Sep 6, 2008

Rhotation (45) Into BPM

Hello again and it's Rhotation 45 this week, last week Rho-Xs got hit 13,000 times, and just one comment, auch ! Looks i got to do all the writing here. It was republicans week too, Cain & Pain the latter, what i've read about her, is a very vindictive bitch, who went thru no less then 5 different highschools, flew supposedly 8 months pregnant (no one noticed) around the country, and had her daughter isolated the 5 months before. I guess the gullibility of the american electorate knows no limit. The way things are going at the moment, the electronic voting riggers will be able too steal a third consecutive presidential election. Those rednecks and deluded creationists might very well set the world ablaze this time next year with the motto if i cant have it one else will. Armageddon here we come, and the Lord will set us free and more of that pathetic nonsense.

Into BPM goes into trance again and some of Gods priests come by first up DJ Darude which certainly looks better then Da Rude, anyway they love to get together and dance in Finland too-despite Nokia- and he became Finlands star Dj when he scored a big hit with, oh irony ...Sandstorm i wonder if any Fin ever saw one up there.....that brings me to the current highpriest The no uno after several years on no 3 ..he is of cause Armin van Buuren ..what is it with those trance dj's from the Netherlands ? Is it because their homepublic is so opened up by MDMA , mushrooms or weeds that they soak up that spirit and mood and later transform it into music and then spin it back to us....Finally Jam & Spoon the godfathers of trance, Spoon is no longer with us unfortunately...Remixes & Club Classics was released as a testament and celebration of their work and you will find some real jewels on the 143 min compilation..enjoy..... Hmm thats 1 gig i uploaded for todays post, i wonder ...

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Darude - Before The Storm (00 ^ 155mb)

Darude is none other than Finnish wonder boy Ville Virtanen, which doesn't sound half so hard. His career in music started back in school when he used his PC, using his PC's tracker software to wile away his hours making happy hardcore tunes, however the limits of the PC [and happy hardcore] soon started to frustrate Ville and he moved onto creating sounds in the studio. All this time he was DJ-ing at school parties, and it was here that he got his artist name, simply by playing one track rather a lot. 'Rude Boy', by Leila K, was a big track in Sweden at the time and it became an early signature tune in Ville's crowd-pleasing sets. After repeated playings, friends started calling him 'Rude Boy', then 'The Rude' and finally 'Da Rude' - which of course became Darude.

Although Darude might well have been in demand at the school disco, his musical career really took off when he sent Finnish producer Jaakko Salovaara (JS16) a demo tape with Sandstorm on it. Jaakko liked what he heard and signed Darude up to 16 Inch Records. The single Sandstorm was the first release on the label and was a massive hit in Finland - going directly to number one in the dance chart and staying in the charts for 16 weeks. .

Darude started to conquer the dance world with two hit singles, after "Sandstorm" he released "Feel the Beat." Those songs might be very attractive and rhythmic, but unfortunately Darude's debut full-length lacks variation. This monotony may be due to Jaakko Salovaara's presence -- JS16's house is also monotonous; with no diversity whatsoever. Whether this is a good thing or not just depends on the context in which one hears the music. Darude's debut album Before the Storm may work well on the dancefloor, or rallying thru the country side but less so at home.

Two years later Darude returned with Rush, building upon the dynamics of Before the Storm, he raises the pressure, and fuels the flame for an electrifying dozen-track set. Darude's talent in keeping the energy at an elevated level without losing touch with the album's overall ambience is what makes him a star and an integral part of the new-millennium dance scene. His classy of mix of techno and trance is perfected into a fashionably slick spiral of synthesized heat. In 2007 he released his thusfar last album, Label This !

01 - Sandstorm (3:45)
02 - Burning (7:09)
03 - Feel The Beat (4:19)
04 - Out Of Control (5:01)
05 - Touch Me Feel Me (6:14)
06 - Calm Before The Storm (4:53)
07 - Let The Music Take Control (5:46)
08 - Drums Of New York (6:05)
09 - The Flow (3:51)
10 - Sandstorm (JS16 Remix) (7:21)
11 - Feel The Beat (JS16 Dark Mix) (7:06)

diet version
Darude - Before The Storm (* 99mb)

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Armin Van Buuren - Shivers (05 ^ 169mb)

Armin van Buuren pursued his career as a professional musician despite the promise of a career in law in his native country, the Netherlands, where he completed his law degree in 2004. Armin started working as a DJ in a local night club called Nexus, finished high school in 1995 and went on to university to study law. Meanwhile, he moved his studio equipment from his bedroom to a 'real' studio. The first tracks he produced in his new studio were, among others, tracks like "Touch Me" and "Communication".He has described his musical style as "liberating, euphoric, uplifting, melodic and energetic."

