Feb 3, 2013

Sundaze 1305

Hello, the world is still spinning despite all the arrested development around, ah yes as if silly humans could make it stop. That said aren't things going faster and faster. A good reason to take some Sundaze... A year ago (Sundaze 1203) I posted some of the work of Evan Bartholemew in the guise of Bluetech but that man has more up his sleeve He's released as Evan Marc and under his real name as well, some of it is here to N'joy..

Ah yes a new/old host is making a return here MEGA, it did more or less force me to use Chrome but then I got full speed, let me know how you fare.. Note the Key is below the tracklisting !

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My name is Evan. I make sounds. Rivers of music ancient & delicate flow through me....( Bluetech’s website)

"I’m really into plants and living things. Being aware of the currents of life, and acknowledging the intelligence and wisdom of growing things. If you only quiet the mind and listen with the heart, the Natural world has so much to teach. I’m an active dreamer, and gain music knowledge and direction from the dream sphere."

Evan Bartholomew has been one of the most active members in the digital music scene since day one, being a huge proponent of many indie artists' success online, then later going on to world recognition through a myriad of releases through his labels Native State Records and Silent Auction as well as scene stalwarts Waveform and Alpha Zero. Each year finds him getting better and better. His sound continues to develop and blossom and take on new forms as he explores the vast worlds of downtempo, psychill, and pure ambient. Also noteworthy is his Evan Marc project, taking the typically straightforward sounds of tech house and infusing them with equal portions of funk and complexity. Evan pays great attention to his sounds, his ideas, and his presentation, one of the most diverse and capable young producers  around today.

Evan produces his unique style of digital downtempo from the West Coast of North America. Classically trained on the piano for public performing, Evan deviated from the traditional structure of classical music and being to relearn the instrument from an energetic and tonal perspective. This resulted in his interpretation of nature's expression of being, establishing a playing style that is dronal ambient, downtempo and improvisational. Explosions in technology and software have enabled him to explore the edges of contemporary music production, and a sound has developed which draws from the psychedelic community as well as the experimental/IDM community.

Evan Bartholomew, under the moniker Bluetech, produces his unique style of experimental noise from San Diego, CA. Classically trained on the piano for public performing, Bartholomew deviated from the traditional sounds and began to express the rhythms that sprouted from within him, and Bluetech was born. This resulted in his interpretation of nature's expression of being, a sound that is dronal ambient, downtempo, improvisational. He devoured the electronic potentials for musical expression and conveyed it in IDM, digidub, and psychedelic trance.

Bartholomew created and runs his own art collective in San Diego and does commercial sound design and production for both national and regional clients. He also writes and produces his own songs. "The Rubicon", "Prayers For Rain", and "Mezzamorphic" originally appeared on an EP released by Truffle Records, and brought the name Bluetech to a larger audience. In September 2003, these songs appeared on Bluetech's first album, Prima Materia, released by Waveform Records. It was followed by Elementary Particles and Sines & Singularities in 2005. Subsequently Evan went all out and released 11 albums 5 under the Bluetech moniker and 6 EP's in 6 years..and there's some great music in there. Without a doubt Bartholomew has become a leading light in the US electronic music scene, showing the way from one of our globes energitical nodes, beautiful Hawaii, his current residence.

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The cover show a picture from above the clouds with some light dots, some sound waves and much more. It brings these words:

 "The human ear can recognize single sine waves because they sound `clean` or `clear` to us. To the human ear, a sound that is made up of more than one sine wave will either sound `noisy` or will have detectable harmonics."

The hype surrounding this album was immense… And this is indeed a wonderful, unique album… Evan Bluetech’s music is as inimitable as it is unparalleled… And that’s really rare in this kind of music! Also, it’s very refreshing to experience a downbeat album that isn’t riddled with voice-samples… Some reviewers have dubbed this the album of the year – Well it’s good, it’s even very good – but keep some reserve. It's a mature album that requires several listens to really sink in… Very much so, and the listener is instantly rewarded after doing so, but I still think it's too uneven to qualify as a masterpiece, after all Evan's path is still fresh...

