Nov 4, 2014

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Hello, ok so currently I have a windows xp pro working somewhat-no network or sound, it enables me to create ogg and zip up. Have re-upped last weeks Super Mama as there had been some complaints there..

Ok the Flacs here have been cleanly zipped by a cured PC
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Although visitors may know Etoile De Dakar, many of the amazing 1970s-era musicians on this double album compilation (another excellent entry in the long-running African Pearls series) will be new. In this case, better late than never, as the lively, melodic tracks here reveal one gem after another.
This is amazing work from the Senegalese scene of the 70s, easily one of the hippest musical hotspots on the African continent at the time, as you'll hear by the wonderful tracks on this set! Senegalese groups really embrace a wide range of sounds not just traditional elements, or occasional influences from American blues and soul, but also a good dose of Latin and Cuban music too all wrapped together in uniquely different ways by each of the different artists in this set. There's a bit more diversity to the music here than on other regional collections, and that's what makes this one so great a truly wonderful entry in the well-named African Pearls series, supported with full notes in English and French. Titles include "Hombre Misteriosoy" by Etoile De Dakar, "Senegambia" by Star Band De Dakar, "Xarit" by Orchestra Baobab, "Guethe" by Star Band De Dakar, "Faran Tamba" by Star Number One, "Daida" by Xalam, "Rele Te Contan" by Guelawar, "Nijaay" by Orchestra Baobob, "Maaduleen" by Super Diamono De Dakar, "Boubou Ngary" by Etoile 2000, "Xal Dey Mag" by Ifang Bondi, "Xadim" by N'Guewel, and "Kery Goro" by Star Number One

Various - Super African Pearls - Sénégal 70 : Musical Effervescence 1  (flac  424mb)

01 Star Number One - Faran Tamba 4:37
02 Xalam - Daïda 7:26
03 Super Diamono De Dakar - Maaduleen 4:49
04 Orchestra Baobab - Nijaay 3:37
05 Star Band De Dakar - Guethe 4:47
06 Star Number One - Senegal Jambar 6:09
07 Guelawar - Relen Te Contan 8:30
08 Watto Siita - Jambar 4:20
09 Star Number One - Suma Dom Ji 5:25
10 Etoile De Dakar - Tolou Badou Ndiaye 6:56
11 Star Band De Dakar - Gossando 4:53
12 Orchestra Baobab - Sey 5:25
13 Etoile De Dakar - Footane 6:59

Various - Super African Pearls - Sénégal 70 : Musical Effervescence 1  (ogg  160mb)


Various - Super African Pearls - Sénégal 70 : Musical Effervescence 2  (flac  408mb)

01 Orchestra Baobab - Xarit 6:17
02 Star Band De Dakar - Senegambia 5:37
03 Star Number One - Mory 7:49
04 N'Guewel - Xadim 4:54
05 Orchestra Baobab - Kelen Ati 6:36
06 Ifang Bondi - Xalel Dey Mag 4:53
07 Ouza Sénégal - 80 6:26
08 Orchestra Baobab - Juana 5:06
09 Etoile De Dakar - Hombre Misterlosoy 6:45
10 Etoile 2000 - Boubou Ngary 5:24
11 Diarama De St Louis - Xaste Waroul 8:41
12 Star Number One - Kery Goro 3:56
13 Orchestra Baobab - El Carretero 5:25

Various - Super African Pearls - Sénégal 70 : Musical Effervescence 2   (ogg 142mb)

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Recorded in Paris in 1978, On Verra Ca is the first recording by the fully matured Orchestra Baobab. The rumba influence is pronounced on the opening "El Son De Llama," but mostly the Latin tinge has now been absorbed into a distinctive group sound, with upbeat, sprightly songs like "Africa" built around choppy, syncopated riffs flavored by horns and a galloping rhythm guitar. "Sibam" follows that blueprint, but the tempo is faster and there's a stronger percussion presence than the light norm here. The title track is the masterpiece in this vein -- the vocal blend makes the endlessly repeated riff broken up by brief solos not only bearable, but so totally hypnotic it sticks in your head for days. The slow, mournful "Tante Marie" boasts two-sax horn parts and a moody guitar melody -- the opening to Barthelemy Attisso's solo opening even sounds a little bit like something from the third Velvet Underground album, of all things. "El Fuego" has more of a Latin lilt and exceptionally good voices, while the horns and those vocal harmonies again really cut through on the highly infectious "Digon." It's hard to pinpoint precisely what makes Orchestra Baobab's vocal squad sound so special -- probably a combination of the quality of the different voices and the unforced naturalness and sincerity of the singing. The highly compressed sound that prevents the music from punching hard probably keeps On Verra Ca from being a great album, but it's a highly enjoyable one and certainly put Orchestra Baobab on the road to the Bamba bomb.

Orchestra Baobab ‎– On Verra Ca  (flac  361mb)

01 El Son De Llama
02 On Verra Ca
03 Tante Marie
04 Africa
05 El Fuego
06 Sibam
07 Wane Ma Magu
08 Thioisanne
09 Mi Son
10 Digon Gama

Orchestra Baobab ‎– On Verra Ca  (ogg 146mb)

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Anonymous said...

orchestra baobabn on verra ca link is unfortunately disfunctional

Anonymous said...

hi, all your post since Bar-Kays - Injoy (79 rem 04)are corrupted !
very sad

Rho said...

Baobob link functions now..N'Joy

Ian Buckley said...

Rho they are all still corrupt :(

Rho said...

yes and bizarrely i have no idea how this comes about my hard disk seems to be totally corrupted, virus scans wont work the windows checker doesnt find anything wrong im at my wits end here, its not just my c partition but the other partitions too i will have to quit rho-xs for the moment

Anonymous said...

Various - Super African Pearls - Sénégal 70 : Musical Effervescence 1 FLAC =
Archive is spoiled - tracks 1 + 7 + 10 + 13 are good only

Various - Super African Pearls - Sénégal 70 : Musical Effervescence 2 FLAC =
Archive is spoiled - tracks 2 to 9 are good only

Orchestra Baobab – On Verra Ca FLAC
File is ok now

Super Mama Djombo - Id (flac 478mb) new re-up =
Archive is spoiled - tracks 13 + 14 are spoiled

Juldeh Camara – Soul Science (flac 316mb) =
post is ok now, thanks for repairs!

Juldeh Camara - Tells No Lies (flac 363mb) =
Archive is spoiled - more worse than before

Otis Redding - The Dock Of The Bay/In Person at the Whisky A Go Go FLAC =
Archive is spoiled
The Dock Of The Bay - tracks 1 to 7 + 11 are ok only
In Person at the Whisky A Go Go - tracks 2 + 3 + 5 to 10 are ok only

By the way - FLAC files are concerned
I downloaded Congo Rhythm part 2. Part 1 is no more available
I also downloaded Franco Et Le T.P.O.K. Jazz - Francophonic Vol.2 part 1 . Part 2 is no more available
Is there any chance, you do a re-up of the missing parts? It would be cery nice of you!