He hosts a weekly radio show A State of Trance, which mostly consist of trance and other genres . The show completed its 350th episode in May 2008, running for over 7 years. In October 2002, van Buuren was voted Number 5 in the DJ Magazine 100 top DJs. The following year, he jumped up to the #3 spot, and held 3rd place for the next 3 years. His work left him at the #2 spot, just below Paul van Dyk in the 2006 polls, and in 2007 Armin reached Number 1, heading the 2007 DJ Mag Top 100.

Since 1995, van Buuren has released many tracks on different labels with increasing success. His first big success was "Blue Fear" on Cyber Records at the age of 19. This 'Euro Trance blueprint' made it into the UK Chart. "Communication" was released on the same label, and had a huge impact on Ibiza, Spain in the summer of 1999. After being signed to AM PM Records, this track entered the UK Chart at #18 in 2000.

In the beginning of 1999, van Buuren started his label Armind together with United Recordings. The first release, Gig - "One", was well received. The second release "Touch Me", under the name Rising Star was signed to Ministry Of Sound in the UK, before the record was released. By the time of his third release, Gimmick - "Free" was signed to R&S Records, van Buuren had managed to make his label popular very quickly. Under the surname Gaia he released "4 Elements" on Captivating Sounds, a sub-label of Warner Brothers. Teaming up with DJ Tiësto, two new projects were born: Major League - "Wonder Where You Are?" was released on Black Hole Recordings and Alibi - "Eternity" was released on Armind. "Eternity" received club and chart success and was signed to Paul van Dyk's imprint Vandit Records. Another major collaboration followed this. Together with Ferry Corsten, van Buuren recorded a riff-classic titled "Exhale" for the System F. album. Released as a single, this track reached gold status in less than a month.

In 2000 van Buuren started his own AVB compilation series. He managed to find a balance between progressive, techno and trance music styles. AVB001 - "A State of Trance" (not to be confused with his weekly ASOT radio shows) sold more than 10,000 copies and contains van Buuren's well known remix of Moogwai - "Viola." AVB002 "Basic Instinct" featured a new track: Perpetuous Dreamer - "The Sound Of Goodbye". This track entered the Dutch charts in June 2001 at number 26. Later in the year the track hit #1 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. AVB003 - "In Motion" was released August 6th 2001. This album contained the real trance sound and was very popular in the US. AVB004 - "Transparence" followed in 2002.

In March 2001 van Buuren started his own radio show on ID&T Radio. In this weekly two-hour show, entitled 'A State of Trance', he plays the latest popular trance music tracks. His show and the artists he features are popularized by publishing the artists and track titles on his website. This radio-show/website combination has proven popular internationally. When ID&T Radio changed genres in 2004, van Buuren left and took A State of Trance with him. The show then moved to Fresh FM, a Dutch radio station. A complete list of stations that broadcast ASOT can be found at the ASOT section of Armin's website. Also in 2004, van Buuren remixed the 24 Theme into a trance hit.

Van Buuren has played a record-breaking nine-hour set for Dancetheater in The Hague (Holland). In the United Kingdom one can see him perform regularly at Passion (resident 2002), Godskitchen, Gatecrasher, Slinky, Peach and Golden.In 2002 he had a residency at Glow in Washington D.C., and he has played in Houston, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Austin, Denver, New York City, Los Angeles, Istanbul, and St. Louis. He has also regularly appeared at Amnesia on the island of Ibiza. On November 11, 2006 he had a live performance called Armin Only in Ahoy Rotterdam for the second time (after Nov 12, 2005) with a 9 hour solo set, where he performed to over 11,000 fans.

In the summer of 2007, van Buuren recorded and released a live set at Amnesia, Ibiza. "Universal Religion Chapter 3, Live from Amnesia at Ibiza" was released on September 28th 2007 as a mix compilation on Armada Records and in the US as "Universal Religion 2008" on Ultra Records on December 4th 2007. April 19 2008 saw the 3rd edition of Armin Only, this time in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht Holland. The event was visited 16.000 fans and (partly) broadcast live on Dutch National TV. During the second half of 2008 van Buuren will take this show abroad, with planned visits to Australia and Romania and expected editions in Poland, Canada, Mexico and Czech Republic.