Bluetech - Sines And Singularities (flac  453mb)

01 Enter The Lovely 8:10
02 Condensation 6:08
03 Leaving Winter Behind 7:56
04 Forgiveness 7:54
05 Shulman - First Came The Stars (Bluetech Remix) 8:17
06 Pitch Black - Ape To Angel (Bluetech's Evolution Remix) 7:19
07 Airstream 7:06
08 Dreamtime Lullaby 7:34
09 Shimmer 7:29
10 Wilderness 7:11
11 A Garland Of Stars 3:05

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With some electronic recordings, it is hard to tell exactly where new age ends and ambient electronica begins; Borderlands is such a recording. New age and ambient are both primary ingredients on this 2007 release by producer/composer Evan Bartholomew, aka Bluetech. Bartholomew's Bluetech releases have tended to be much more rhythmic than Borderlands and don't have this album's strong new age appeal; so perhaps recording under two different names is his way of compartmentalizing his more reflective, new age-friendly side. Both sides of Bartholomew are appealing, and on Borderlands, his strong influences include, among others, Philip Glass, Brian Eno, and Tangerine Dream. This is not an album that pretends to rock; Borderlands is the sort of disc that would rather float than rock, and Bartholomew maintains a dreamy ambience. New age enthusiasts will appreciate the CD's calm, relaxing nature, but that isn't to say that Borderlands is mindless or favors a turn-your-brain-off approach; this 55-minute disc is no less substantial than the albums Bartholomew has recorded as Bluetech. Borderlands is not groundbreaking, but it is a likable and worthwhile demonstration of the producer/composer skills that Bartholomew brings to the electronic realm.

Evan Bartholomew - Borderlands (flac 279mb)

01 Between Becoming 4:22
02 And Being 4:28
03 Between Experience 2:52
04 And Imagination 4:06
05 Between Idea 3:16
06 And Emotion 3:50
07 Between Boil 2:45
08 And Burn 3:49
09 Between Initiation 3:36
10 And Healing 3:45
11 Between Mastery 2:57
12 And Mystery 3:31
13 Between Falling 3:22
14 And Flying 3:03
15 Between Intention 2:51
16 And Surrender 2:37

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Dreamtime Submersible (67'00") brings Evan Marc and Steve Hillage together for seven connected tracks of techno-infused, trance-based electronica more for the thinker than the dancer. Within the first few moments of Dreamtime Submersible the pace is set with a throbbing bassline and steady pulse - the bare instrumentation stripping the music down to its core. As the music propels forward, rhythmic elements are added, subtracted, reversed and augmented in minimalist fashion. Intricate layers of shifting electronic percussion, synth pops, accents and effects provide an engaging listening experience. But what really sets this work apart is the top-notch guitar artistry of Steve Hillage. At various points throughout this album we hear the atmospheric wavering of Hillage's glissando guitar. Half melody, half-textural source, under heavy reverb and delay the voice-like tone rises amidst the ongoing beats. Elsewhere his strumming accumulates into interlocking echo waves. With the beats gone several levels of loops slowly mix between one another - allowing the CD to conclude in a more cerebral zone. Both popular and accomplished, Steve Hillage and Evan Marc create music at the service of the mind. Dreamtime Submersible is the perfect name for this album, as you are encapsulated in a wonderful bubbling hypnotic world.  A fantastic album to drift off to sleep to during a lazy afternoon.

Evan Marc + Steve Hillage - Dreamtime Submersible (flac 349mb)

01 Intention Craft 10:56
02 Hypnagogue 8:49
03 Alpha Phase 9:34
04 Theta Phase 8:48
05 Delta Phase 8:04
06 Hypnopomp 10:04
07 Resurface 10:43

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as mentioned before, good to be back!

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Thanks for the reup of the Evan Marc/Steve Hillage album. I'm not a great lover of 'drift off to sleep' ambient music, but I do love Steve Hillage guitar work. An underrated guitar master!


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Another fan of Bluetech here.(a piece of trivia: Bluetech's covers color is electric blue, of course). Would it be possible to reup the dead links to flac? Thanks.

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Thanks so much for the reup of the albums.