherwood's On-U Sound label issued Wimbish's first solo album, Trippy Notes for Bass. Where his playing in most previous contexts has been wild, funky, and sometimes anarchic, drawing freely on jazz, dub, and punk influences, here he's in an almost contemplative mood. It's not that there are no beats -- . But the prevailing mood here is gently atmospheric, almost spiritual. "Glory" sounds like a field recording from an electronic rain forest; "Glorification Chant" sounds like a sort of North African qawwali. Those hoping for bone-shaking grooves and crazier-than-thou Adrian Sherwood mixes may be disappointed, but they shouldn't be -- this is a very beautiful piece of work.

01 - Quasimodo (1:32)
02 - Perplex (5:11)
03 - Bedwood (5:19)
04 - Gangster (5:39)
05 - Just Another Minute (1:14)
06 - Arabic (Voc.Sussan Deyhim) Cat (4:38)
07 - Leave It Alone (4:56)
08 - Veneered (5:43)
09 - Glorification Chant (Voc.Sussan Deyhim) (5:54)
10 - Logdrum (4:11)
11 - Splash (3:38)
12 - Will & Skip (2:09)
13 - Glory (3:16)
14 - Daze (3:22)
15 - Pass It Around (1:20)

diet version
Doug Wimbish - Trippy Notes For Bass (* 99mb)

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All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !


Vinylieur said...

Your Wimbish article doesn't mention his pre-Sugarhill discography:
Wood Brass & Steel, TU-706, 1976
Brand New Funk '78, VI-143, 1978
As far as I know he also played on Musique's "Keep On Jumpin'" album in 1978 and probably on many more.

Anonymous said...

i remember roger in nottingham, ive even got the first 2 albums OYC, i was playing some drum machine in his flat back in the 80's with gaynor (old collage mate). need to contact roger horberry, so if anybody knows him email etc please pass it on.

my email is

Rho said...

Hello Vinyleur, i'm sure Doug Wimbish didnt come out of the blue as backing band of the Sugarhill rappers, i didnt research beyond that but thanks for adding your info.

Hello manstella(?)here's the email contact adress of OYC im sure the lines arent long in the OYC back office. You could join their mailing list at their website..

best of luck,


Nothe said...

Hi Rho

Could you re-up Second Nature - Second Nature (95) please?