Nov 10, 2016

RhoDeo 1645 Trump Time

Hello, no re-ups today I got just one valid request, but i do have something special today in light of the American Presidential elections.  Urban America couldn't believe what happened last Tuesday, the people at CNN showed increased desperation as results came in looking for uncounted Clinton votes in Wisconsin, Michigan it wasn't enough, the talking heads were incredelous, after pushing Hillary ever since the primaries started, this was a big defeat for CNN too. I had seen it 5 months ago in the BBC studio when the votes came in and it slowly became clear the UK voted for Brexit, the media, the pollsters had been wrong how could it be that the non-urbanites were so foolish. Even though the UK and the USA are very different countries there are similarities regarding the anti-urban vote, run down factories and it's impact on local society and being ignored by politics causes a lot of anger and distrust, it makes sense that they vote anti establishment, the almost 40 year old punk credo NO FUTURE comes to mind.

So why did Hillary fail, well being pounded for decades didn't help, furthermore the Democratic establishment lost sight of the people, preoccupied as they are to reel in money from the 1%, and being the first woman candidate just wasn't enough. But let's face it they grossly underestimated Trump, like the Republican establishment had done before. And now Trump is president when we could have had Sanders if not for the fact that the media and the Democratic establishment did everything to deny him the nomination, this angers me the most. Trump will be a puppet, because he's vain and those kind of people are easily manipulated, his is a life of glitz and glamour. Will he build a wall ? Nah a deep ditch makes much more sense, it doesn't pollute the horizon, and is possibly cheaper. I see a profit for those selling sacks of removed earth :). Will the relationship with Russia thaw ?. I'm sure it will, the Kremlin has some wonderful rooms full of glitz and glamour Trump will be overwhelmed there. Seriously, i'm not afraid of Trump but i doubt the American Joe Public will feel better off after 4 years of Trump, unfortunately by that time Sanders is 76, hopefully a new Candidate will rise up and take back what is being stolen from the 99% by the 1 %, that won't be easy, this battle has been lost for decades now.

This documentary was released by Noam Chomsky last year

Somehow, conservatives have awoke from their slumber and become aware that we have severe economic problems in this country and the American middle class has seen their economic power erode while the "masters of the universe" just become richer and richer and exert more power and money to ensure that legislation is written that will continue to benefit the 1%. Donald Trump acknowledges this in his stump speeches while Bernie Sanders has made it a cornerstone of his campaign. Clinton tries to avoid the subject lest her opponents bring up Goldman Sach's yet again. Choamsky puts the intellectual underpinnings on why the American Dream is fast becoming a nightmare. His ten principles are pretty easy to understand as he invokes the Founding Fathers and Adam Smith to buttress his intellectual arguments that income inequality in the U.S. is not only a problem but a huge problem that not only affects us in the pocketbook but undermines our democratic processes that have stood us so well over the last 200+ years. We have a professional class in the U.S. that has become immune to the globalization issues facing blue collar workers and both political parties have turned a blind eye to helping American's who have borne the brunt of trade policies that benefit corporate America at the expense of working people. Also the constant drumbeat of the elites against labor unions in our country, an organizing group that once had immense power to protect American wages. In the new "sharing" economy there are vicious fights to keep the sharing workforce from unionizing. Also massive attacks mounted against public sector workers including teachers because they belong to a union. These attacks are not random events but carefully orchestrated events with an end in mind: the continued growth of the 1% that even Adam Smith warned us about. The big fear among the enormously wealthy is that the majority of American's will get too much democracy and start pushing for rights that have long been denied them. They rely on law enforcement and even the military if necessary to protect their property rights and right to govern or manipulate the legislators who supposedly represent their constituents but in reality only represent the interests of the !%. Chomsky lays this all out in his documentary. You may not agree with everything he lays out, but he makes an awful lot of common sense. Many American's are finally waking up to this reality. Watch this documentary and it will provide a good insight into how this country arrived at this economic state.

Requiem for the American Dream    (72 min mkv   637mb)

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Matt said...

Great post Rho. Maybe this will be the final wake-up call needed to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Great film too. Time to take back the true meaning of sharing.