Dec 4, 2014

RhoDeo 1448 Goldy Rhox 186

Hello, today the 186th post of GoldyRhox, classic pop rock in the darklight an American singer-songwriter. He is best known for his work with the E Street Band. Nicknamed "The Boss", he is widely known for his brand of poetic lyrics, Americana working class, sometimes political sentiments centered on his native New Jersey and his lengthy and energetic stage performances, with concerts from the 1970s to the present decade running over three hours in length.

His recordings have included both commercially accessible rock albums and more somber folk-oriented works. His most successful studio albums, Born in the U.S.A. and Born to Run, showcase a talent for finding grandeur in the struggles of daily American life; he has sold more than 64 million albums in the United States (making him the fifteenth highest selling artist of all-time) and more than 120 million records worldwide, making him one of the world's best-selling artists of all time. He has earned numerous awards for his work, including 20 Grammy Awards, two Golden Globes and an Academy Award as well as being inducted into both the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1999.

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Most of the albums i 'll post made many millions for the music industry and a lot of what i intend to post still gets repackaged and remastered decades later, squeezing the last drop of profit out of bands that for the most part have ceased to exist long ago, although sometimes they get lured out of the mothballs to do a big bucks gig or tour. Now i'm not as naive to post this kinda music for all to see and have deleted, these will be a black box posts, i'm sorry for those on limited bandwidth but for most of you a gamble will get you a quality rip don't like it, deleting is just 2 clicks...That said i will try to accommodate somewhat and produce some cryptic info on the artist and or album.

Today's mystery album is the debut studio album by today's mystery artist, released january 1973. It only sold about 25,000 copies in the first year of its release, but had significant critical impact. It was ranked at #379 by Rolling Stone on its list of 500 greatest albums of all time. The album also hit the #60 spot on the Billboard 200 albums listing.

It was decided to record the album at the low-priced, out-of-the-way 914 Sound Studios to save as much as possible of the Columbia Records advance and cut most of the songs in a single week. There was a dispute not long after the record was recorded -- management preferred the solo tracks, while today's mystery artist preferred the band songs. As such, a compromise was reached—the album was to have five songs with the band and five solo songs. However, when Columbia Records president Clive Davis heard the album, he felt that it lacked a hit single. As such, today's mystery artist wrote and recorded "Blinded by the Light" and "Spirit in the Night". Both were released as singles by Columbia, but neither made a dent in the US charts. Manfred Mann's Earth Band released a version of "Blinded by the Light" on their album The Roaring Silence, which reached number one on Billboard's Hot 100 on 19 February 1977 and #1 on the Canadian RPM chart the same day.  This recording of "Blinded by the Light" is our mystery artist's only number one single as a songwriter on the Hot 100. His best showing on the Hot 100 as a performer was in 1984, with "Dancing in the Dark", which peaked at number two for 4 weeks only number one single as a songwriter on the Hot 100.

In All Music Guide to Rock (2002), William Ruhlmann gave today's mystery album five stars and said that it combined the mid-1960s folk rock music of Bob Dylan, accessible melodies, and elaborate arrangements and lyrics: "the album painted a portrait of teenagers cocksure of themselves, yet bowled over by their discovery of the world. It was saved from pretentiousness (if not preciousness) by its sense of humor and by the careful eye for detail ... that kept even the most high-flown language rooted." In 2003, the album was ranked number 379 on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. They ranked it 37th on their list of greatest debut albums. Over the years it has sold over 2 million discs, plenty of reason to have a forty year remastered edition which can be gottten here

Goldy Rhox 186 (flac 252mb)

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Note Goldy Rhox postings 185 and 184 have been re-upped..

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