Nov 28, 2006

Stage 02, Austria


Time now for the second stage of my eurotour, more austrian recordings centered in and around Vienna.

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Tosca -Delhi 9

While Richard Dorfmeister & Peter Kruder are best known for the now-classic 1998 The K&D Sessions, both Kruder and Dorfmeister have been busy with Peace Orchestra and Tosca, their respective "side projects." Dehli9 is hypnotically impressive, using cyclic beats, lazy electronics, spliff tunes with lyrical extravagance, & piano-pieces in a dub style . "Rolf Royce," featuring Stephan Graf Hadik Wildner's druggy vocal swoops, pits long melodic phrases against a staccato bassline to create a nice flow, while Earl Zinger's laconic style matches up well with the jazzier textures of "Wonderful."

Fans of minimalism will want to investigate the bonus CD included from Tosca's other member, fellow Austrian and like-minded beathead Rupert Huper. Based on an earlier piece from Huper titled "12 Easy-to-Play Piano Pieces," it's a somber, icily beautiful song cycle. Like late afternoon sunshine on a hazy winter's day, Dehli9's elegant and haunting mixture lingers in the background, barely holding onto the day as whatever light seeps through slowly fades to shadow. -

Tosca - Delhi9   (flac 395mb)

01.- Oscar
02.- Me and Yoko Ono
03.- Gute Laune
04.- Mango Di Bango
05.- Wonderful
06.- Every Day & Every Night
07.- Dave Dudley
08.- Rolf Royce
09.- Sperl
10.- La Vendeuse Des Chaussures Des Femmes Part 1
11.- La Vendeuse Des Chaussures Des Femmes Part 2

Tosca - Delhi9 Etheric (flac 175mb)

01.- D-Moll. Session 1
02.- Einschlaf. Session 2
03.- Wien In E. Session 3
04.- Schwimmer. Session 4
05.- 1504/7. Session 5
06.- Slow Hell. Session 6
07.- Song. Session 7
08.- Romanze In Es. Session 8
09.- FluB. Session 9
10.- Ping. Session 10
11.- 2504/1. Session 11
12.- Piano 1. Session 12

Tosca @ Wiki
Tosca @ Amazon

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Truby Trio - Elevator Music (450mb)

Elevator Music" offers a trip around the world through Latin and African groove, funk, disco, electro rhythms from 70s and 80s American soul music and poly-rhythmic dance music from London's west side. Don't let the name fool you, MUSAK this is not, essential dancefloor jazz bizness this is.

Compost label mogul Rainer Trüby formed Trüby Trio in 1997, along with Roland Appel and Christian Prommer, who also work together on the Fauna Flash and Voom projects. They became widely known for their Latin-influenced sound and were among the first to integrate bossa nova and flamenco into what is now known as "nu-jazz". Since their formation, the Trio have spread the gospel of Latin-based dancefloor jazz through remix projects with Frederic Galliano, Bobby Matos, and Nitin Sawhney, and stunning DJ sets at some of the best-known venues in the world.


Truby Trio - Elevator Music    (450mb)

01 - The Rhythm (Part One) 1:09
02 - Universal Love (ft - Marcus Begg ) 5:39
03 - New Music 6:03
04 - Runnin' (ft Wunmi ) 5:46
05 - Jaleo (ft Concha Buika) 6:27
06 - Alegre 2003 (ft Marcia Montez) 6:11
07 - A Festa 6:50
08 - Make A Move (ft Wunmi ) 5:03
09 - A Go Go (3:32)
10 - Bad Luck (ft Joseph Malik) 6:50
11 - Lover Underground (ft Marcus Begg) 5:49
12 - The Swingin' Feel 1:03
13 - Cruisin' 5:43
14 - Satisfaction 4:52
15 - The Rhythm (Part Two) 0:51

Truby Trio @ Amazon
Interview with Christian Prommer of Truby Trio

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Fennesz - Endless Summer   (234mb)

An obvious homage to the Beach Boys already in the title of the record, the cover art features beaches and rolling waves onto the shoreline of an unidentified coast. This cd is melodic in the sense that a Viennese avant garde composer who digitally distorts every tiny piece of information that is included in his compositions can be melodic. Once the theme has been fleshed out during the song, the listener can only concentrate on the digital mastery that Fennesz has created. Only at key points do melodic phrases appear to the listener unscathed by digital processed bed of sound.
The abstract quality of this release is going to be the ultimate turn off to most listeners. This is unfortunate because Fennesz has, once again, crafted an album of shimmering beauty that demands to be listened to with your full concentration. This is a demand that only important art can make.


01 - Made In Hong Kong (4:20)
02 - Endless Summer (8:33)
03 - A Year In A Minute (5:59)
04 - Caecilia (3:51)
05 - Got To Move On (3:49)
06 - Shisheido (2:56)
07 - Before I Leave (4:04)
08 - Happy Audio (10:56)

Fennesz @ Home
Fennesz @ Wiki
Fennesz @ Amazon

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  VA - Vienna Scientists II, More Puffs From Our Laboratories  (449mb)

This is the second expedition into the regions of relaxed sounds and retarding rhythms - to Venna, where sonic scientists refined beats and extracted fresh strains in their laboratories. Along with already familiar names this album presents talents out of the Viennese DJ and producers guild and their creative output. It allows a closer look on the musical produce of the city, where side by side with internationally renowned acts plenty of hidden talents are to be found. This album was put together by 'First Scientist' Jürgen Drimal, who acclaimed plenty of media attention with part one of the compilation. The cover painting comes from Vienese artist Mario Huber, whose "pictures with no name for music with no name" already graced the preceding product. The artwork for "Vienna Scientists Vol. II" was done by O/R/E/L.