01 - Wall Of Sound (Feat. Justine Suissa) (6:25)
02 - Empty State (Feat. Mic Burns) (7:29)
03 - Shivers (Voc.Susana) (7:32)
04 - Golddigger (Feat. Martijn Hagens) (4:46)
05 - Zocalo (Feat. Gabriel & Dresden) (8:39)
06 - Gypsy (Feat. Ray Wilson) (5:24)
07 - Who Is Watching (Feat. Nadia Ali) (5:08)
08 - Bounce Back (Feat. DJ Remy & Roland Klinkenberg) (7:33)
09 - Control Freak (8:07)
10 - Serenity (Feat. Jan Vayne) (8:25)
11 - Hymne (Feat. Jan Vayne) (2:40)

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Jam & Spoon - Remixes & Club Classics ( 06, 143min ^ 339mb)

Heralded among the pioneers of trance, Jam & Spoon (Rolf Ellmer, classically trained composer) and Markus Löffel ( aka DJ Mark Spoon) are a duo from Frankfurt, Germany. They also worked under the pseudonyms Tokyo Ghetto Pussy, Storm and Big Room. Their first album, BreaksUnit1, was released in 1991.They made an enormous impact in 1992 with their groundbreaking remix of the self-titled single by Age of Love. After the Jam and Spoon EP, Tales from a Danceographic Ocean -- which contained their influential hit "Stella" -- the duo unleashed a barrage of remixed material for Moby ("Go"), Frankie Goes to Hollywood ("Relax"), Deep Forest and others, all to massive club play; the single "Right in the Night (Fall in Love with Music)" followed in 1993, the first of several of the duo's recordings to feature the American-born vocalist Plavka.

The first of Jam & Spoon's separately released but thematically linked Tripomatic Fairytales focuses on uptempo eco-techno and trance. The albums Tripomatic Fairytales 2001 and Tripomatic Fairytales 2002 , a landmark in tech-ambient, were released in 1994, followed by Disco 2001 (1995) as Tokyo Ghetto Pussy, Kaleidoscope (1997), Stormjunkie (2000) as Storm, and finally Tripomatic Fairytales 3003 (2005). In 2000 they remixed "The Chase," a 1979 Giorgio Moroder track. Credited to "Giorgio Moroder vs. Jam & Spoon", the song hit number 1 on the U.S. Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. In June 2002 "Be.Angeled" hit number 4 on this chart. Markus Löffel died of a heart attack in his Berlin flat on 11 January 2006 at the age of 39. September, 2006, a two compact disc set titled Remixes & Club Classics was released to celebrate Mark Spoon. It is the first compilation of the duo's collected works, and features an exclusive track Be.Angeled - Tribute to Mark Spoon, performed live at the 2006 Love Parade in Berlin.

Jam & Spoon - Remixes ( ^ 166mb)

1-01 - Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (Watch Out For Stella Club Mix) (6:48)
1-02 - Moby - Go (Jam & Spoon's Delirium Mix) (6:08)
1-03 - Dr. Alban Feat. Leila K - Hello Afrika (Tech-Makossa Mix) (7:42)
1-04 - Giorgio Moroder - The Chase (Jam & Spoon Club Mix) (8:46)
1-05 - Quincy Jones - Back On The Block (Club Trip Part One) (9:11)
1-06 - Pet Shop Boys - Yesterday, When I Was Mad (Jam & Spoon Mix) (9:21)*
1-07 - Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax (Jam & Spoon Trip-O-Matic Fairytale Mix) (7:50)
1-08 - Enigma - Age Of Loneliness (Jam & Spoon Remix) (6:30)
1-09 - Marilyn Manson - The Nobodies (Burn 36 Mix) (5:41)
1-10 - Jam & Spoon 's Hands On Yello - You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess (Great Mission) (3:57)

Jam & Spoon - Club Classics ( ^173mb)

2-01 - Follow Me! (12:29)
2-02 - Odyssey To Anyoona (10:00)
2-03 - Can You Feel It (9:22)
2-04 - My First Fantastic F.F. (7:23)
2-05 - I Pull My Gun Once (5:04)
2-06 - I Pull My Gun Twice (4:18)
2-07 - Stella (Original Mix) (6:19)
2-08 - Be.Angeled (Tribute To Mark Spoon) (Loveparade-Mix 2006) (7:55)
2-09 - Hispanos In Space (8:16)

diet versions
Jam & Spoon - Remixes ( * 99mb)
Jam & Spoon - Club Classics ( * 99mb)

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