VA - Vienna Scientists II    (flac 449mb)

With the project FREEDOM SATELLITE Gernot Ebenlechner and Jürgen Drimal have created a platform for the realization of their musical universe, influenced by 40 years of recorded history, driven by an affinity for phat beats. "Easy '99" came into being with energetically support from Liz "Fuzz" Neumayr (voc), Michael Pint (bass) and designer Gerald Tomez (git).
02 VIENNA D.C. - Smoke
The impression that Gregor Ugovsek and Michael Konrad (VIENNA DC) want to leave their listeners with is, in their own definition, "non-spectacular, unconcepted and floating music - snapshots instead of perfect arrangements." "Smoke" was developed along with MC E-Mix from London. Meanwhile, VIENNA DC are working on their first EP, which will be released by the end of the year.
03 ROMEO - Sparky's Joint
One of the longest serving DJ's he played many sets in famous clubs all over the country and stirred up the dancefloors with his unique blend of percussive grooves and bass grinding beats. Together with producer and engineer Georg O. Luksch he converted his musical delights for floorfriendly monsterfunk into this tune.
04 FAMILIE SEELIG - Morning Mist
Founded 1995 in Linz by Alexander Kellas and Daniel Sack. They are recording together with changing guests, their style is best described as "Living Room Music": From the living room, for the living room for the accomplishment of every day routine and as a catalyst of moods.
05 STEREOTYP - Port Blue
Stefan Moerth is a man with many different musical faces: With this project he worships chased rhythmical works with dark, jazzy undertones. He made his debut with the EP "Stash It" under the name STEREOTYP last autumn on G-Stone Recordings, the imprint of Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister.
06 SUPER NOVA - 23. Juli
This young Austrian band, that was awarded first price in a band contest in 1997. Urban, cosmopolitan and very esperanto is what they call themselves. Plastikpop origins in the synthetic chewinggum-like music which is typical for them - Plastikland, there it is, the musical topic mall of SUPER NOVA.
07 AROMABAR - Where's Your Moon
Formed in 1996, Aromabar are Roland Hackl and Andreas "DJ Scott" Kinzl, two young gentlemen in search of the ultimate pop song. "Pop Couture" is what they call their style, and they're definetly on the melodic tip, but that doesn't mean that the beats aren't rocking. Aromabar have released two singles on the German 'Infracom' label with another one on the way and a brand new album, "One", out on 30/08/99. They also teamed up with Frankfurt's Marschmellows for a collaboration 12", out now.
08 THE WAZ EXP. - Malaysian Guy
DJ Martin "Waz" Wazac and Producer Alex Mayer both influenced by "Afro-Cosmic-Sound", which is quite popular within Western Austria and the South of Germany. With "Malaysian Guy" they are once again delivering a fluffy, mellow tune with a reggae flavour for you to enjoy.
09 THE MENHEADS - K.u.s.h.
Marcello Armetta and Michael Hirschler, already featured on part one of VIENNA SCIENTISTS, come up again with "K.u.s.h.", a deep and atmospheric moody piece from their forge. Vocals on this track by Denise Fontura.
10 SYNCOPE - Sky
Brought to life in 1998 by two brothers: While Philipp Thomasberger received a classical musical education, Max was soon engaged with computers and synthesizers. SYNCOPE want to cover all styles of electronic music, with strong influences being brought in by guest musicians.
11 UKO - Sun Beams
With their unmistakable aesthetic of sounds UKO already made a big impression with "Do Yourself Some Good" on part one of VIENNA SCIENTISTS - their latest strike is "Sun Beams", a easy going and lightweight roller written by Jürgen Nussbaum. Vocal contributions come from Liz "Fuzz" Neumayr.
12 CRUISER - Love Me
DJ Jochen Reiter, a man who can look back on a illustrous catalogue of records and remixes on various labels worldwide, and musician Michael Reimann form Cruiser. With "Love Me" they are fusing ruff 70's funk with contemporary electronic sounds.
DJ Gü-Mix, founder of Vienna's Dub Club, and Stefan Moerth (a man with many different musical faces, as you can see) are Smoke Signal. With their track "Peace" they are on a journey through dark, smoke-filled chambers in slow motion.
14 PATRICK PULSINGER - Can't Stay Away (Clip Dub)
A passionate soundcraftsman with international credibiltiy, gained from his work as a DJ as well as for his releases on CHEAP ENTERTAINMENT, a well known outlet of experimental electronic music. As one of the most innovative producers in Austria, we are very proud to present PATRICK PULSINGER on this album!
15 GRISU 2000 - Forget About Miami
A project of Martin "Sugar B" Forster, well known for his sataurday night radio show "Silly Solid Swound System" together with DJ Makossa on Austriain radio station FM 4, and Gringo, the bass player of FREAKY FUKIN' WEIRDOZ. "Forget About Miami" melts various musical influences to a homogenous mixture of sounds.

Vienna Scientists @ Base
Vienna Scientists @ Amazon

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* All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !


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